June 19, 2018
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Comments for: CIA says it moved swiftly to save diplomats during Benghazi attack

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  • B.S!

    • Anonymous

      So you essentially admit you believe what you want to believe, despite the facts.

      • Anonymous

         Fact, for months they asked for more security personal. Denied or not acted on. Fact for months they asked for more secure compound. Denied or not acted on. Fact, they were warned for months that Al-Qaeda was planning an attack. Not acted on.   Fact, during the attack reinforcements were told to stand down. These and other facts were brought out during the first public hearing on the attack.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you ! “There is nothing so powerful as truth”    Daniel Webster

  • Anonymous

    I think those that have been politicizing this and exploiting the deaths for political gain have their minds made up already. They don’t care about the truth or the facts. 

    • Anonymous

      The truth is Obama is a COWARD and let these people die because he simply didn’t want to deal with such an issue just before the election.  The only one who politicized the situation was the one man who could have saved the lives of four Americans, our supposed comander in cheif. 

      • Anonymous

        If that’s what you want to believe, go ahead, but it’s obvious nonsense and it contradicts the facts. I think you need to mature a little and realize that you can disagree with someone without turning them into some wild monster in your head. 

    • Anonymous

       I care very much about the facts and truths. I have a son in the Air Force and he has been stationed in the Middle East many times. I can’t even imagine  the pain that Charles Woods is going though. The idea that someone might have been able to save my son and was told to stand down???? I don’t know this for a fact, but I have seen it  said several times they had a laser sight  on the mortar position that ended up killing Tyrone Woods and were not allowed to fire. So you see sir, I care very much what the truth is and I’m not liking what I am hearing. For me this is much more then just a political point.

      • Anonymous

        Turn off Fox News. 

        • Anonymous

           Take off your Obama hat and do a little fact checking yourself.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t have fact checking. You revealed earlier you don’t believe facts unless they’re negative towards Obama. Then you use your son in the air force to try and give your unreasonable bias credibility — it’s wrong. You should care about the REAL truth and quit seeking out only the information you want to hear. I don’t have an Obama hat on. I care about reality and that doesn’t involve me denying reality or pretending the facts I don’t like don’t exist. 

          • Anonymous

            “The REAL truth” appears to be only what you believe it to be. I don’t understand how you can’t not see that there is something wrong here with all the “facts” coming out everyday. But hey, your welcome to your world of “truths and facts.”  End of subject.

          • Anonymous

            Nice try at spinning it around, but you admitted earlier you don’t believe the facts you don’t like. You admitted that! So you can try and point your fingers at me all you want, but you’re just projecting. 

        • Obviously you get your news from MSNBC

  • Anonymous

    A pretty feckless effort if it happened as described in the report.

  • Anonymous

    We had trained troops sitting and waiting for the order to go help and we are to believe the CIA was there to save the day? For almost 2 months we are just getting THIS version. We have Seal teams ready to go at a moments notice, aircraft for them always ready, arms they need at the ready and we send a CIA team who has to scrounge up an aircraft, is begging Libyans for arms along the way and depending on Libyan security to help? You got to be kidding!

    • pbmann

      Last I knew, Libya is a sovereign nation and to send in troops would be an act of war.  All countries rely on the native police and military to provide security for embassies and other diplomatic missions. 

      •  I wish..we all hope and assume it works like that..but how do we reconcile that premise with predator drones carrying out assassinations of  suspected terrorists on foreign soil?

        I am for less intervention and manipulations over all on other people’s soil and for a universally understood and “we the poeple” approved definition of “the national interest”

    • They had to come up with something, the election is just a few days away and this lie from the Obama administration is costing votes.  When the real truth comes out, we may find that the administration actually committed a crime.

  • Anonymous

     NO matter who you get your news from (although FOX seems to be the only one talking about it) our Gov’t failed these Americans by not protecting them properly. Responsibility for this starts at the top. Obama is at the top, he is in charge, he failed them. Can not deny that fact, and it is fact.

    • Anonymous

      Seems like the only facts you consider to be facts are the ones that malign the President. CIA doesn’t matter to you because it doesn’t fit that bill.

      • Anonymous

         CIA doesn’t act unless the guy at the top says so, matters not who the President is, Democrat or Republican, The President failed. If it was a Republican president your BDN comments would be much different. Again a fact.

        • Anonymous

          In your little right wing echo chamber maybe.

  • Anonymous

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”  George Orwell

    • I’ll take two hats, 5 aprons, a dozen large buttons, and 8 t shirts in assorted sizes with this right on target quote emblazened on them ..great xmas stocking stuffers.

      Right on target and an important reminder.  Thank you.

    • Truth in a land and time of political and bureaucratic manipulation is a VERY dangerous thing. Just go look at the NOAA scientist’s who have openly spoken about climate change and the increasing storm’s. Most of them have been fired, or worse, for speaking out what we all just saw as the most abject lesson. Look at the 9-11 1st Responder’s and their issue’s. It’s taken a death toll of hundred’s, beyond the immediate victim’s, to get the Fed’s to finally admit that there was HAZMAT at the site during recovery operation’s. Guess how many died waiting for that, and are still waiting….

      • Anonymous

        Orwell made that statement in 1949, he died six months later……and it just keeps getting worse

  • An independently acting CIA explains it all for me as the CIA for decades has been its own government often manipulating the President & other senior officials with false and misleading information ( see for example the work of former CIA high official Melvin Goodman on how the CIA kept President Regan and the American public falsely believing Russia was building a weapons stockpile and gearing up for a showdown)

    In the back of my mind and somehow linked up to this whole confusion of facts is the fact that the weirdo guy who made the film “The Innocence of Muslims” was a federal informant .  The film makers life mission was as  a free lance muslim bounty hunter rooting out terrorists enclaves all on his own some.  He financed his vigilante anti-muslim effort through illegal trafficking in ephedrine, a key ingredient in meths.  The feds apparently rescued him time after time from the consequences of frequent run ins with the law. 

    I don’t have any theories and obviously no confirm-able information but I somehow wonder if the CIA operatives didn’t bring the film into the mix as part of the confusion about the attacks.(How could nationals in two nations know about a film no one heard of in American and no one turned up to at its showing at the Vine theater in Hollywood..just makes no sense to me.)

    Certainly we now know the CIA was in charge and it is not a big leap to wonder if the the CIA possessed information about this obscure film and this weird vigilante  guy in California.

    This article still doesn’t have the whole truth about the circumstances of the Ambassador’s death. According to many reputable foreign journals of record, he did make his escape by car and because of the security leaks that made the attack possible, attackers almost immediately were aware of the Ambassadors escape and attacked his vehicle.It’s not clear when he was removed from the vehicle, or by whom, and when and by whom he was taken to the hospital.

    We can and should have only one government..the one we elect to office.  We cannot afford to have  the CIA as a second autonomous shadow government accountable to its own mission and its own motives manipulating both the President and “we the people” through manipulation  of the press. It seems pretty clear that President and “we the people” were manipulated once again.

  • BDN Ombudsman

    Then why did Obama and Hillary tell us and the United Nations that this was all about a YouTube video? 

    Answer: so that Obama could continue fund-raising.

    If they knew this, then they were lying. If they didn’t know this, then they are incompetent. Biden told us during the Veep debate that they were told this was a protest over a video. Obama then said during his debate that he knew it was a terrorist attack on day one, even though his administration told the world this was a spontaneous attack. Then he went to the UN and instead of condemning terrorists, he condemned a video and arrested the guy who made the video.

    I am surprised they haven’t blamed Bush or global warming yet. These people are incapable of taking responsibility.

    • Anonymous

       As more info. keeps coming out from people on the ground there, the White House keeps changing the story. Other then the video, the White House hasn’t told the same story twice. First it was Hilary and now the CIA. Who else is going to fall on the sword for Obama. Cause he nor his lapdog Biden is going to.

      • Anonymous

        And so you’re admitting you will only believe what you want to believe. The only story you think is true is that Obama is at fault, no matter what. Seems like you don’t give a hoot about the truth — you just want more excuses to hate the man. Pathetic. 

        •  Actually Obama is a liar and he is definitely at fault.  Even you know that.

  • Anonymous

    This story causes one to reminisce the Warren Commission, only less ink wasted.

  • PabMainer

    Complacency, IMHO, by the current administration in regards to the ongoing battle against terrorism had an impact and influence on this horrific attack and previous issues in Libya prior to the deadly assault on 9/11…..the President is campaigning today and claiming that Al-Qaeda has been “disseminated” and “Osama Bin Laden is dead”…..the “wars in Iraq & Afghanistan are over” claims the President….ignorance of current events and leading from behind as this President has been doing now for 4 years is premature in reality and when one exhibits the attitude of being satisfied with self, well speaks volumes about one’s character and priorities…..maybe someone needs to inform Al-Qaeda of the news…..or enlighten the President…..http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/27/world/asia/al-qaeda-kidnap-threat/index.html

  • For some reason the BDN censor’s don’t like me but hey, do I really care ? N-O !!!! so they should get over it. And I’m gonna say it again but someone here needs to defend the Agency. What happened in Libya happened so fast that it was beyond DC’s ability to manage. That’s where the CIA’s Station Chief in Tripoli had to do something. But, and those of us who have been subject to it can tell, when your boss is over 8000 miles away there’s very little that they can do except for firing you for not acting according to policy. That the situation is beyond the policy is one of those ‘little thing’s’ that’s also so conveinently forgotten. What the Station Chief did was what any responsible SC would do. He sent his people out as soon as he could and did all he could with what he had on hand at the time to help. That the Senate and House Intelligence Committee’s don’t like that is just too dammed bad. Maybe they need to go and see what the field agents and S/C’s have to deal with on a daily basis. It might actually give them a better idea as far as knowing what they are talking about before they put their foot in their mouth (or elsewhere) and maybe not getting someone killed. We already had enough of that nonsense in the Joe Wilson / Valerie Plame case where the White House stuck it’s nose in where it clearly didn’t belong when the CIA was actually being effective. Now look at the Agency.

    This whole Libya mess was the clear result of the Terry Jones tape (and anyone that truly believes he wasn’t behind this needs a good long stay at Dotty Dix), Al-Queda and the local Taliban all coming together, courtesy of technology, and converging on the Embassy when Amb. Stevens was there. That the local’s, right after this mess, came out and literally threw the local Taliban and Al-Queda crowd in the local lock-up is the real story. Democracy is working. Is it an instant event ? No and anyone that says it is is a fool at best, and criminally naieve at worst, to believe it evolves that fast. Democracy here took from 1774 (and the Stamp Act) to 1789 and The Constitution being adopted, to come about. Libya has had barely a year. Give them time. Does it mean we get ourselves plowed under. No but it does require us to take more prudent steps to protect our people. And that’s what the CIA’s S/C in Tripoli was trying to do while being ‘quarterbacked’ from DC. Anyone wanna’ jump in and take shot at it, time to stand up and say so………….   

    • Wow..glad i never served with you!

      • My people always came back. Maybe a bit busted up but they came back alive and breathing. And they always gave far more than they recieved. That’s the reality of anyone who’s served on ‘the line’ and come back. Try it before your head goes up any further …………

  • Anonymous

    I guess Fox news made up the name Tyrone Woods also.

    • Anonymous

      They used his death to make money and for political gain though, that’s for sure. 

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