April 26, 2018
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Comments for: Endorsements 2012

BDN Endorsements
Obama for president We recognize the difficulties of Barack Obama’s presidency, but we believe he offers more realistic ways to continue to improve America’s economy than Republican Mitt Romney. He came into the office facing a severe fiscal crisis and has worked steadily to… Read More
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  • Anonymous

    Obama didn’t have the first clue how to make the economy grow when he came to office and he still doesn’t. If he is re-elected we face four more years of ineptitude and economic decline and political gridlok.

    • Anonymous

      How revisionist.  It was the republican party that screwed up the economy in the first place.  They inherited a national budget from Clinton and the democrats that was actually running in the green.  The GOP took that working economy and ruined it so badly the country was on the brink of a depression.  Clearly it will take awhile to fix 8 years of unprecedented “ineptitude and economic decline”.  If the GOP wasn’t obstructionist we would probably be back in good shape by now.

      • Anonymous

        clinton signed NAFTA, which shipped a lot of maine jobs to canada and other jobs in the nation to mexico. he was as bad as bush.

        and as far as the economic crisis we’re in now, 
        thank the fed, their printing of money devalues the dollar, they issued massive amounts of debt that the banks played volatile hot potato with.  and then the glass ceiling broke.

        most of all, thank yourself  for continuing to elect the same old, 2 party, 1 headed system that has destroyed this once-great nation. 
        enjoy the results of the corruption you elect.

        • Agreed!  We will go down in history as the only nation that “sold itself” instead of being defeated.

      • Anonymous

         What is revisionist is that it takes 8 years to climbed out of a recession. Every recession since WW2 was followed by a climb up as quick and sharp as the fall down. During the Clinton Administration he had 2 months of 800k job growth back to back. All you libs get excited when 179k jobs get created in a single month and that does not even cover normal population increase.

        • Anonymous

          That is an incredibly simplistic view of economics. When you get hit by a bus, it takes longer to recover than it does if you are struck by a bicycle. All recessions are not the same.

          • Anonymous

            Except history says I am correct. Most recessions post ww2 have followed a “V” shape. The reason is pent up demand… business demand followed by consumer demand. Look at the GDP numbers…its all there.

          • Cheesey, past recoveries after all post war recessionswere fueled by a healthy manufacturing base, and our products had no appricable competition.  Now the “pent up demand” is met at Walmart with Chinese products.  The Chinese economy may see a bump, but even Maytags, and Mopar parts are made over there now.

          • Anonymous

             The demand in the b2b sector is being restricted by “capital” being used other ways (buying government debt) and new restrictions on how capital can be used. That is why the fed is throwing all that money out there.

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            Just a bit of info. The minimum GDP growth rate you need to keep up with population growth and income growth is 3%. 2 % doesn’t cut it. 

            In GDP growth and employment growth is about 67% of what it needs to be just to maintain much less put people back to work.

          • Anonymous

            You forgot to mention GE………….. recall after Obama was in office, he appointed Jeffrey Immelt to a top position.  Next we see, GE is mfr. in China.  That was simply securing huge donations and votes for this election.  The puppeteers showed their hand.  Wake up America………….

          • No fan of Bronco ‘bama either, but voting for him becasue he is slightly better than the man who smashes U.S. companies for personal profit.

          • Anonymous

            Vote for whoever you want. Romney will be the next President. The LIES have to stop. THe liberals have spent too much of our money on Playtime for the fat cats in DC. Maybe that finally made Michelle Proud of the country. Still waiting for the TRUTH about Fast and Furious and now the US Embassy attack . THink of those men who died and of their families. I would be PO to say the least if anyone in my family was killed in either Fast and Furious or the US Embassy. When a president is too busy playing golf, that just stinks beyond septic. A vote for the liberals is a vote to collapse our economy. And as for Biden. he is always good for a laugh…………………….

          • Anonymous

            I’ll go out on a limb here and state that the previous recessions didn’t have a Congress that was dead set on defeating the President above trying to get the economy back on track. We have a disfuncitonal Congress to blame, if blame is to be given, for the slowness of a recovery.

          • Anonymous

             Perhaps previous Congress’s had President’s that worked for the good of the nation and didn’t pay off campaign supporters with tax dollars and called it stimulus.

          • Anonymous

            About the history of recessions and different kinds of recessions and their outcomes:  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/22/opinion/krugman-the-secret-of-our-non-success.html

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for the link.  I appreciate your sentiment, but that’s Krugman. An opinionist who operates on his own “gross misinterpretation of the facts”.

          • Anonymous

            Bear in mind that this “opinionist” also happens to teach and have a Nobel Prize in economics.

        • I’m no fan of the curent President,  and I’d love to vote for someone who actually knew how to create jobs in the U.S.A., but as a Perot voter in ’92, I have to ask.  What has Mitt the $h!t  done to create jobs HERE.  He’s created a bunch in China, but that’s not helping anyone I know.

          I would LOVE to vote for someone other than our current nincompoop, but I can’t (as a worker) vote for a man who makes his great wealth buying companies, firing the workers, and selling the parts. 

          • Anonymous

            Don’t forget for a minute the jobs Obama has created in China with your stimulus  tax dollars.

            Viable companies are saved that way. Dozens of them. You sell the parts to ongoing concerns so the non-viable parts don’t drag everything down.

          • No, Cheesey.  You are missing the bigger picture.  I was told the same thing about the textile industry.  “Just move to South Carolina, there are PLENTY of jobs for an experienced loom worker like you.”  I was young and believed them.  five years later Essex Mills ((founded in 1884 in Lowell Massachusetts) had moved to India. 

            Old Noah Taylor got rich, and we all got the shaft.

            Romney is a disaster for working folk in the USA, and I wouldn’t vote for him if he wre the only person running.

            The Republicans run a job destroyer like Romney at their peirl.

        • Anonymous

          Apples to oranges.  The current situation is much more nuanced and serious than any other recession since WWII, so to expect the same swift recovery is rather simplistic.  Where monetary policy was fairly useful in all of these cases, the Fed’s ability to affect the current economy is severely hampered by deleveraging.  Firms in virtually all sectors of the economy are decreasing debt, and moreover flight to quality is probably an insurmountable problem when discount rates are near the zero bound.  At healthy levels, debt is the fuel of economic growth, and particularly of the transmission mechanism of monetary policy.  We are in a period of deleveraging that is likely to be sharp and quite lengthy given a whole host of factors not particularly linked to government policy, except for the fact that private debt-reduction would have likely driven the economy far deeper into recession following the financial crisis had it not been for increased government debt (much of which, recall, results from automatic spending) during the same period.  Obama has made plenty of mistakes, and there is definitely room for improvement even in terms of economic policy (particularly in terms of where money is spent), but it’s pretty clear that our situation would be worse had government spending not increased so sharply.

      • Anonymous

        Cheesecake is correct in this debate.  Liberals just love to spend. ouch.

    • Anonymous

      Re: Obama not having a clue.  I just saw a photo, close up of him at the last debate.  It really appears he had a hearing device in his ear.  That explains why he would listen to Romney with his left ear as the aid was in his right.  Makes sense.  Wonder who told him what to say.  We will not have 4 more years if he is re elected.  The economy will fail.  Gridlock with the elected will be the cause. 

  • Anonymous

    No new bonds!

    • Anonymous

      Even in – maybe especially in – a down economy, we have to continue on with major infrastructure projects & improvements.  There are JOBS behind these bonds, and many of them leverage federal dollars as well.  Vote yes on the bonds.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, let’s borrow more money we don’t have. Sounds like a good plan. Ask Greece, or California, how that is working out for them.

        • 4+5 really aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities. Sure, we could vote  no and not get matching funds, yet the work would still need to be done. It would end up costing more in the long run. I think 2+3 are debatable items, though 4+5 are completely no-brainers really.

          • …just checking, but are those matching funds also from taxpayers?  Or did the tooth fairy leave them.

          • Of course. Though if we don’t use these funds, the feds will simply give them to another state. If giving this money to another state sits well with you, by all means, vote no. You’re not getting this money back either way, so why not put it to work for Maine?

          • Because, the more we use, the more they tax.  Voting NO on all bonds until State can again afford them.

          • That’s fine. Your right. Though like the governors who rejected stimulus money out of “principle”, all in reality it will achieve (if it doesn’t pass) is to punish the people in the state, not help them. Sometimes pragmatism must trump idealism.

            “Fiscal conservatives” should be targeting waste and luxury, not necessity (in my opinion of course.)

          • Your opinion is valid if you believe in grabbing all the “government money” available. I do not agree.  In a fiscally conservative’s dream world, government would plan ahead and save for necessary projects.  Also the people and businesses who benefited from government improvements would pay full cost.  For-an-instance, the city dwellers who benefit from “water projects” would be the folks who paid for these works.  People (like me) who must pay full frieght for our water would not be billed additional for someone else’s water.

            Just seems fairer to me.

          • Yes in a dream world we’d have balanced budgets, fair taxation and honest politicians. Though I’m talking how it is – not how it should be, that’s another matter entirely.

          • Then this is money that should have already been set aside. Paying twice for something is just a waste of taxpayer money.

          • In the form of a straight tax or bond – either way it needs to be paid. Which is preferable, higher taxes or bonds? I suppose option C – let infrastructure crumble away is a choice as well.

          • Wrong. We would pay far less if we pay for it upfront. Our tax dollars would be earning interest instead of paying out interest. 

          • Wrong what? I asked a question.

            I’m fine with raising taxes vs bonds, though I suspect most voting against the bonds would disagree. They don’t seem to want to pay for taxes or bonds.

          • The interest on the loans we take out buys us nothing.  Each year we push more and more money into the interest  column. When 20, 30 or 40 precent of gas tax money goes to pay bond holders, we get no value for that money, and higher taxes to support it.  Currently the rates are low, BUT what if we have a inflation situation like we had in the Seventies?  Suppose the rates go to 15, 18, or 20 percent?  What then? 

            If we need higher taxes, and the majority wants that, then fine, I will be forced to go along.  BUT passing our bills on to our children and grandchildren is not how I want to be remembered

          • Debt is not what I’d want for a legacy either. But then, an infrastructure that has been allowed to deteriorate to the point that it negatively effects our economy, is not a legacy I’d want to leave either.

        • Anonymous

          Vote YES on all bonds. Don’t listen to the “don’t borrow” crowd. These aren’t loans, they are investments in vital infrastructure which not only increase employment but raise valuation and return $$ on investment in the future. If we continue to reject necessary improvements today (roads, bridges, clean water, etc.), it will cost us far more to fix things in the future.

  • wow on the Raye enforcement

  • Anonymous

    OBAMA 2012!! Nuff Said! =D

  • Anonymous

    What a Liberal rag!

  • Anonymous

    Just raised the tolls on 95 to pay for bonds they have spent. Bonds = Higher Texes

  • Anonymous

    If you want more people on welfare, food stamps or dependendent on Government – Vote for Obama
    If you want continued poor job growth – Vote for Obama
    If you want billions of your dollars to be wasted on green energy programs – Vote for Obama
    If you want illegal immigrants to run back to Mexico – Vote for Obama
    If you want to see a continued decline in American education – Vote for Obama
    If you want to see the US diminished and embarassed throughout the world – Vote for Obama
    If you want 4 more years lies – Vote for Obama
    If you hate the rich, success, independence and free enterprise – Vote for Obama

  • Anonymous

    Of course BDN never saw a bond they did not like. Go figure. Other than their token endorsement of Raye, BDN offers nothing new but a rehash of failed leftist political figures that will bring on more of the economic misery that we suffer under as they pursue their so-called enlightened path of liberal progress and righteousness. And they wonder why most failed (and failing states) are in the BLUE column. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      Because Pingree’s husband is the multi millionaire Hedge fund manager Donald $us$$man.  THe guy who received millions in stimulus money which Pingree voted for.  Also, he owns the majority of the papers in Southern Maine, and is one of the largest contributors to Equality Maine.  And a buddy of Barney Frank who uses $u$$man’s private jet often. 

  • Anonymous

    Where is the logic?  If you support Raye for Congress because he is a member of the Republican majority in Congress why not Pingree’s opponent for the same reason?

  • I like how the Obama endorsement is so negative.  You cannot think of anything the man has done right but you endorse him anyway. 

    • Anonymous

      The same can be said for lying   Romeny

    • Anonymous

      No, you are mistaken. It is the Republican/Tea/ALEC party that can find nothing that Obama has done right. If the sun came up in the east and Obama said it did, you and your cohorts would deny it ever happened.

      • Anonymous

         The sun does come up in the east and Obama has nothing to do with it. Only his sycophants believe he does.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, If Obama mentioned that the sun still comes up in the east you would deny it.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see why I would want to pay for a bond for Question 5, like many Mainers I have my own well and septic that I paid for and maintain. The rate payers for municipal water/sewer should be footing the bill for any upgrades need to their perspective districts.

    I am so sick of footing the entire bill for my costs and then having to subsidize others.

    • Yeah, when do we get a tax break for pumping our septic. Or a break for a water softener when my water is too hard and it is destroying my heating system? 

  • Guest

    Yes on all the bonds. We need our infrastructure.

    • Then why don’t you send a check to the State for a little extra.  My, I’m quite satisfied with things as they are.

      Never understood why I must pay for the deams of others.  No one pays for mine.

  • Anonymous

    Never would I have thought a left wing paper, would endorse Obama. Will miracles never cease. 

  • Let me correct you BDN!

    ROMNEY for President!
    Summers for Senate!
    Jon Courtney for First District!
    Raye for 2nd District!

    NO on Question 1 (homosexual acts are sin)

    NO on Question 2 (Bonds are loans that must be repaid with higher taxes, they are not free money)

    NO on Question 3 (Bonds are loans that must be repaid with higher taxes, they are not free money)

    NO on Question 4 (Bonds are loans that must be repaid with higher taxes, they are not free money)

    NO on Question 5 (Bonds are loans that must be repaid with higher taxes, they are not free money)


    • Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Peters for the Regressive party.

    • Anonymous

      Already voted that very same way and encourage others to do the same.

      • Thank you! It’s nice to have friendly company for a change!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A SURPRISE! The BND endorsing obama! Never met a Democrat they didn’t worship or a Socialist agenda they didn’t support! You prove yourself more and more irrelevant ever day.

    Thanks for being part of the problem, instead of the solution! You sure have no problem spending other people’s money!

    Now you know why readership is dwindling!

  • Anonymous

    And BDN is wrong again

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