June 19, 2018
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Same-sex marriage falls outside God’s definition

By Joanie Rhoda, Special to the BDN

If a person truly believes that God established the sacrament of holy marriage, then there should be no question about which way to vote on Question 1. God instituted this sacred bond between a man and a woman. He did not institute it between two men or between two women. Simply put, unions between same-sex couples fall outside of God’s definition of marriage. Who are we to change that definition?

Granted, God commands us to love one another and to love our neighbor as ourselves. But marriage binds a man and a woman. In love they become one.

Those who favor allowing same-sex couples to marry support giving homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual couples. This would require changing the definition of marriage as instituted by God. Do supporters of same-sex marriage believe they have the right to change something decreed by God? Wouldn’t that put them above God?

If God’s plan was to unite same-sex couples in marriage, wouldn’t He have set it up that way when He created man and woman? To me, this is a case of humanity trying to change God’s plan instead of trying to abide by it.

Some supporters of same-sex marriage assert that those who oppose it should just not vote because they would not be affected if the referendum passes. I totally disagree. Changing the definition of marriage would dramatically change the society in which I live. What I believe is inherently against God’s will for humanity would become acceptable and legal. I would be forced to abide by a law that went against God’s law and risk being labeled a bigot for my views. How could such a drastic change in the marriage culture not have a major impact? Schools would have to teach children that traditional and same-sex marriage are equal. How would parents deal with that issue if they don’t agree with it?

I know several people who support same-sex marriage because they have gay or lesbian friends, and they don’t want to see them hurt. Compassion for others is a good thing, but when it goes against God’s law, then I think we need to follow God.

Sometimes I wonder how many same-sex couples believe in God. I would guess that not believing in God would make it easier to support a new definition of marriage. For me, though, marriage and God go hand in hand. He is the one who unites a man and a woman in marriage. He is the strength that helps a couple keep their marriage going over a lifetime. He is the food that allows love to thrive. He even created man and woman differently so that they fit together perfectly to create new life.

My husband and I, married now for 36 years, would probably not have stayed together and in love for so many years if it were not for the love of Christ, the glue that holds us together through thick and thin. We readily admit that we could not have done it on our own. I believe many couples who divorce give up on trying to hold together a love that was meant to be held together by God.

Sometimes I wonder what God makes of it all when He looks down on our world and sees the direction we’re headed and the choices we’ve made. I wonder if He is sad and shakes his head when He sees the violence and the hate. He gave humanity the gift of free choice, and there are many people who have used that gift to turn their backs on the one who created them. All of us are sinners. It’s the reaction to that knowledge that makes people different. Some want to discern God’s will in their lives. Others want to change the environment around them to suit their own preferences. I believe God had a plan for this world. How far are we willing to stray?

Joanie Rhoda lives in Washington, Maine, and is the mother of BDN Editorial Page Editor Erin Rhoda.

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