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Friday, Nov. 2, 2012: Elections, Candidates and Votes


Vote Haines Nov. 6

As a retired teacher, (Skyway Middle and Presque Isle High School), I write to proudly support one of my favorite former students, Democrat Troy Haines of Mapleton, as he seeks a seat in the Maine House of Representatives as the member from District 7. Early on, I recognized

Haines’ intellect, creativity and potential.

We need Haines’ strong, articulate voice in Augusta where he will advocate for the people of rural Maine. A lifelong County resident, Haines is one of us. He gets it! As a small business owner, he knows what our problems are because he lives them every day: how to balance a budget, meet a payroll, provide healthcare and pay ever-increasing tax bills. In addition, Haines actively promotes sustainable farming and community revitalization through small family farms, the historical backbone of Aroostook County.

Haines will work across party lines because he believes that the real benefit for his constituents will come from reasonable folks sitting down together and working out solutions to the problems facing Mainers.

I urge voters in District 7 to send Haines to Augusta with his smarts, energy, integrity, compassion and vision for prosperity in Aroostook County. It’s his voice, loud and clear, that Aroostook County and District 7 farmers and small businessmen need.

Stanley Maynard


Vote for Romney/Ryan

There is a saying that I think should be shared more often with the public at large. I hope to God there’s enough time left before this election for it to sink in. It allows us to focus on President Barack Obama’s rise to the top of the Democrat party: “To err is human. To blame it on someone else shows management potential.” Obama has always displayed an enormous amount of management potential and continues to strut his stuff even to this day. Former President George W. Bush caused all of this?

I thought four entire years of Democrat autocracy would have been enough to turn the ship of state around and set sail for prosperity. Are you feeling prosperous? This man and his administration are an abject failure and re-electing him is just like begging to be beaten to a pulp and robbed penniless. OK, this nation gave him a chance after falling for his smooth manner, the lack of an earnest opponent and maybe even out of a sense of guilt for what in the 60s became affirmative action.

We, as a nation, are in dire need of help and deserve leadership out of this crisis, not a panderer of social and racial division and a time-tested failure. Remember the past, contemplate the present and dream of the future.

Jerry Bono


Vote Campbell

I support Republican Dick Campbell for District 40 of the Maine House of Representatives. The towns of Bucksport and Orrington are filled with hard-working men and women who are fighting their way through this recession. I believe Campbell’s hard work in the private sector and his experience as a business owner make him an ideal representative for these two towns in today’s economy.

Many of today’s economic woes stem from legislation enacted with little or no personal context of how the law will impact the “real world.” What looks good on paper to a legislator has little value to the worker or business owner living paycheck to paycheck or contract to contract.

Campbell owned a solar construction company for 39 years. He also owned and managed the Riverside Inn at EMMC for 11 years. Campbell has fought to make an honest living for himself. He understands the importance that everyone, from the laborer to the CEO, has a voice in our state government.

I urge everyone who will vote in District 40 this year to cast their vote for Campbell.

Kyle Killip


Why we must vote no on Question 1

Question 1: Do you want to allow the state of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?

You, as a Christian, should not be interested in my opinion, but you should, as followers of Christ, be extremely interested in what He has to say regarding homosexual behavior. For whether it be in the Old or New Testament, since God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are all one and the same God, what is said anywhere in His book is God’s word.

Starting in Genesis 13:13, we see God commenting on the men of Sodom: But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly. In Genesis 18:20, we read, “And the Lord said, ‘Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very


In Genesis, chapter 19, we find that the wickedness God referred to was the wickedness of male-on-male homosexuality, male-with-male sodomy. It is for that behavior that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

In Leviticus, chapters 18 and 19, God makes it absolutely clear that sex is only to be between man and woman and once again condemns, in the strongest terms, male-on-male sex of any kind.

So, why must Christians vote no on question 1? We must vote no because God Almighty has condemned the act of male-on-male sodomy.

The Rev. Robert M. Celeste


Vote Jones

Let’s look at the 125th Maine Legislature’s record. In 2011, the leaders promised to open Maine for business, create jobs, improve our education system and increase opportunities for training and education after high school. That didn’t happen.

Rep. Ryan Harmon, D- Palermo, of House District 45, voted against an act to promote school attendance that would use new methods to increase high school graduation rates and address other policy issues from expulsions to truancy. The Legislature also voted to reduce school district funding, including a $465,000 cut to our school’s budget. We’ll pay for that loss in less-equitable, higher local property taxes.

Currently Maine has an average high school graduation rate of 87 percent, leaving 13 percent of the next generation facing unemployment and poverty.

Democratic candidate Brian Jones has been a school board member of RSU 3, a teacher at Mount View High School and at Unity College. He will defend Maine’s youth because jobs are available now for educated people.

I also appreciate Jones’ openness to citizens’ ideas. No party tool, Jones chooses to represent our full community. Vote for Jones, and dilute the Legislature’s tea with ideas for our future.

Leslie Woods


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