June 19, 2018
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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012: Veterans, farms and business

Support Haines

We support Democrat Troy Haines who is running for District 7 in the Maine House of Representatives. The state of Maine needs hard-working, young, intelligent legislators like Haines. He serves the community by running a successful butcher shop in Mapleton.

He is deeply rooted in the community and has worked long and hard with farmers and community members to make Aroostook County a better place to live and work. We hope you will join us in voting for Haines on Nov. 6.

Jim Gerritsen

Bridgewater (TDR2)

Business leaders needed

The state of Maine, as a result of a massive loss of businesses and job opportunities, is in desperate need of people in our Legislature who know how a business operates and what is needed to bring jobs to our state.

Obviously most of the past legislators have not been able to get the state’s economy back on track to create jobs and keep our young people in the state with good jobs. James Parker, R-Veazie, running for re-election in House District 30, and Republican Rod Hathaway running in Senate District 18, are two businessmen who recognize our plight and have good ideas to grow jobs and reduce or eliminate useless rules and regulations that tend to drive businesses out of our state or have businesses close their doors because they can’t afford to operate in Maine.

Do we want Maine to become a huge federal park as some legislators and others desire? I think not. We need jobs and good jobs to keep our young people in this great state. Parker and Hathaway are businessmen who will help turn Maine around and make business and industry important again. I will be voting for each of them in November.

Richard Leonard


Remember LePage

This election consider what Gov. Paul LePage and the Republicans have done the past two years.

LePage insults and embarrasses the state when he tells the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to “kiss my butt.” He goes on to insult Internal Revenue Services employees and many Mainers by declaring the IRS the “Gestapo.” He declares, without any specific examples, that “state employees are as corrupt as can be,” while he himself hires his daughter for a position. He dismisses the hazards of the chemical bisphenol-A by saying the “worst case is some women may have little beards.” LePage causes an unnecessary controversy by removing a mural depicting historical moments of the labor movement because of an anonymous complaint.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Maineʼs Legislature push for rollbacks in environmental protection rules in LD 1. They propose severe cuts to state retirees, whose average retirement income is only $19,000 per year. Republicans slash benefits to the poor, while mismanaging the Department of Health and Human Services’ budget and misrepresenting it to the Legislature.

Republicans pass legislation that empowers insurance companies to charge older Mainers 500 percent higher premiums than younger Mainers and increase premiums 10 percent without prior approval (LD1333). Republicans made fireworks legal, causing many municipalities to struggle with the public safety and nuisance concerns of citizens. Republicans gutted the Maine Clean Election law.

Remember these “accomplishments” and vote Democratic.

Marilyn J. Eccles


No on Romney

I wonder whether the women who are turning toward Republican Mitt Romney remember what things were like 40 years ago, which is where Romney seems to want to return us. Does any woman really want to go back there?

Whether it is control over our reproductive health or our fair treatment in the workplace, it doesn’t seem to me that Romney has the interests of women at heart. I don’t understand this growing feeling in our society that if I’m OK, I don’t have to worry about anyone else. You may never have had to consider an abortion or needed help paying for birth control, but does that keep you from having compassion for those who find themselves in these difficult situations?

Consider support for women in the workplace. Romney would not answer the question about the Lilly Ledbetter law, and I suspect that means he will not support it. Perhaps you are a woman who has never been confronted by unfair workplace practices, but aren’t you glad that the law is in place to help women who are? We all need help sometimes, and the creation of a community in which no woman loses her basic rights is the responsibility of all women and decent men. Please don’t vote for Romney. We don’t even know where he stands on so many important issues.

Carolyn Bower


Middle class vote

The huge amount of money pouring into this election is a good indication of just how much money the 1 percent actually have. Our once-great country has reached a new low when millions and millions of dollars are spent to elect candidates who will protect the gigantic wealth of a few. Meanwhile, the middle class continues to lose ground as we listen to the “bought” candidates try to convince us that we will be much better off without Social Security, Medicare, affordable health care and affordable education.

It is not unreasonable for the middle class to insist that those who have so much contribute to the health and welfare of the citizens of a country from which their wealth came.

The money spent on the campaigns would be better spent on programs that will improve the standard of living for the majority. The top has enough. It’s time they learned to share. Vote for those candidates who can’t be bought and who really will represent the middle class.

Cindy Todd


Vote for Will Rogers

I am asking the citizens of Brewer to cast their votes for Republican Will Rogers of Brewer to represent District 21 in the House of Representatives.

Having served in this position the past four years, I discovered the learning curve during a freshman’s first term is extremely steep. You must learn the structural process of legislation, the day-to-day procedures for both House and committee sessions. Freshman must also learn to wade through the immense amount of information they receive on pending legislation.

All of this made the first term extremely demanding both mentally and physically. Rogers will not have to learn the above because he has already served as your District 21 representative. He has been there and done that. Rogers’ experience will enable him, on day one, to start making things happen without struggling with the normal freshman roadblocks. I cannot stress what a tremendous advantage this will be for Brewer.

Rogers also has strength of conscience and conviction. He does his homework and makes his decision on what is best for the citizens of Brewer and Maine.

I know what a great job Rogers has done and will do as our representative. There is no replacing the real thing, and Rogers is the real thing.

Vote for Rogers as your representative from District 21.

Michael Celli


Time to represent voters

When James Gillway, R-Searsport, first ran for state representative, a Searsport Republican commented that they could not vote for Gillway since, as Boy Scout leader and town manager, it was impossible to take on yet another job and be effective.

I heard some constituents tried to express their views to Gillway and never received any reply. This makes me think that indeed he is too busy to handle all his responsibilities and still be a viable representative. It is a reaction to his ability to communicate with his constituents, even if he disagrees with their views.

I realize Democrat Meredith Ares is an unknown at this time, but she has gone door to door speaking with those whom she might represent, hearing their views and telling them hers. I think this honorable and forthright. Ares, a retired businesswoman, has the time to represent voters as her only responsibility outside of her family.

It just seems common sense to vote for someone who has the time to listen to what those who have elected them think and to either support their views or explain to them why someone would vote differently. Our senators do this. One must ask: Is Gillway overextended?

I have no answers to the questions I have posed, but I think it is time for open communication and active representation in Augusta.

David Berg


Supporting Mike Michaud

I’m a Marine, a veteran, and I support Rep. Mike Michaud, D-2nd District.

I often hear folks talking about Maine’s 155,000 veterans. It’s a large number, but I don’t think it really carries that much impact with the facts and figures flying around Washington these days.

Trillion this and half a billion that. Those numbers don’t exist in my day-to-day life. Approximately

155,000 people’s lives have been changed for the better because of Michaud’s hard work.

There are two things Michaud has accomplished that have affected me greatly. He helped pass the Wounded Warriors Act, which improved outpatient care at military health care facilities. Michaud also fought for funding to build a new and larger community-based outpatient clinic for veterans in Bangor.

There are many other projects that Michaud has worked on that have greatly impacted my life. I will not provide you a laundry list, but I urge you to educate yourself on Michaud’s accomplishments during his five terms.

I do not favor replacing someone with the amount of seniority Michaud has on the veterans committee. The great work that Michaud does not only helps me and my fellow veterans here in Maine, but it sets a standard for other states. Michaud believes in a higher quality of caring and has a unique interest in the lives of men and women who fight for our country.

Michaud has my vote this November. Educate yourself; learn why he deserves your vote.


Mitchel Caluri


Independent thinking

I was stunned by the lack of action in Congress that allowed the Farm Bill to expire. The bill is tied to nearly all of Maine’s agriculture and dairy industries and will only hurt Maine dairy farmers already struggling with high grain and fuel costs and plunging milk prices.

What’s more, apple orchards have experienced major crop loss; potato farmers need more irrigation; a new pest is threatening our blueberry industry; and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly food stamps) is in danger of cuts. I’ve seen first hand that the Farm Bill addresses environmental concerns, while improving efficiency.

My Republican colleagues and I helped fund the Maine Dairy Stabilization Program. We developed new policies based on information, as opposed to partisan politics, after listening to the experiences of farmers and forestry professionals.

Maine needs such vision and independent thinking in Washington, which is why I endorse independent former Gov. Angus King.

King’s newly released six-point plan presents a policy that will strengthen Maine’s rural economies. King understands the importance of Maine agriculture and shares the vision of growing local food access and promoting our rural economy.

King saw firsthand the passion of local farmer Sarah Smith of Grassland Farm and the drive of community organizer Amber Lambke. He has visited Skowhegan several times recently and seen the gristmill project and Pick Up CSA. King appreciates the potential of Maine’s heritage industries. As governor, he invested in these economies and will strive to protect them if elected to the U.S. Senate.

Jeff McCabe

Democratic candidate


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