June 21, 2018
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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012: Committees, candidates, and charters


Is independent Angus King’s campaign a stunt to take votes away from Democrat Cynthia Dill and also get Maine’s big block of independent voters? On the facts of the Senate rules (see www.senate.gov) King will be on no Senate committees where legislation is developed and

voted up or down for Senate consideration. The rules say the two parties assign senators to committees. The only two independent senators in the Senate now are aligned Democrats.

Is King being honest? Where would Maine be without Sen. Olympia Snowe’s membership

on oceans and fisheries, exports, taxation, business development, Medicare and Social Security? If King is truly independent, he will be a wallflower.

Richard Gelwick


Longley campaign

As a social worker who works on behalf of children, I have had the opportunity to participate in Judge Susan Longley’s court both as a witness and as a family support. She has shown herself to be a judge with heart, recognizing the needs of children and their families. As a result, those family members who have had to sit in the witness stand, even under the most difficult of circumstances, have felt more comfortable and at ease answering both her and the lawyers’ questions.

As an agent of change, she listens and makes her decisions with the best interest of the child in mind. This paves the way for the opportunity for healthier family environments for these children. I support Longley’s re-election for Waldo County probate judge wholeheartedly.

Cynthia Aho



Vote Campbell

The economy. Jobs. Education. These are the three key issues facing the state of Maine and the communities of Bucksport and Orrington.

Bucksport and Orrington have a tremendous asset in the valuable transportation corridor that connects our economy to the world: deep water ports, rails and roads. When combined with our significant development locations, our two towns are poised for remarkable growth. With this growth will come new jobs and a more robust economy. The person who can help lead us in this direction is Republican Dick Campbell. He deserves our vote for state representative of District


Generations of Campbells have served our communities with respect and integrity. And Campbell continues the tradition. With Campbell’s past experience in the Legislature, he knows how to get things done. As a hard-working small business owner, he knows firsthand how tax relief can help create jobs. And with his deeply held passion for our communities, he knows the importance of a quality education for our children.

Campbell is the right person at the right time. He will roll up his sleeves and get to work in Augusta. I am voting for Campbell for District 40 and the state of Maine.

Susan Pate


Damariscotta town charter

On Nov. 6, Damariscotta voters will vote whether to amend the town charter. As currently written, the charter mandates that the town hire a police chief and a reasonable number of officers. The amendment will enable the town to either maintain its current municipal police department or contract for law enforcement services.

This proposed amendment arose during last year’s budget process when the board of selectmen instructed the former town manager to determine if there were alternative ways to provide a high level of law enforcement and reduce costs.

As part of that effort, current Town Manager Matt Lutkus requested a preliminary proposal from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to see if it might provide a less expensive approach. Based on that proposal, which provided a substantial reduction in costs, selectmen began the charter amendment process.

Passage of the amendment does not mean that the Damariscotta Police Department will automatically be abolished and the sheriff’s office — or any other law enforcement agency — will take over Damariscotta police functions. If approved, the proposed charter amendment merely provides the town with options to obtain the best value for law enforcement services. Whatever alternative is chosen, residents and businesses will continue to be served by law enforcement officers who are specifically assigned to Damariscotta.

We assure residents that the town is committed to continuing high-quality law enforcement services in the most cost effective way reasonably possible.

The Damariscotta Board of Selectmen

Extraordinary election opportunity

Every once in awhile an extraordinary election opportunity presents itself here in Maine, and it is happening this year in Maine Senate District 31. Democrat Emery Deabay is a resident of Bucksport working at the Verso Paper Mill. He has served in many civic positions as well as having been appointed by our governor to a seat on the Maine Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Deabay believes in and exhibits a common-sense approach to government. He will stand up

against efforts to destroy the freedoms we enjoy here in Maine and will promote more opportunity for Maine’s working class to both secure the jobs we have today and create more of them for future generations.

Deabay understands that Maine belongs to her citizens and will always support our recreational rights so we can continue to experience and enjoy the entire spectrum of Maine’s seasons and sports. I believe that Deabay will represent the best that Maine has to offer. He deserves election to the Maine Senate where he will work to protect our way of life and enhance it for future generations like ours.

Duane Lugdon


No participation

A 20-year tradition of holding a candidate’s night continued Oct. 20 in Dexter. The event provides an opportunity for local, state and federal candidates to share their views and answer questions from voters in the districts they serve or wish to serve. There has always been participation by both parties.

Imagine our surprise when it was announced that our current Republican state legislators backed out of the event.

This is the second time that Rep. Ray Wallace, R-Dexter, and Sen. Douglas Thomas, R-Ripley, have declined to participate in a public forum. The first was the July 14 meeting at Dexter’s Ridge View School, with 200 local citizens attending to get information about the proposed east-west corridor that both legislators have supported.

I cannot understand why our state representatives decline to meet with the public to discuss policy and defend their voting records. How can legislators effectively represent the people of their districts if they don’t meet with them?

Their intention may or may not have been to insult the voters, but this is not a good way to get votes. Or maybe they do not think they need them.

Nellie Kennedy


Let’s disagree agreeably

Of the 150 signs put up opposing Question 1, all but 15 were removed and replaced within a few days by “vote yes on Question 1” signs. This pattern has been experienced over and over again by many who have put up signs opposing Question 1. I have had my signs removed, bent and replaced. In each case the damaged signs were around other signs that were not bent, damaged or removed.

Why would people, in a cause that began by seeking only freedom of speech and expression, deny this freedom to residents who disagree with them? Perhaps there is more to their agenda.

Many of us remember attending a hearing in Augusta where it was stated, “We only want equal rights; we don’t want gay marriage.” And now we are there. What is next?

Freedom of expression denied by those claiming to only want freedom of expression. Is this not called reverse discrimination?

Randall Clark


Vote Guerin

Clearly the choice for representative of District 22 is Stacey Guerin, R-Glenburn. While helping to run and expand the family business, be a devoted mom, Guerin’s attendance at the fisheries and wildlife committee was 100 percent for two years. Her opponent, independent David Slagger, missed many of the meetings in the short time he served.

Stacey was elected to represent the people of her district. The beauty of our Legislature is that all members having the right to speak and be heard. One has to be in attendance to do so. Missing much of the time one was elected to be in attendance and paid to do so is unacceptable.

Guerin has proven she is there for the people of District 22 and should be re-elected.

Joan Nass


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