May 24, 2018
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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012: Civil unions, vice presidential debates and endorsements

Civil union

Currently a purely civil-union marriage by an agnostic Maine notary, who is requested to say nothing and just sign the marriage license before two witnesses, is sufficient.

Webster says a marriage could be “any close or intimate union.” Maine voters will soon be asked, “Do you want to allow the state of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?”

Those who ask that I say nothing and just sign, eliminate the need to address either as the bride or groom, and new wording may be necessary on the license to comply.

I can marry couples with zero religious dogma being involved; but the religious marriage must have the civil-union paperwork to make it a “real” and complete marriage. In Maine there are many religious faiths and beliefs, but only one set of civil laws and regulations for all. I’d have no problem being asked to do a civil union for couples of the same sex.

Maine is the most secular state in the U.S. according to various sources. Whether that fact gives one a sense of pride or a sense of shame most likely correlates to one’s personal religious beliefs.

Maine people are known for their independence and tolerance for various beliefs and values as long as those beliefs and values are not forced on them.

The Golden Rule should apply to all and not to any one particular religious belief; and just the title “golden” gives this rule an edge over all the others.

Richard N. Bedard

Columbia Falls

Semper Fi

I can’t help but wonder whether President Barack Obama’s message to our American ambassador in Benghazi would have been the same as the one he delivered recently at the National Red Cross headquarters when he said, American don’t leave Americans behind. The ambassador and our brave Navy SEALs would be with us today if he had done the same for


Marion Grandchamp


The race

What was left out of the spirited vice presidential debate? Republican Paul Ryan’s core dishonesty might have been bared to America had moderator Martha Raddatz thought to ask the congressman about his renowned workout routine, especially his claim to continue to run marathons and that he boasts a lifetime personal record “in the 2:50s,” that is, between 2 hours 50 minutes and 2 hours 59 minutes.

The facts are that he has done neither: according to Runner’s World Magazine, Ryan has completed one marathon in his life and it was in 4 hours and 1 minute.

This may seem a trivial point to make about someone who aspires to be that famous heartbeat from the presidency but, to a fitness freak like Ryan, lying about your personal record marathon is akin to blasphemy.

Back in the day I ran 23 marathons, including four under three hours, six Bostons, and a New York City, at age 56. My best time is etched indelibly in my mind. I can’t conceive of answering vaguely “in the 2:50s” when I know to the second exactly what my time was.

Lying about your accomplishments is shameful, whether one is running for high office or to notch a best time that never will be noted in the media.

In the race of good character, Ryan is a loser.

Kent Price


Re: Biden-Ryan debate

Contrary to the spin put on the debate by McClatchy Newspapers, what I witnessed brought to mind a Proverb (29:9).

“If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”

The act put on by the vice president of the United States was beneath the office and if attempted by a high school debater, would have disqualified the student in the first minute or two.

Denigrating an opponent with sneers, chuckles, interruptions and outright laughter is only attempted by a person with a losing cause.

Everyone in the White House up to and including the secretary of state has unequivocally attributed the Benghazi attack and murder of our ambassador plus a Navy SEAL and two other honorable Americans to terrorists, whatever their name.

Everyone else the U.S. knows that pleas for better security were denied, although all our allies have pulled out because protection of Western personnel is impossible. Now that all the weapons the Brits left in our care are in the hands of the terrorists, I wish our replacement ambassador well.

J. Daniel Techentin


Vote for Curry

Waldo County voters, you have an opportunity to vote American Legislative Exchange Council out by voting for Democrat Chip Curry for State Senate.

His opponent Republican Mike Thibodeau is listed as a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council and as serving on one of their task forces (

His responsibility as a council member is to introduce legislation that will further the interest of big corporations. Forty-one companies have withdrawn from the council recently leaving the more radical and dangerous companies to design legislation. None of which will benefit Maine citizens.

I urge you to vote the American Legislative Exchange Council out by voting Curry in. Only voters can protect our democracy and restore local control.

Mary Royal


In a different light

I’ve been listening to the ads lately, touting same-sex marriage and have noticed that some say, “No government should be able to tell anyone who they can love or marry.”

I have news for you all. The state of Maine has a great deal of unfair authority over us when we discuss marriage.

Try being ordered by a judge to pay alimony for the rest of your life if you get divorced. That’s the burden I live with everyday.

Be aware of all the issues surrounding marriage in the state of Maine and your plight may not seem so harsh.

Paul Haslam


Vote Canders

When I think about Republican Sam Canders, District 15 House of Representatives candidate, the words service, integrity and courage come to mind.

Service because Canders served four tours of combat duty in Afghanistan as a pilot. Integrity because he not only says what he means, but has the courage to cross party lines as the need arises.

Anyone wishing to find out where Canders stands on the issues can visit Vote Canders for District 15.

Patrick Eisenhart


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