May 25, 2018
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Comments for: 4 men accused of planning to rob home of alleged Norridgewock pot grower

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  • Anonymous

    Makes one wonder how four guys from Connecticut knew there is pot growing in a house in Maine.

    • Roy Blenkhorn


      • jim dandy


      • Bill Cat

        Word of mouth usually — anybody knows that pot guy and recently moved to CT?  Food for thought…  Danged well just didn’t Google all that.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    What about the alleged growers house? Was it found? Plants sized? Medicinal MJ or what?

  • jdtex

    Four bums, four thugs, four life-long losers. 

    • you forgot to mention  four doller bail

  • I plan to do many things I should not have done In my day. Thought it through , Did not do it. Wow arrested for plans? Lucky know one found out about mine. 

  • Jonathan Smith

    I’m noticing a pattern in Maine….Lets just say I have yet to see any drug crazed people steal zucchini plants or set fire to someone’s beet field…..

    • Bill Cat

      Too danged hard to keep the fool things lit.  LOL

    • Anonymous

      I’m noticing a pattern too.  Do you suppose that those sporty tank tops have something to do with this horrible crime?

  • Anonymous

    Ok,  the drug dealers are coming to Maine to sell their poison.
      Now we  have Connecticut’s finest thugs coming here to steal
        What’s next??

    • Anonymous

      fatten em up on zucchini and beets,,, free room and board,, getting cold out,, better then living in a homeless shelter..

    •  Shhh.  Don’t ask that red!  You’ll get some gears turning and we’ll end up with something else we least expect. 

    • Bill Cat

      These are NOT thugs.  Just fairly vague middle-class White kids who thought they’d make a big score, likely based on rumors from a Mainer who moved to CT not long ago.  “Creeps,” might work.  “Jerks” is in the running.  But ‘Thugs,” nah.  LOL

    • Anonymous

      Apparently there is no pot in CT.

  • Randall Flagg

    you stay classy, maine!

    • Anonymous

      You mean connecticut…

  • Suspected they were going to rob a residence? 

  • Anonymous

    drove from CT to Maine just to steal pot plants? I guess  they heard you can steal up to 50,000 dollars in Maine and only get sixty days. Figured they only get probation at the most if they got caught.

  • Tyke

    Thought crimes?

    Seems like something from 1984 (the book not the year).

    • Bill Cat

      Even 1984 got one-upped by Hollywood.  There was a movie about six years ago of a with the Future Crime Police busting people for stuff that hadn’t done yet…  LOL  Did say  that one of them peed all over himself and admitted it to the cops, tho…  A good dope slap and a bus ticket home would probably do it, but keep ’em here for hurricane clean-up just in case. 

    •  Maybe this will help clear up some confusion.  A group of two or more people don’t have to actually commit a crime to be guilty of conspiracy. 

      §151. Criminal conspiracy

      A person is guilty of criminal conspiracy if, with
      the intent that conduct be performed that in fact would constitute a
      crime or crimes, the actor agrees with one or more others
      to engage in or cause the performance of the conduct and the most
      serious crime that is the object of the conspiracy is:

      A. Murder. Violation of this paragraph is a Class A crime; [2001, c. 383, §156 (AFF); 2001, c. 383, §5 (NEW).]

      B. A Class A crime. Violation of this paragraph is a Class B crime; [2001, c. 383, §156 (AFF); 2001, c. 383, §5 (NEW).]

      C. A Class B crime. Violation of this paragraph is a Class C crime; [2001, c. 383, §156 (AFF); 2001, c. 383, §5 (NEW).]

      D. A Class C crime. Violation of this paragraph is a Class D crime; or [2001, c. 383, §156 (AFF); 2001, c. 383, §5 (NEW).]

      E. A Class D or Class E crime. Violation of this paragraph is a Class E crime. [2001, c. 383, §156 (AFF); 2001, c. 383, §5 (NEW).]

      2001, c. 383, §156 (AFF);
      2001, c. 383, §5 (AMD)

  • We should all welcome these boys to Maine, the Maine way, by passing around a hat too treat Carl, Shanna and Dave to a lobster dinner for a JWD. 
    Now, if we could just convince Maine’s judicial branch to show us a reasonable deterrent for crimes against our growing industry, it might snip the bud off this behavior before it has a chance to flower.

  • Bill Cat

    These fellas from CT don’t seem too sharp, somehow.    Drove all the way from CT to rip-off somebody who they thought had pot, then it seems couldn’t find the place and got called-in for lurking around too much.  And then, tah dah, told on themselves when questioned by the cops.  Back to CT fellas, sorry, got a quota on stupid strangers up this way, see ya now…  AARRGGHH!

  • Cant Fix Stupid

    shouldn’t they be like playing like video games and like collecting like a nut check for like social anxiety like disorder like while they like live in their like parent’s like basement and listen to their like ipods and talk to their like kindredspirits on like iphones?

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised they had brains enough to navigate their way here.  That’s a whole mess of stupid.

  • Taliban in Maine?!?!

  • Anonymous

    They should have looked at garage and such across from Sun Auto. People have know for years they sell and distribute many drugs. A friend reported her teenage son getting drugs from there and nothing was ever done. She had to move out of the area to keep her son away from these people. I am wondering if these people were looking in the wrong area

    • Anonymous

      Not every one wants the drug problem to stop in Somerset County.  

      There are  Somerset County government leaders, politicians,business owners, realtors , welfare slum loads, and other that are profiting off the drug sales and POT sales. Drug money is running the local economy:  buying new trucks and cars,$2000 truck wheels, snowmobiles, houses,supporting  expensive hobbies like drag racing,hunting supplies.  
      Need evidence? Every one is aware there has been  a movement to get rid of the local police departments. Connect the dots with what was said above.

  • Anonymous

    Good job by the police, these fools could have hurt someone.  I’m surprised they were even able to navigate their way up here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of dopers..they dont need to smoke pot..brains are already fried

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