Officials: Suspension of Fryeburg officers during teen drinking investigation won’t affect coverage

Posted Oct. 27, 2012, at 6:29 a.m.

FRYEBURG — The suspension of three Fryeburg police officials won’t affect police coverage in the town, according to Town Manager Sharon Jackson.

“We have six full-time officers that include the chief, and we have approximately 15 reserve officers that include the two relieved of their duties,” Jackson said by email Friday.

She said two of those relieved of duties were reserve officers.

On Monday, an anonymous group sent a letter and two pictures to The Bridgton News, alleging that two Fryeburg officers “allowed and encouraged” teens to drink alcohol, supplying drinks that had been confiscated over the summer.

One of the photos shows a woman standing on the hood of a Fryeburg Police Department truck with a can in her hand. The letter writers said she’s the wife of a town employee. The second shows the same woman next to two smiling police officers.

The letter writers alleged that Chief Phil Weymouth allowed the party and took some of the confiscated beer for himself. Weymouth denied the allegations to a Bridgton News reporter and promised to get to the bottom of the allegations. The letter was signed “Concerned Fryeburg Residents.”

Jackson said Jonathan Goodman with the Portland law firm of Troubh Heisler is handling the investigation, and the Attorney General’s office has also been notified.