Community Connector lowers daily bus fare rates for seniors, passengers on disability

Posted Oct. 25, 2012, at 5:50 p.m.

BANGOR, Maine — Seniors and people on Social Security disability can now ride Community Connector buses for half price.

Daily fares have been reduced from $1.25 to 60 cents for passengers who provide identification showing they are 60 or older or proof that they’re on disability, Joe McNeil, bus superintendent for Community Connector, said Thursday.

In order to receive certain federal funding, bus companies are required to offer half-price rates to seniors and those on disability during peak hours. That peak hour rate now has been extended to all hours, McNeil said.

He said the change was prompted by a request from a senior citizen who is a frequent public transportation passenger. Community Connector runs 15 buses during peak service hours.

“We did the math and thought we could accomplish it,” McNeil said.

While it’s only a 65-cent cut, it makes a big difference for customers on a fixed income, he said. The daily fare customers who get the reduced rate are typically people who travel around town a day or two each week to run errands or get to appointments.

“They had to organize their trips to go to half a dozen places in one trip, but this will give them more flexibility,” because they’ll be able to afford more outings, McNeil said.