June 21, 2018
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Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012: The Maine Way, support for ‘Obamacare,’ lights off

Vote Curry

I am voting for Democrat Chip Curry for state senator of District 23, from Waldo County.

Curry believes in local control. He understands that Mainers are outspoken, straight shooters, who make their own way and don’t need cookie-cutter laws written by out-of-state interests. Unlike his opponent, he won’t turn his back on Maine people in favor of the out-of-state, big money of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Curry is strong on education. He understands that vouchers and virtual classrooms can never replace all that our children get from viable and vital community schools. He and his wife, Chris Goosman, have spent their lives investing in, and inspiring, local students. Our kids are better off because of it.

Curry understands that women are not second-class citizens. He wants his daughter to have the same chances as any other child. He believes in equal pay, equal opportunities and, unlike his opponent, supports a woman’s right to choose her own health-care options.

We currently have a governor for whom 61 percent of Mainers did not vote. Unlike his opponent, Curry will not be a rubber stamp of approval for the LePage agenda.

If you believe that it’s time Maine politics got back to The Maine Way, where we put the integrity and ingenuity of our people first, join me in voting for Curry.

Jeanne Mcintyre


Step in right direction

Recently I’ve received several fliers in the mail from the Maine Republican Party on behalf of Republican Senate candidate Charlie Summers. Each one makes certain that voters know that Summers would work to repeal Obamacare if he was elected.

I’m a 23-year-old college graduate who is still searching for a full-time job. I am also unlucky enough to have been born (as far as my doctors can tell) with a tumor in my head that was discovered about six years ago. While I’m lucky that it’s not cancerous, it still requires yearly MRIs and other tests, to make sure it doesn’t grow.

Because of Obamacare, I have been able to stay on my father’s insurance, while looking for work, and can afford to have those tests done. I also sleep comfortably knowing that I can no longer be denied coverage for my pre-existing condition.

If Summers and the Maine Republican Party consulted the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, they’d know that Obamacare is both financially prudent and helpful to average Americans.

I’m very proud to be able to vote for Independent Angus King for Senate and Democrat Mike Michaud for Congress, both of whom will defend this important step forward in health care. I don’t particularly like talking about my situation, but I’m sick and tired of hearing how Obamacare is an attack on our freedom when I, and many of my friends, have benefited from this law. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Kyle Leathers

East Millinocket

Vote Mailoux

I write to encourage support for attorney Randy Mailloux for Waldo County probate judge. Mailoux has the knowledge, wisdom and experience, both as an attorney and as a judge, to best serve residents.

I have been involved with several cases where Mailoux has represented people with interests adverse to my clients. In each of those cases, I have found him to be an extremely capable and professional attorney.

In addition, throughout the years, I have consulted with Mailoux for advice about cases I have been working on. He is a wealth of information on all matters relating to probate issues, and his advice, like his approach to legal matters, combines his vast knowledge with practical applicability.

Mailoux lives in Waldo County and knows and cares about the people of Waldo County. I believe he is the best candidate, and I believe he can bring a much higher level of expertise, experience and knowledge to that position.

I encourage you to vote for Mailloux on Nov. 6.

Donald Brown


Supporting Damon

These next two years our legislators in Augusta will be called on to make some key decisions affecting the future of our state. What to do about a $750 million shortfall could be one of the easiest.

It is important that we send the best and most competent men and women to Augusta to serve the needs of our state. That is why I am supporting Rep. Doug Damon, R-Bangor, in District 16, for a second term. As a freshman legislator these past two years, Damon proved he could be both competent, effective and a man who represents all the constituents in his district.

Even though I have been a registered Democrat for more than 50 years, and do not always agree with Damon, I have been impressed with the quality and quantity of the number of bills he was able to help pass. I know from experience Damon has a strong work ethic. He also has integrity and compassion for everyone, no matter their status or circumstance. I like the fact that he is very supportive of anything affecting our region of eastern Maine.

George Dandaneau


Energy issues

Some people will agree with what I will say here, and many will not. Maine law requires motorcycles to run with headlights because it seems easy for car drivers to miss seeing the motorcycles.

I would like to suggest that the lights be required to be off in the daytime when windshield wipers are not on. Reasons for this are:

Lights require a small amount of energy, to burn the lights and to replace them more often.

I don’t want people to get into the habit of thinking that anything worth not hitting has lights. There are pedestrians and bicycles.

Contrary to what some say, lights do not increase safety. They enable you to see a vehicle from so far away that it doesn’t matter. Up close where you can hit them, they are perfectly visible in the daytime without lights.

I notice that Old Town police do not normally have their lights on in the daytime. Let’s follow their example.

If lights were required to be off in the daytime, we could require headlights to be off immediately but give some 10 years for current cars with nonremovable running lights to get off the road.

Edward R. Huff

Old Town

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