April 20, 2018
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Comments for: When do energy efficiency programs have the greatest impact?

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  • Since when did the government know what’s best for all of us?  Never!!!   Besides, if the government provides an incentive, it must loot someone else in order to provide that incentive.

    All government’s are nothing but gangs of thieves that loot, and extort, in order to enrich themselves, and control the populace.

    • Anonymous

      You’d rather live in a cave? Help yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Why would he live in a cave without Gov. interference? I know speaking for myself I’d be a lot better off without the Government in my pocket all of the time, redistributing what I earn.I for one would like to see government about 75% smaller that what it is.

        • Anonymous

          In the morning, he leaves a home that was built/remodeled by someone not following code (code being gov’t regs). 

          Drives to work in a car that was built without any standards to follow, which sheds parts all along the government-built highway (now falling apart because supporting the infrastructure is an aspect of gov’t). Goes the last few miles by walking the car along, his feet having gone through the rusted-out floor (none of your stinkin’ gov’t -mandated inspections for him).

          Arrives at work, where the employer is free to treat him as poorly as he pleases, and Jeff has no legal recourse.

          Does as he’s told, which includes some very personal activities for the boss’s benefit, which I won’t describe in a family paper.Puts in his 12 hours, heads home enjoying the knowledge that he’ll have to work until he drops, because Social Security and Medicare have been destroyed. 

          Also cheered by the knowledge that if he gets laid off there will be none of those socialistic unemployment benefits, and because he can’t afford health insurance from a for-profit insurer (got rid of that darned Obamacare!) because of pre-existing conditions, he can’t get treatment for his illnesses. Which seem to be getting worse, thanks to no nasty gov’t regs at work.

          Cheered by the knowledge that there will be no welfare or food stamps for him, he drags what’s left of his car the last few miles down the unplowed road to his house, eager to dive into a meal of non-government-inspected meat, DDT-sprayed potatoes, and what water he can get from the decayed and polluted local water system. He wonders what color it will be tonight.

          Arrives home to discover that the roof has fallen in. Jeff is so glad that he thought ahead and built a cave in his backyard to crawl into!

          • Anonymous

            Wow, that was a bit extreme. I see that when this country finally falls flat on its face because we are broke trying to give everyone womb to tomb care you ain’t gonna make it. Must be hard now when you have to make a decision for yourself and the government isn’t there to hold your hand.

          • There is no need for government.   It produces, and invents nothing.  All that it does is erect a massive complicated system that takes from some people and gives to other people, while keeping a significant portion for itself.  It’s an extortion racket.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it right to take money from all eletric users and give it to large companies so they can reduce their electric bills?  All the sensible things are done by these companies in other states without subsidies.  Many states used to have such programs but most have seen what a waste they are and have done away with them or severely reduced them. Originally the idea was to reduce electric demand to prevent the utilities from having to build new electric generation but now we have excess generation, and utilities don’t make power anyway. Now there is no rational reason to keep Efficiency Maine going except it is a government agency and government agencies never go away when they are no longer needed. All this is about trying to figure out a reason for their existence and they are having trouble finding anything that makes sense and can be achievable. 

  • Anonymous

    By the way, the picture used with the editorial above has nothing to do with Efficiency Maine. They don’t support using efficient gas furnaces.   Just another indication of how uninformed editorial writers are.

  • anonme 527

    I support energy efficiency, but think that CFL’s as they are now made are NOT the way to go. The way they are currently manufactured, they contain mercury. The benefit of energy savings from CFL’s to the environment and ultimately, to the taxpayer depends on the end-user always disposing of them responsibly. Factoring in the inconsistency of human behavior, it must be assumed that some percentage of the millions of CFL’s sold in the US will eventually end up in the local landfill and then by extension, in our water table.
    It will then require tons of Federal and local funding and probably decades of mercury pollution before the problem is fixed…And who pays for Brownfield (toxic abandoned property) cleanup? Taxpayers.  I guess who this (the taxpayer) ends up being depends on who wins the upcoming elections, but either way, the CFL’s seem like a bad idea.  Can a mercury-toxic water table even be fixed? I for one, don’t want to find out.
    Luckily there are now other options. Specifically, LED bulbs that use no mercury, are long life and can be found for a variety of uses. Here is a commercial site that offers more information than you will ever want:


  • Anonymous

    Waste of taxpayers money.  Set up not to provide a service but to siphen off funds through salaries..  
    You want to make money Start a green fund to provide anything green. pay yourself 150K a year and write a report every three months.. I confronted one State Rep who was doing this at a meeting one day and it created enough heat we had to open the windows.. months later he got outed on it.

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