Comments for: After Libya misfire, pressure on Romney in foreign policy debate

Posted Oct. 21, 2012, at 10:46 p.m.

WASHINGTON — When President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off on Monday in their third and final debate, it will be the Republican challenger’s last best chance to recover from his botched “Libya moment” and exploit vulnerabilities in his opponent’s foreign policy record. But Romney has an uphill struggle …

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  • Anonymous

    Romney can’t even go to England, our closest ally, without offending them (remember the Olympics?) — we’re supposed to believe he’d be better on foreign policy? I’ve heard nothing of substance from him, except constantly saying that the President is apologizing and that he’d be very comfortable using more force. How many more wars do we need to start? We’re not going to beat the middle east into loving us. 

    • “We’re not going to beat the middle east into loving us. ”

      Mitt Romney thinks that the “West Bank” is just another  place to make a Foriegn Tax Haven Deposit !  

  • Anonymous

    This article is opinion, NOT journalism.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely should be on the editorial pages, not the front page.   

      There you go again, BDN.   What happened to reporting the news?   Liberal media consistently crosses the line between reporting news and tabloid campaigning.  The trouble is, the vast majority of Americans are not left wing liberals.  The last time I knew, it was about 20% of the voting population.  Does anyone wonder why media news is trying to stay afloat?  Newsweek has gone bankrupt, was sold for $1.00, and now has cancelled printing the magazine, preferring to be sold on-line only.   Get it?

      Blub, blub………..

  • Anonymous

    Not sure where BDN has been but Romney Ryan have won each and every debate. Did Romney stumble over Libya…yes he did. Probably because he was shorted 10minutes in the debate. The moderator was so obviously pro Obama he may have noticed…ya think. Anyway Obama’s failed foreign policies are an embarassment and Obama is running scared because Mitt is ahead in nearly all polls. Four people dead and that is no big deal to Obama!!!

    • Anonymous

      LOL! They won every debate? Maybe to you, but to the general public? No. 

  • Anonymous

    The article is just more ‘spin’ from the liberal media….  They are running scared and know  Romney is gaining ground…. 

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is more self-victimization from the right wing. 

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t say it is ‘self-victimization’, but more an effort to defend our traditional values from the constant attacks from you special interest groups and left wing liberals…..

        How dare any of us critizise the ‘annointed’ one in view  of his outstanding performance of the past 4 years….

        Oh, by the way;  have you ever seen him walk on water?  I hear he does.

        • Anonymous

          No, it’s just screeching that you’re the victim of weird conspiracies that have no factual basis — whether that be there is a war on Christmas or that the President was born here. There is always some excuse or some conspiracy going on and it’s all for the purpose of working against conservatives.

          I know you’re just regurgitating what you’re read elsewhere, but who exactly are you quoting when you say “annointed” one?

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps if you read or listened to something other than the liberal based media; you’d figure it out.

            I can see I’m touching some hot buttons with you; good!  The truth has a tendency to strike nerves…. 

            I see they edited the ‘grow up’….   must’nt be insulting now. 

          • Anonymous

            You do need to grow up. You’re making weird assumptions and quoting sources that don’t exist. Again, who are you quoting when you say “annointed” one?

          • Anonymous

            Are you really that dense that you can’t figure it out…….   My God; who am I corresponding with!!!

            Here’s a weird assumption you might want to think on;  The most recent Gallup Poll just released shows Romney leading with 52% vs Obama 46%.   I’m sure you can come up with some reason as to why the figures are biased towards Romney, but I’ll savor the moment for now…

            By the way; if you think I’m not grown up, I’ll take that as a compliment….  I happen to be a great grandfather three times over.  I quess I’ve discovered the fountain of youth; although I don’t believe in fairy tales; I’m sure you do though, right?

          • Anonymous

            You’re already calling me biased and yet you’re the one ignoring the bulk of polls and choosing the one you like most. Why is that? Seems like you’re the biased one. 

            I don’t care what you are, you have penchant for personal attacks and weird paranoia. Who called Obama the “annointed” one? This is the third time I ask.

          • Anonymous

            Well, if you must know; Sean Hannity….

            I didn’t say I ignored polls; only passing along what was reported this PM.

            Just as a recommendation to enlighten you somewhat; why don’t you broaden your insight somewhat by listening and reading about the canidates from sources other than the liberal media.
            I find by doing so that it is much easier to draw conclusions that only reinforce my beliefs.

          • Anonymous

            Gallup isn’t the only one conducting polls — you know that, right? I think YOU need to broaden your insight. There are about 6-8 entities that conduct national polls and they all yield neck and neck results, yet somehow, you managed to cite the only poll that is the outlier. Interesting, but I’m the bias one! LOL seems like all this name calling is you projecting your own issues onto me. 

          • Anonymous

            Here is a link to transcripts from yesterday’s “Meet the Press”.   Please read the transcripts by Chuck Todd on how Obama is slipping and Romney is gaining.   In case you do not know, “Meet the Press” is an NBC broadcast.  Chuck Todd  and David Gregory are far left wing liberals.  The stats given should cause you to take notice.  After all, they are the trusted source for people like you. They would not lie to you, now would they, wolfndeer?


          • Anonymous

            You’re being ridiculous and presumptuous. Just because I’m a liberal doesn’t mean I obsess over MSNBC. I don’t care which pundit you cite. We’re talking polls and if you look at all of them, regardless of slipping, it’s neck and neck. You are picking the one out of the bunch you like because you are the biased one. Everything you accuse me of, it’s what you’re guilty of. Look in the mirror before you start screeching about others, grandpa. 

  • PabMainer

    Referring to the Libya attack and lack of security a “misfire” is truly a joke…..this President and his administration’s response to this debacle defines the complete failure of the administration’s policies while ignoring the most recent attacks prior to and being fully secured on 9/11…..this President has no credibility in regards to his foreign policy and the Middle East is a time-bomb on the verge of explosion….The refusal of this President to have face-to-face meetings with Mr. Netanyahu and not meeting with any other country’s leaders during the recent United Nation’s assembly, while “making” the time to appear on TV and campaign with celebrities in NYC, is most disgusting….leading from behind is just exactly what President Obama has been doing for 4 years and he clearly does not deserve another term to begin to fulfill his “promises” made as Candidate Obama…truly time for a Romney / Ryan administration…..God bless America…..

    • Anonymous

      RIGHT ON !!!!!!!

  • tag

    This is what has become of politics and the media. Instead of clarifying that what Obama said was misleading and untrue, they use semantics to say Romney misfired. 

    They did the same thing with Romney’s comments on women in the workplace. Instead of pointing out that Romney had more women in his administration than any other state, and the fact that he paid the women in his administration more than Obama pays the women in his administration, they make fun of a comment about a “binder”. 

    This is the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals want you to vote based on their words, not their actions. Conservatives want you to vote based on their actions, not their words. 

  • Anonymous

    Another garbage column. Please BDN, attempt to print the truth! Your Constitutional freedom is based upon a free, truthful press.

  • Anonymous

    Read anything into this you want but realize this is another Republican spin up in the hopes of getting us into to another war. Better start kissing your kids goodbye if Romney wins cus it may be a long time till you see them again.

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