May 25, 2018
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Comments for: Portland crack cocaine dealer gets maximum 20-year sentence

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  • Anonymous

    No it can’t be………………….People on public assistance using illegal drugs. If they can afford drugs then they are getting too much money!

    • Anonymous

      This is why we shouldn’t just give poor non-working people cash money.  They will be too tempted to blow it.  The State should just pay their rent and give them food and a clothing voucher from time to time.  That is about all that working people can afford anyway.

      • Anonymous

        We should also be regulating and taxing our drug businesses.  Then they wouldn’t need guns and child labor.

      • He used Theotis Leonard as an alias. Not to be confused with all the other Theotis Leonards in Maine.

      • Guest

        Why don’t ‘we’ just start a Gulag system for all those poor people you want to regulate.

  • Anonymous

    Is he from NYNY or Portland?

  • He was just trying to help the underprivileged in Southern Maine.  Wonder if he took EBT cards?  Shame to see that Portland is gonna’ be a little less diverse for the next 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    the chief will pardon him after the elections if he wins

  • Bill Cat

    Won’t be doing that again any time soon, apparently…  

    • Anonymous

      Apparently. But not certainly.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should legalize it and tax it. After all, people will always do crack cocaine and sell crack cocaine…we’ll never be able to stop it, right?
    I’m being wry.

    • Tyke

       Wry? Sounds more like you’re being sarcastic … perhaps after consuming a bit too much rye.

    • Anonymous

       We already have. Oxy’s, methadone. Those are two of the most potent drug out there. All legal now.

    •  Why not? Apparently lots of money in it. Just think how much capital that’d bring in for the fed.

      Oh, wait, that’s right… its speculated that the CIA was the countries largest importer of Cocaine for how long?

  • Anonymous

    Scum.  Buy hey, at least he added to our “Diversity”, right??….

  • PaulNotBunyan

    “received the maximum sentence allowable under Maine law”

    That can’t be right because this was a federal case.

  • Anonymous

    Good one.

  • Robert Brennan

    Wonder who  Rashidi Campbell, aka Rashide Campbell, aka Tony Leonard, aka Theotis Leonard will be voting for in November! And should he get 4 ballots? Thank you ME Democratic Party and ME ACLU for your prisoner voting project. You’ve made Maine a better place.

  • He is a good guy.Just misunderstood. He was turning his life round.Had dreams of producing a rap album.

    • Anonymous

      Best post ever man

  • Anonymous

    The scum is moving in Folks, better wake-up to who is moving into the neighborhood. If he was this organized & lasted so long, there will be more to take his place, these are outsiders that are trying to expand their turf. If Maine’s youth are hooked you can be sure that the dealer has a whole bunch of scum to ride up & take his place.
    When is Maine going to wake-up & mandate people that are on Puplic Asisstance need to be drug tested to recieve benefits every 6 months. The cost will be well worth it.

  • Anonymous

    20 years incarceration, out at age 50 and then on to the public dole as he will forever be unemployed. Guilty of the greatest crime of all – a wasted life.

  • Anonymous

    Another black drug dealer, what a surprise!

  • Anonymous

    And 45 minutes after his arrest, all 4 apartments had new drug dealers and business goes on.

  • Juniors Farm

    I didnt know any Kneegrows even lived in Maine.

  • Anonymous

    “his main clientele was society’s least fortunate, primarily people who are on public assistance,”  Hey Joe say it isn’t so? Really people getting public assistance would use the taxpayer’s money to buy drugs? Gee Whiz, with all the need that’s out there you would hope someone on public assistance would be saving their small stipend from the State to buy cabbage for soup…. or save a few bucks for heating oil so they don’t freeze to death this winter.

    These dudes moving into our area have to be laughing to themselves. Those “progressive” chumps up there can’t wait to roll out the red carpet for us. Find a GF, move in with her and start ashing in on the benefits – all the while setting up businness on the side that will make them some real money. Easy pickings up here. Once the locals catch on it will be to late. 

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