June 20, 2018
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012: Candidate endorsements and same-sex marriage

Vote Willette

As a college student, I know that many people my age do not take a great interest in politics, especially local elections. I have reason to look forward to voting on Nov. 6, however, because of the great candidate running for re-election to the Maine House in my hometown.

State Rep. Alex Willette just finished his first term as Maine’s youngest legislator, and he has given me hope for my generation with all of the things he has accomplished in just two years.

Willette has emerged as a leader in the House, someone who stands out and gets things done. It is thanks to him that we can all get home a little quicker after he increased the speed limit on I-95 from Old Town to Houlton. As a member of the transportation committee, he was instrumental in ending the automatic annual gas tax increases that would have been driving gas prices even higher than they are now. Willette has even helped tackle the growing drug abuse problem by getting tough on methamphetamine.

These are real accomplishments that help real people, regardless of how old you are or how much money you have. They are the results of true leadership, and that is why we need Willette in Augusta for another term. I encourage everyone in the Mapleton area to vote for

Willette for the State House.

Jason Johnson


State Senate vote

Thank you for the “Your Ballot” tool on your website. It was great to have info about candidates in one place. The answers by the candidates for my state Senate district (Albion, Benton, Clinton, Detroit, Pittsfield, Waterville and Winslow) were particularly helpful.

Democrat Colleen Lachowicz provided thoughtful responses to each of the questions, from health care to jobs to the state budget. Republican Tom Martin did not provide informative responses.

Lachowicz explained her reasoning for her beliefs. Martin just said, “Yes, I support this” or “No, I do not support this.”

I appreciate that Lachowicz is willing to have a conversation with voters. She obviously cared about communicating her views and ideas on the issues. If Martin doesn’t have the time or interest to answer questions, why should we send him to Augusta to represent us? I’ll be voting for Lachowicz for state Senate.

Anneliese Monkman


King of the Hill

Several years ago Angus King met with a small group of us in the cultural and humanities profession to talk about how creativity, innovation and critical thinking are essential ingredients to building betters places to live in Maine. He referred specifically to the central role of the creative economy and quality of place in development. What I appreciated was hearing a successful entrepreneur and former governor underscore that many diverse elements in our society contribute to fostering prosperity.

It wasn’t lip service; King gets it. This speaks to his U.S. Senate campaign positions on caring for the environment, stewarding Maine’s sense of place and identity and promoting our inherent assets. King spans boundaries. He has the ability to see the bigger picture, know how to use its differing elements and remain anchored to the practical. That’s why I’ll be voting for him in November.

Sheila Jans


Supporting Jethro Pease

I am writing this letter of endorsement for Republican Jethro Pease, who is running for the Maine House of Representatives. I have known Pease for many years. First as a parent in the school that I work at, then as the fire chief in the Morrill Volunteer Fire Department.

As the past president of the MVFD, I worked closely with Pease. He was always a go-getter, bringing the standards of the fire department up to par with any of the other fire departments around. With his help, we were able to bring our town’s rating up so that we now pay lower home-insurance rates. He was instrumental in getting us newer trucks and making sure that all of our volunteer firemen got the best training and equipment that we could afford. Under his leadership, the MVFD grew. He was always finding ways to help us be the best that we could be.

I believe that Pease is just what this state needs. He will go above and beyond for us, he will give it his all.

Caroline Dodd


Proud of King

I have lived in Maine for 58 years. Throughout that time I have been proud to be represented in government by some of the finest public servants in America. Among them were Republicans, Democrats and independents. These women and men have advanced the interests of Maine citizens vigorously, and they have done so with integrity.

Furthermore, the integrity of their campaigns for office was not compromised by lies and distortions about their opponents. In the current election cycle, we are being exposed to flat-out lies and distortions by outside groups who seek to demean the integrity of former Gov. Angus King and to misrepresent his remarkable service as governor.

I beg my fellow citizens of Maine not to allow this outsider poison to infect our political life by smearing King’s life and public service. He is one more of whom we should be proud.

Rev. Dr. Ansley Coe Throckmorton


Marriage commitment

Cobscook Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has undertaken prayerful discussion of marriage on a number of occasions. We have held up marriage and same-gender relationships for worship sharing and discussion during business meetings. We have listened to how Spirit speaks to us as Friends, and we are tender to the many paths we have taken to our present affirmations.

Cobscook Friends monthly meeting affirms that couples wishing to be married under our care are welcomed to do so within the faith and practices outlined by New England Yearly Meeting. We affirm that, regardless of gender, all couples desiring before God and our faith community to join in a mutually sustaining relationship should take up the full rights, benefits and obligations that flow from such a commitment.

Our message to the secular community is that society is strengthened when the privileges, rights and responsibilities of marriage are extended to same-gender couples, and that we are all weakened when equality is denied to some while being freely granted to others.

Janet Weston

Trescott Township

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