May 27, 2018
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Comments for: Romney KO in Denver: All bets off, game on

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  • Anonymous

    Impression?  Performance?  But no substance (on Romney’s part)?  This makes him a “winner”?  Sure hope not.

    • Anonymous

      Romney stood tall and is best suited in economics.  President Obama painfully kept looking for this teleprompter to tell him what to say and it was not there.  That was sad and shows why most of us are financially worse off today than when he took office.  This is not a game and is not about polls,  this is about America and our future.  We need a leader.  Romney is that man.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently you watched a different version of the debate.  Probably had to rely on what MSNBC hosts had to tell you about it.  That is just sad.

    • Anonymous

      Even if you watched it with the volume off, or with your eyes closed, it was obvious that Obama was crushed. The “no substance” was with your man, not Romney.

      • Anonymous

        You’re arguing that we should watch the debate with the sound off — that is the definition of no substance. You aren’t getting any substance, you’re just getting the superficial. You need the sound on. 

      • Not so. On content and substance Obama won. On presentation and rapid fire in your face Romney won. It’s still a mystery to be why Obama played the high road instead of fighting back on the blatantly obvious. In my closing argument it would have all been if you elect this guy the toilet will look like a good place.

        • Anonymous

          Pure BS!!!  Obama didn’t take the high road.  He was unprepared and looked like a lost puppy.  He hasn’t accomplished one significant thing in his for years of “change.”  He’s been a joke since the media fell in love with him.  Obamacare is going to cripple small business by paying high premiums or their going to lay people off to make sure they don’t have 50 workers.  He’s trying to buy the election by scaring low income people into believing that he can redistribute the wealth.  A vote for me he says will insure you get a anadout from the government.  Romney wasn’t my first choice, but I’ll take a successful businessman for president over a smiling man anyday.

  • Anonymous

    Obama was so perplexed and incompetent, about the only ones in the country who thinks he did good post right here on the BDN. He couldn’t defend one item and couldn’t give a rebuttal on anything.For once bill maher got it right…his 1M must have been used for weed. Kind of disheartening for the sheep to see their leader get undressed in front of 60 million viewers. I would be wondering what else he was using us for if I was one of the sheep.

    • Obama was beside himself with the lies being spewed from the phony Romney!

      Ask youself ONE question!

      What has Romney ever done for the working people in America!

      • Anonymous

        OBama: “”It’s a drag,” he added. “They’re making me do my homework.”  Face it, Obama didn’t do his homework for the debates and, as a result, he got creamed and deservedly so.  This is just one more example of Obama hubris,  arrogance and intellectual laziness that has resulted in a presidency ranking right down there with Carter’s. 

      • Anonymous

        Funny that the lefties are shouting that Romney lied, but they’ve yet to provide the lies that he told. And the intelligent in America ain’t takin’ the bait. 

        Romney didn’t lie about anything. Even the left wing fact-checkers are having a hard time twisting anything he said into lies. Obama got his hat handed to him. He’ll get two more hats before the debates are done.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, quit lying yourself. No one has provided the lies Romney told? That’s not true and you know it. The fact checkers tore him apart. Even his staff had to admit post-debate that they weren’t going to cover those with pre-existing conditions. 

        • Again!

          What has Mitt Romney ever Done for the Working people of the United States!

          Dodge all you want but even his saving of the Salt Lake City Games was done at the Tax Payers Expense!

          The Man is All Smoke And Mirrors!

          The only People buying it are the Mezmorized and the Gulible.

        • Here’s a quickie for you: “My plan includes Insurance availability for those with pre existing conditions.” Lie, and it took his own aides to fact check that one.

      • Anonymous

        JOBS. Wish I could say the same thing for Obama.

        • Communist Chinese labor Camps don’t Count!


        • Massachusetts 47th in job growth under Romney. Romney op eded to bankrupt GM; Obama did the right thing and saved 250,000 jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Romney wiped the floor with Obama. Then in rode the lefties from MSNBC to clean up the mess. It’s almost comical.

    Oh, then there’s AlGore and his high altitude excuse. Precious.

    But, for all of you that still think the video caused the riots in Libya, I’m sure you still think Obama won the debate.

    • Anonymous

      Obama should have called out Romney for all his lies and flip-flopping that night. There was no excuse for Obama not to point out how dishonest Romney was being. That’s okay though, still 3 more debates to go.

  •  Mitt Romney KO’D himself because the Mitt that had just campaigned for 2 years was not there at all, except the truth manipulative flip flopper.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how the AARP distanced themself. Funny how even the guy who Obama was saying said Romney’s tax plan was not so came out and said…nay nay! He didn’t say that. Even an obama surrogate Andrea Mitchell was upset she was “used” in an ad. The country is on the brink of economic disaster, the pres and his cronies are lying blatantly about Lybia and yet BIG BIRD is the only thing they can now throw at Romney. Even Big Bird told them to stop “using” him. Amazing that without his teleprompter, the smartest man on the planet, the next FDR, the next JFK, the next Abe Lincoln couldn’t even stand up to the smallest rebutals. Like Obama said in the past, when you can’t run on your record, go negative. By the way….WHERE IS OPRAH??????

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