May 24, 2018
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Monday, Sept. 24, 2012: Angus King, Brian Jones, No on 1


Why, Where, When

I think most people accept that many of the bullets and grenades lobbed at our embassies in the Middle East were bought and paid for with the proceeds of Middle Eastern oil sales.

Every time we fill up our cars or turn up our thermostats they get a chunk ‘o’ change. Americans should ask themselves a few questions like: What did we get for that six-month moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the effects of which went way beyond six months because the owners of those multimillion-dollar-plus oil rigs had to move to where they could drill?

Why is it so hard to lay a natural gas pipeline and so easy to throw money at solar companies whose time has not yet come? Why do we listen to celebrities and others who don’t know a BTU from Whatsamatta U and claim all we need to do is conserve energy and use solar?

When looking for “shovel ready projects,” why didn’t we encourage natural gas-powered tractor-trailers by helping to provide the fueling stations along major interstates? Why are we quick to make fun of the “drill baby drill” crowd and yet understanding of the marks who got conned by Solyndra? In Maine, why do we get “warm fuzzies” every time a working hydro dam gets taken down and protest the noise of windmills so much? Why can’t we have a liquefied natural gas terminal? What’s the big deal about the east-west corridor, which would save diesel fuel? If I didn’t know better, I’d say we were spoiled.

Randy Day


Fiscal mismanagement

Unless one is sleepwalking we are all aware that the primary issue facing our country is economic survival. Do we want to send someone to the U.S. Senate with a record of fiscal mismanagement?

Under former Governor Angus King, spending went up, though he served when revenues were at an all-time high. Add to this his use of taxpayer money to line his own pockets via the wind company whose launching was prepared for using his position as governor, and we have a truly disastrous candidate for our times.

Patricia Egan


Not partisan politics

Republican legislators led by the Maine Heritage Policy Center passed legislation last year to open competition among insurers in Maine, hoping to lower insurance rates for all. Six months later, while most under the age of 40 saw rate cuts, the rest of us over 55 saw rate increases as high as 18 percent.

This is bad news for Waldo County, where census demographics show that almost 40 percent of the residents are 55 and older. The same legislation increased insurance rates for small business, with higher premiums and higher deductibles. Small businesses are the only employers in rural Waldo County.

What we need in Augusta is an independent thinker connected to the needs of rural Waldo County, not tied to some think tank based on principle written by the wealthy from far away.

Democrat Brian Jones of Freedom taught your children and grandchildren math in school. He is a selectman dealing with local issues — taxes, education, budgets, services for the elderly and infirm, improving town government.

Brian Jones will pay attention to local needs, not partisan politics, in the Maine House of Representatives.

Patty Pendergast


No on 1

There is a vast and distinct difference between religion and true Christianity. In recent days, religion has crept into the forefront of the same-sex marriage debate. Religious leaders and “people of faith” have voiced their support in favor of same-sex marriage.

They have said, in part, that God is a God of love and compassion for all, including homosexuals. They are right insofar as they have taken it, because the Bible does say he loves all of us. The rock of Christianity is the Holy Bible. As Christians we believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. In other words, it’s God’s way of speaking to us.

The Bible also says God is a God of judgment and condemnation, and judgment day is coming. God loves the sinner but hates the sin. God condemns homosexuality. Period. I challenge any and all religious leaders and people of faith to find and produce one verse in the Bible where God gives homosexuals a break or says it’s not a big deal.

You won’t find such a verse. He calls it an abomination. So my question is this: How can religious leaders, these so-called “ministers ordained by God” and any person of faith, condone something that God clearly condemns? There can be no doubt with any true people of faith! Keep the legal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. Keep “Maine, the way life should be”! Vote no on Question 1.

John Henderson


Government promises

As a retired state employee, I feel betrayed by the Maine legislative actions that have deprived retirees of future cost of living adjustments and other adjustments to our retirement plans.

State retirees fulfilled the obligations of their contracts, trusting that the state would do the same. We must change the legislative climate in Augusta to restore the trust in Maine government to keep its promises to public employees, labor and small businesses struggling to survive.

The legislative adjustments made to finance tax cuts for the richest Mainers will impact our economic security for years to come and affect the whole economy that would have benefited from the spending of dollars now lost. We must not praise those who seem blind to the welfare of their constituents and who vote for the biggest corporate profit interests.

I’m voting for Democrat Bob Saucier to represent District 5 in Presque Isle, the candidate who will work for our economic interests; for the interests of all retirees, workers and small businesses; and for the restoration of trust in our Maine government to keep its promises.

Janet Snow

Presque Isle

Treatment needed

In a letter in favor of doctor-assisted suicide ( BDN, Sept. 14), Gerald A. Metz M.D. writes about patients “descending into disability and hopelessness.”

Hopelessness and suicidal ideation are symptoms of depression.

Terminally ill patients should have access to quality mental health services.

Being depressed can make the pain worse. Being in pain can make the depression worse. They both need to be treated.

Jim Alciere

East Machias

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