June 23, 2018
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Monday, Sept. 17, 2012: Elections, Beardsley, bold councilors

Supporting Stacey Guerin

Since 1823, Maine has given its native tribes something that most other states do not: special representation in the state Legislature. In addition to being represented by traditional legislators where they live, tribal members can send a representative to Augusta from their tribe. The tribal reps cannot vote, as that would mean double representation, but they can introduce bills and sit on committees.

David Slagger, who lives in Kenduskeag but represents the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, was sworn in in January but has already soured to the system, going so far as to imply that it violates his “equal rights” under the Constitution. Slagger knew what the job entailed when he got into it, but he now seems very angry about his position.

So he has decided to run for the House seat where he lives, near Bangor. Fair enough. But what does he intend to do with that seat should he win it? He says he wants to use it to better represent the Houlton Band of Maliseets. The people of House District 22, however, which includes Kenduskeag, Glenburn, Levant and part of Corinth, need representation, too.

I live in that district and have been represented very well by Rep. Stacey Guerin, R-Glenburn. I will vote for her and not somebody who intends to represent people who live a few hours up the interstate. If Slagger wants to have a vote in the Legislature to help the Houlton Maliseets, he should move to Houlton and run for the House seat there.

Amy Millett


Pass the trash

Joe Paterno is fired and stripped of many of his records for “not doing enough” in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, but Bill Beardsley, around whom there are questions concerning the Bob Carlson child abuse case, is nominated by Gov. Paul LePage and confirmed by the Senate to sit on the Maine State Board of Education as a result of getting every Republican vote.

It is bad enough to do too little, yet far worse to do nothing. We hardly need people involved in our children’s education who willingly “pass the trash,” as the old adage goes.

Bruce Pratt


In just four years

Former President Bill Clinton finally said what really needed to be said in this campaign. Paraphrasing, he said he often disagreed with the other party, but he never learned to hate the Republicans like the current Republican Party hates President Barack Obama.

He correctly said no one could have cleaned up the mess left to Obama in just four years, to which I would add: “Even if he had the minority party working to help instead of hurt his efforts.”

We should remember this when we cast our votes for our representatives to Congress. If the candidates are going to put Grover Norquist’s needs ahead of those of the people and even the Constitution, we need to know that. I hope the BDN will add that to the list of questions they ask all candidates.

Judy Judkins


Canders, Nov. 6

In less than two months we will be having a very important election, and we want to say that Bangor’s District 15 voters have the opportunity to elect the finest Republican candidate available to represent them in the Maine State House: Samuel Canders. Canders’ qualifications include more accomplishments in his 35 years than many older individuals have.

He is a veteran who has 13 years of service to our country. You will have to read his list of achievements at his website, www.samcanders.com, since it is too long to present here.

Canders is a principle-based candidate who believes in the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, individual rights and individual responsibility, and he is passionate about preserving the values of our state and America. Keeping his word is a major part of his integrity, and his common sense and no-nonsense approach provide a breath of fresh air to the political realm.

Remember, Canders is the man for whom you should cast your vote on Nov. 6.

Harry and Sharon Rideout


City council’s boldness

I am writing to commend Portland councilors for voting themselves off the taxpayer-funded dole of health insurance. I congratulate all of those who voted for the change. They understand that they are there to benefit the community, not themselves at taxpayer expense. They understand that, like most of us, we have to pay for ourselves, not look for someone else to do it for us.

The opponents claimed that it would be hard to bring in qualified people without the taxpayer-funded health insurance. I think if having free health insurance is in the debate for taking this job, then you might be the wrong person for it.

Again, congratulations to the council for a bold and selfless decision.

John Ficker


Let’s help our own, Mr. President

Isn’t it amazing that the president is saying he’s out to get this country going again?

We have thousands of families here living hand-to-mouth due to unemployment. Children are going to bed hungry, and thousands of people are living on the streets because they are homeless. But he feels it’s OK to send millions of dollars to Egypt to help its people.

Am I the only one who sees this as a tragedy? The money should stay here and help our people first. Charity begins at home.

Jane Morin


2012 candidates

Did you know that there is a presidential race taking place? Yes? Excellent, we’re off to a good start. Do you know that there are currently nine presidential candidates running? For a long time, neither did I.

Of course we all know about the big two, Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama. But what about the other seven? Seven more people who think they have what it takes to lead this great country and the great people who live in it. To give us what we want and need.

I think that we owe it not only to these men who are laying it all on the line, bearing public humiliation and ridicule, but also to ourselves to look into this. Let’s look beyond what we see everyday and give others a chance.

A website that I use is findthedata.org, which allows a side-by-side comparison.

Jordan Nickerson


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