December 13, 2018
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Comments for: Law enforcement agencies to descend on University of Maine athletics

  • Anonymous

    Headline kind of freaked me out.  I’m breathing again.  

    • Alec Cunningham

      “Law enforcement agencies to descend on University of Maine athletics.”

      Yeah, I thought there was a huge drug bust that was going to shut it all down.  I think it should be rewritten to be more accurate and less misleading.

    • Anonymous

      Before i clicked the link to this story after i read the title, i thought i was going to be reading a story about a crackdown on UMaine football players harassing females on campus.

  • Terrible headline.

    • Anonymous

      Enough to give ya Roids…

    • Anonymous

      I agree, change this title if it hasn’t already gone to press. Very Very misleading…

  • Anonymous

    The headline does not capture the positive energy of this special program. It makes it sound like a negative event rather than a very positive one for the children and the community.

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