February 21, 2018
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Comments for: Rockland firefighters build memorial to NYC brethren’s sacrifices on 9/11

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  • Anonymous

    Very nice. Thank you for remembering.

  • Anonymous

    The memory of those that died should be in the forefront of any memory of
    that day, especially the firefights, police, emt’s, all the first responders that died.

    The scientific investigation into the collapse of the twin
    towers cost less than Clinton’s impeachment investigation. The NIST
    NCSTAR 1 report itself corroborates the eyewitness accounts of
    firefighters that witnessed and talked about explosions, secondary
    devices, synchronized detonations that they saw, heard, experienced when
    they were asked to risk their lives to ascend into the buildings to
    save others. NOWHERE in any of the investigations were these events
    scientifically described… NOWHERE. The collective experience of the
    fire chiefs in charge that day, hundreds of years of experience in high
    rise building fires, including a airplane crashing into the Empire State
    Building, informed these brave people that it was safe to send their
    people into the buildings. They had NO clue the buildings were in danger
    of COMPLETE, CATASTROPHIC destruction (not once, but three times that
    day) and when a city engineer made a reference to the first tower being
    unstable and likely to come down, one of the lead fire chief responded
    with complete incredulity. His words are archived in the Oral History
    that the NYC Fire Department collected in Oct 2001 thru Jan 2002.

    And then there is Building 7, that collapsed late in the day, falling
    AT FREE FALL acceleration. Documented both by independent analysis AND
    in the official NIST report, this building fell at the same rate that a
    bowling ball if dropped from a corner of the building would have fallen.
    The ONLY way for that to happen is for ALL underlying supports to have
    been removed… It fell EXACTLY like a controlled demolition, which
    through explosives deliberately removes ALL underlying supports, because
    all the available evidence points directly to a control demolition.
    That documented fact that the building fell at FREE FALL acceleration is
    a fundamental physical phenomena that has only one explanation: nothing
    was supporting the superstructure when it descended at free fall, and
    the only way for this to happen is through deliberate destruction of the
    superstructure. Fires have never produced a symmetrical, free fall
    collapse of a steel framed building in the history of this type of
    architecture. It happens ALL THE TIME with controlled demolition.

    Today is the time to once again ask for support for a NEW,
    INDEPENDENT investigation into what happened that day. 80,000 New
    Yorkers signed a petition calling for this and were shut down by a
    technicality preventing the initiative from going forward…The cover-up
    continues. Hundreds of high govt officials, engineers, architects,
    academics, police, fire, military, and intelligence people, and family
    members of victims have called for a truer accounting of that day then
    we have. http://www.patriotsquestion911.com

    And a presentation of independent analysis by architects and structural engineers on Colorado Public Television: http://video.cpt12.org/video/2

    Today is a perfect day to ask for this… in memory of those that died…

    • Anonymous

      Not the time or place or day that you should be talking like this.  You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • Anonymous

        Not at all. Today IS the day to talk in support of the people murdered and to ask WHY there has been a cover up. Look at the links I provide and open your mind. For the victims…

        • Anonymous

          You are unreal!  If you think there was a cover up then you are sick.  You are what’s wrong with this country!  I’m so glad that I fought for you to have a liberal BS agenda like this!

          • Anonymous

            Look at the links… and use some common sense… I realize it shakes your faith in this country, but you owe it to the firefighters and other responders that gave their lives trying to help others… Our country will not survive without more honesty about these things…

    • Bright

      Please find us any FDNY personnel who actually believe this was anything more than the result to of the two plane hitting the towers. You conspiracy theorists forget one huge truth: Human Nature. Humans cannot keep secrets. Once more than 2 or 3 people know something, it’s over. There are far too many haters in either party, in all facets of the military, in the White House, you name it, to cover up something of this magnitude. The personal gain from outing such a thing would be far too great to ever allow. 

      Relevant firefighting experts and independent labs have show how this tragedy occurred. Some will ignore any fact until they see the outcome their believe in. 

  • Anonymous

    We saw this memorial tonight in Rockland.  Very nice.  Very tastefully done. 

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