John Andrew Carter

Posted Sept. 10, 2012, at 8:07 a.m.

In Loving Memory Of


Sept. 10, 1971 – April 12, 2006

The sum total of you will always fall short because you were so much more than there is to report. Your mind and your hands, so quick and so clever, were sure and precise. Nothing defeated you ever. A cook and a craftsman, a fine carpenter too. The porch wouldn’t exist if not for you. We look and we see, from this place where we stand, that many things here know the touch of your hand. But our hearts are unfinished, you’ve work still to do, and you can complete them when next we see you. With love on your birthday and always, Mom,

Papa and the whole family

Here’s a birthday poem

from Papa:

“First Run In Years”

Bought a battery

cleaned the tank

drained the carb

that’s all it took.

She breathed again.

She faltered for a moment

as if confused.

Awoke from her limbo

of being unused.

She soon settled down

to her throaty lope.

She sounded strong

like there might be hope

that she’d run again,

run again, run —

But she sits and waits

six lost seasons now.

Six more passes of

the grave digger’s plow.

Her heart is trapped

in an iron confine

like my love for you

is cradled in mine.

Miss you – love you – wish all you needed was a battery.