June 23, 2018
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Comments for: Maine atheists to organize state lobbying group

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  • Henderson bobby

    I do not have enough faith to be an atheist.  That being said why do people think of the thousands of religions the one they have is the right one? Must be that some people do not think abstractly?

    • Anonymous

      Texas GOP rejects ‘critical thinking’ skills. Really.

      http://www.washingtonpost.com/…/texas-gop…critical-thinking…/gJ…Share9 Jul 2012 – 

      … the Republican Party of Texas wrote in its 2012 platform that it opposes the teaching of “higher order thinking skills” …

    • Anonymous

      A quibble with your first statement: atheism can be defined as simply a lack of belief in any god or gods, not necessarily a positive belief (on faith or otherwise) that there is none. I once considered myself an agnostic until I came to understand that distinction, and eventually decided it was more honest to call myself an atheist.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what your belief system it seems everyone should get behind the idea of separating church and state.  Religion cannot be injected into government without offending someone.

    • Anonymous

      The deists and free thinkers who were in on building the foundation of this republic would agree. Even the church goers among them had no problem with that position. It was sometimes a different matter in the states, though – and still is!

    • jdtex

      It sounds as though you do not even know what is meant by the separation of church and state.  Do some homework, and we will talk later.

      • Anonymous

        It’s pretty obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about.

        • Anonymous

          I think he might be referring to what many on the RR erroneously believe to be a one-sided wall of separation between church and state, one that only protects religion from government interference and not vice versa.

    • FELT

      True, but government is an outgrowth of religion. Maine was founded as a Christian state…have you read the original Constitution or studied the process by which it was drafted and which religious groups were involved?

      The original wall was created as a result of the paramount role of the Church of England; but no-one involved in either the State’s Constitution or the U.S. Constitution wanted a government devoid of religious guidance, ethics, and principles; just absent the controls of the Church found in England. 

      Christianity is being pushed out of Maine and along with it civility, respect for laws—check the crime stats. over the past few decades, and increase in gambling, drug use, and other things long associated with ‘sinning’. 

      Maine is no longer a nice place to live; but dangerous and often threatening. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes because Christians do not sin. I am sorry, but atheist are some of the best people on earth. A lot of those people sinning, would probably consider them selves Christians or believe in some type of religion. 

  • Sectar114

    sign me up!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is a nation built by god loving people our fore fathers. and we became a great nation believing in god . now that atheists don’t want god in our country  we have been going down hill. our people have no morals or values and do not care about or even want to care about the feelings of others. could this be because we are leaving god out of it. even if there isn’t a god the values that you learn are good and  at least being taught. so why shouldn’t god be included in politics  . I think the evidence shows that belief in god makes for a better country and better people with better moral and values. and who doesn’t want that. wheres the proof that there is no god. and where is the proof there is think about it.

    • Anonymous

      So I guess that you think a country based on religious laws is a better country than one that keeps religion out of its laws. Please remember to send us a postcard when you get to Iran – you obviously belong there, where religion rules over everything. Don’t forget to pick the right religion when you get there.

      • FELT

        Be sure to pick up a history on how the Iranian religious revolution evolved by overthrowing a dictatorial family with a secular Shah running EVERYTHING. People wanted religious civility and they risked their lives to obtain it.

        You want a secular state….try Albania or Russia…be sure to send us a postcard, after you pay off the corrupt officials. 

        • Anonymous

          Maybe I’ll try Canada or the USA. They are both, by their constitutions, secular nations. Despite all the screaming from the religious wrong to the contrary.

    • Anonymous

       Hoo, boy, where to start with your truly ignorant statement?

      This country was built by people fleeing religious tyranny, for one thing.

      God shouldn’t be included in politics or goverment for MANY reasons, and the one I would think should resonate the most with you is the FIRST AMENDMENT of the US Constitution, and not only that, but the FIRST CLAUSE in the FIRST Amendment of the United States Constitution.

      And to sum it up, with your completely false assertion that “evidence shows that belief in god makes for a better country with better morals and values”…you are just plain misinformed (not surprising)..look up “secular nations” and see how they are more peaceful, more prosperous, have better educations, less crime, higher wages, fewer teen pregnancies, fewer incarcerated, fewer STD’s…The evidence, hear that word, evidence, shows that the more religious a country is, the worse off it is…and that is a fact…look up the Global Peace Index, which measures all of those things that make a nation so great.

      If you don’t believe me, look it up for yourself, think for yourself.

      • FELT

        Unfortunately, the World Peace Index was dramatically affected, not by religious states but by secular ones.

        America’s and Obama’s instigating and promoting the ARAB SPRING led to this result: ”
        oThe world is less peaceful for the third straight yearo Due to an increased threat of terrorist attacks in 29 nations
        o A greater likelihood of violent demonstrations in 33 countries
        o Arab Spring unrest heralds biggest ever change in rankings, Libya tumbles 83 spots
        o Iceland bounces back from economic woes to top ranking
        o Somalia displaces Iraq as world’s least peaceful nation
        o Violence cost the global economy more than $8.12 trillion in 2010
        o US peacefulness shows minimal change

        It would seem that atheists don’t believe in facts either; which is why their views have been rejected for centuries.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, you mean people have been burned at the stake for saying things contrary to what the Bible (and the Qur’an) says. Don’t believe in facts? Are you high? A talking snake, living in the belly of a whale, turning water into wine, “witches” should be killed, adulterers should be killed…those are “facts” in your world, I guess. People are more educated than they have ever been and you can now look up the validity of someone’s claims all by yourself.

          The WPI measures all the things I mentioned, peace, education, incarceration rates, poverty, teen pregnancy rates, wages, education levels, literacy rates…things like that. None of your points above make what I said any less true. Secular nations are more peaceful and prosperous because they get on about the business of LIVING WELL, instead of all this ridiculous infighting and denying of facts in evidence.

          Don’t believe in facts! That’s rich! I need proof for what I say, unlike some who go on what they have been told, and NEVER even look at the other side, because you might burn for it. Threats of eternal damnation can’t stop the curious mind.

        • Anonymous

          Yes because these issues are being cause by people atheist against people because they believe in god. See the problem with you is that you seem to thing if an atheist does something bad its because he don’t like people with religion. That not true, if someone with a mustache kills someone, its not because they have a mustache, they just happen to have one. None of what you said is due to atheist revolting. Its about people revolting against there government, some just happen to be atheist. 

        • Anonymous

          You really do have a strange, twisted view of the world. How you can rant about anyone not believing facts when your worldview is based on fiction is beyond me. The relevance of your somewhat disjoint list of facts is also elusive. When you are ready to accept scientifically proven and provable facts as part of reality, and reject hearsay as nonscientific until proven, perhaps then you’ll be ready to have an intelligent conversation.

  • jdtex

    Athiests are easy to spot: they are the immature people who can’t get over themselves.  They will never submit to a higher power, despite the evidence all around them.  As such, they are destined to remain shallow.

    As for the separation of church and state, most commentors in this section have no clue what is meant by the phrase. 

    BTW, I used to be an atheist, with a background in historical geology and physics leading me to think that man had all the answers.  All it really teaches you is how little man knows. 

    • Anonymous

      There is no evidence of anything remotely resembling a “higher power”. If there is, please produce it. I and several billion others eagerly await this revelation.

      You exemplify the typical victim of religious brainwashing with your name-calling and unsubstantiated attempts to vilify and belittle those of us who don’t buy into the foolishness that is organized religion. Since you are so well-informed, perhaps you’ll deign to enlighten us with your vast knowledge of what is meant by “separation of church and state”. I wait with bated breath.FYI, no true scientist believes man has all the answers. Every answer we learn leads us to newer questions. If you actually studied physics and/or geology, you would understand this.

      • There is no evidence of AIR either but you KNOW IT’S THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, just try to stop breathing without losing consciousness, you’ll find out that oxygen exists, whether you can see it or not or whether you “believe” in it or not. There is a reason that people don’t have to bolster their faith in air. You never hear of people going, I believe in air! Only good people believe in air! You will burn in hell and our country will go downhill if you don’t believe in air!” 

          Your higher power helped you get that job, but YOU had to fill out the
          paperwork, be qualified, go for an interview, make a good impression,
          have decent references and then hope the interviewer liked you that day.

          The 30,000 children around the world that will die of starvation today (and every day) would be really interested ( and ultimately, disappointed) when you tell them that “God is there when you need him” and “He never gives you more than you can handle!”. Same goes for the people, right this second, who are begging for help while being tortured..Unpleasant things to think about, but there is no “there when you need it” there.

          Yeah, it’s difficult to put your ego aside, especially when you say you have a “personal relationship” with the creator of the universe and you’ve been told since you were a child that you will burn in hell for not believing….but not everybody believes in that, and they shouldn’t have to. And our great forefathers knew that.

        • Anonymous

          I can see the air blowing through the branches of the trees outside my window. I can smell the air with every breath I take. I have seen how different components of the air behave in different ways. I have seen how hot air is different from cold air. I have seen what air does under high pressure. I have seen how my vacuum cleaner works with low pressure. I can see air bubbles underwater.

          I have never seen anything to convince me that there is any validity to any higher power, or to believe in a book of obvious fairy tales.

      • Anonymous

        Because the evolutionists have no recorded history of man prior to the 6,000 plus years declared in God’s Word which is a reliable history book and witness, the anti-Bible groups have no witnesses to support their pre-6,000 years old claims. In order to debunk the authority of God’s Word they created an armada of pseudoscientific theories and techniques designed to offset their lack of witnesses…their lack of proof.

        • Anonymous

          Your kidding right? They do, please research

          • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Well, you can see all the proof you want or need if you can overcome all that indoctrination. And yes, when you are told since birth to “believe” something, it is indoctrination. There are no religious babies. They are taught whatever they are taught at home.

          Maybe start with the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History?


          Or are they a bunch of misguided, psuedo-scientists? Because nothing says, “Satan’s minions”  like the Smithsonian.

          Check it out, religion has been trying to stop the tide of science since the first skeptic said “That makes no sense”.

          • Anonymous

            just kidding. i think sarah palin believes it, though.

        • Anonymous

          We have science. Reproducible experiments that yield consistent results enable us to learn things about events that happened long ago. We use stuff that is collectively referred to as “evidence” – something that is conspicuously absent from religious arguments. If you, as a pro-bible religionist, have any evidence to support your claims of validity for the fairy tale book in question, please don’t hold back.

    • Anonymous

       I will testify for you. I’m a gun for hire, I’m a saint, I’m a liar Because there are no facts, no truth, just data to be manipulated. I can get you any result you like….what’s it worth to ya? Because there is no wrong, there is no right And I sleep very well at night. No shame, no solution No remorse, no retribution. Just people selling t-shirts; just opportunity t participate in this pathetic little circus and winning, winning, winning’ “

    • Anonymous

      The only thing immature sir is your post–thinking that everyone else is shallow and clueless-when its you that seems lost as to what you believe.

  • Anonymous

    Just think…FDR would have been impeached for
    asking the people of this country to pray with him
    when he did that on national radio during WW2.
    Think anyone listened to him say that prayer?

    • andrew meythaler

      That was a time in our nations history in which the VAST majority of our country (90% +) was christian, and that simply isn’t the case any more.  But since you brought it up, yes he was in the wrong for that.

  • Anonymous

    Non-church groups
    receiving tax exemptions must annually file a detailed 990 statement itemizing
    where the money has gone. The IRS automatically waives the 990
    requirement for churches.

    could someone explain why churches are not only tax exempt but don’t have to explain how they spend their money?

    “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”

  • Join the National Atheist Party


  • There is a Maine State Chapter too on facebook for all interested!


  • CaptainLB

    oh ya,here we go so they can come in our state  and start taking down crosses and ww1 ww2 and  all the others as they have been doing all across the us  get the hell out of maine and stay out hey if you dont believe fine just keep it to your self why would it matter to you any way you have no God  take a hike so you want our kids to take out God out of the plege of allegence and any cross or memorial  that dont go with your glidelines  that you change all the time will be removed i notice this was just a  call in for people who agree only  where the number if we dont why you hiding sneaky little Bastards? The Secular Coalition for America stay the Hell out of Maine And GET LOST  and Stay LOST havnt you cause enough problems as is  TAKE HEED WE NEED TO FIGHT THIS THEY GET THERE FEET IN THIS STATE THEY WILL TRY TO GET GOD OUT OF EVERYTHING 

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