May 22, 2018
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Comments for: Speed, alcohol may have been factors in crash that killed Embden man, police say

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  • Anonymous

    They find the cell phone yet??

  • Anonymous

    as a family member I will say–the article speaks for itself, he was loved by many, no one is making excuses so please show some respect.

    • what RESIDENCE? did he leave after he was drinking alcohol[reportedly]

      only a coward or cowards would not come forward and not take responsibility 

      • Anonymous

         Unless they forced him to drink….

        If someone is adamant on driving under the influence, you can’t physically restrain them.  Maybe they at least called to police to let them know someone left their house drunk and is attempting to drive.

    • County Escapee

      This is no worthy consolation, but I have been there with a sister. Young freedom, confidence, booze and speed is all it takes (and maybe his male bravado). I want her back, but have accepted the reality over the years. It is what it is..

  • Anonymous

    My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Davida Willette

    booze does it every time . there is one case in kennebec county 4 in the car two died one was the sister of the driver . no charges filed as of yet for manslaughter this happened a few months ago 

    • Sadly, booze has become a god in many lives. booze giv it,booze take it away

  • It is sad regardless of how the accident happened. Even more sad that this is merely a week after another young man was killed in a similar accident. Young adults need to be educated more on drinking and driving. It breaks my hear to see so many young lives taken so frequently here in Maine.

    • Ed

      He was returning from the other young man’s funeral.

  • Anonymous

    I read these posts and am outraged at the lack of compassion some of you show to these families who have lost a child, brother, father and friend, yes alcohol MAY have been a factor among other things, these people are feeling as though they have lost everything write now and you post crap like this? What is wrong with you? What if it was one of yours? I hope to god tragedy never strikes your families because it doesn’t sound like you have enough love in your life to get through it like these two families do. Just for the record I knew this young man in passing but don’t know his family, but I do know from reading some of there FB posts that the love and support from there family and friends is what is going to get them through this, if this was you poster you would be ok because I don’t think you have any families.

  • Anonymous

    Or feelings so you will be ok.

  • “Sick”.  The family held a HUGE BOOZE party in town to while the 21 year old laid in a funeral home.

    “he party givers will NEVER own up to it! They never own up to anything!! Never have! For God’s sake….. Their son was killed last week…. Drunk driving, without a license, at a high rate of speed, in a derby car on a residential street & their way of saying Good-Bye was a Celebration of Life with hundreds of kids there, lots of them underage, and most of them drinking & then allowed to drive away????? WTH??? My daughter was there & called me to come get her because she said it was CRAZY!! And that was mid-afternoon! Alcohol & drugs & people partying like it was a REAL celebration. I thought I would get killed just driving there to get her as there were KIDS doing burnouts & cookies & speeding up the road! Dont believe it?? Go see the road where the party was!!!! I went back by there today to visit a friend & you can see ALOT of places where cars went off the road last night! It is pure insanity & the party throwers have NO remorse, nor do they think they did anything wrong!! Sick, just plain SICK!!!”

    • Anonymous

      so was your daughter drunk too???  why did you have to go pick her up?  did one of us super bad niles take her keys away so she couldnt drive????   get the hell of the computer and go hug your kids instead!  You have NO CLUE what we are going thru, no clue what really happened in either incident so before you pass judgement take a look at yourself in the mirror and try to think of how YOU would feel if this was your son or daughter.  but i think downunda probably has it right…it wouldnt bother you.  you are too heartless and careless. 

    • Anonymous

      one more thing…I’ll tell you whats SICK…YOU! for being so cruel and heartless and insensitive.  You let your daughter attend so how dare you get on here and bash either of these families.  obviously she had a connection or she wouldnt have been there! You are clueless and judgemental and I hope that you never have to experience the kind of pain these families, our families, are going through.  mind your own family and own business and leave ours alone!!!   you know nothing about us, except what you THINK you know, so get your facts straight before you let any more hatefullness escape onto this comment forum.  put yourself in the shoes of these families right now…would you want to read these kinds of comments about your son or daughter or family if you were mourning the loss of your child?  or maybe it wouldnt bother you, who knows.  It bothers us so just leave us at peace…
      tiara nile – proud member of the nile family
      RIP Ryan & Sammy

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe how rotten people are being…and to the lady who was so concerned for her daughter…why did you let her go to begin with? I hope you never have to experience what Frank and Laurie & Bonnie and Sam are going through. My heart just aches for them all and i as a mother don’t know what i would do if i lost any of my kids…but i do know reading horrible comments like this would absolutely kill me. No one in this world is a saint and we have ALL done things at one point in our lives that could be risky…show some respect for the dead and the living and appreciate and love everyone in your life because in an instant it’s over…

  • Anonymous

    My condolences and prayers for his parents, family and friends.

    Regardless of the circumstances, this young life has ended tragically. We lost a close friend in an accident three years ago and it never makes sense.

    My condolences to the other family that suffered a similar loss a short time well.

  • If he left a residence intoxicated and person[s] knew he was drinking,a crime was committed. 

  • Anonymous

    ” People who harass others or joke about tragedies will be blocked” bangor daily…how about blocking proudmomof3 for bashing the families who are associated with these two tragedies. her comments are cruel and heartless and our families are hurting enough.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people who have just lost a loved one come to the BDN comments section anyways?  How is checking on what people are saying more important than actually grieving?

    If I lost someone, the last thing in the world I would do is check to see if it made the news.  WTF?

    • Anonymous

      people grieve in different ways, I think alot of family members are still in shock and disbelief that their loved one is gone in such a tragic way and reading the article and comments helps them as they try to wrap their minds around what has happened.  The sad thing is that there are ugly comments on here as well as heartfelt condolences.

  • when an intoxicated individual gets in a vehicle and
    drive on a public road..the story becomes EVERYONE’S BUSINESS

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