June 25, 2018
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Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012: East-west highway, litterbugs and Republicans for Dill

No east, no west

I see no need for an east-west highway. With controlled access and designed as in the paper, it appears to me that such a highway would only benefit Canadian trucks that haul between New Brunswick and Quebec.

I frequently travel Route 27 to Coburn Gore, and even on the busiest of holiday weekends or weekly traffic I have yet to see more than two vehicles following each other. It cannot be justified as being in need of a busy highway. Route 9 was rebuilt a few years ago, and it is my understanding that it now services the traffic found there.

Reports in the paper say to pay for the highway it would be a toll highway. Well, from what I have seen there is no way on God’s green Earth that tolls collected would ever begin to pay for it, and it would only become a tax burden.

It has come to my attention that Canadian companies have been pushing this highway as a way to reduce their trucking cost. And I have to ask myself, why is Peter Vigue of Cianbro Corp. pushing this? This project would require too much land for a project that in my opinion is not needed.

Randall Probert


You didn’t build that

Had the Republican spin-meisters gotten hold of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address in the same way they have ripped President Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that” words out of context, we’d be left with this: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men … shall … perish from earth.”

Dennis Chinoy


Traffic fines

Does anyone know why 100 percent of the fines resulting from traffic tickets goes to the state and not the municipality where the ticket was written?

The town funds the police department and, if necessary, the town pays for the officer involved in writing the ticket to go to court. Why then shouldn’t the town benefit (at least in some share agreement) in the revenues generated. It would certainly be an incentive for local towns to enforce more vigorously Maine’s traffic laws.

Richard Barclay


Trash talk

On a recent Sunday afternoon while coming home from a trip to the store I encountered something ugly. As I was driving along Lambert Road I watched in shock as the driver of the car in front of me rolled the window down and nonchalantly threw a yellow Wendy’s soft drink and bag of garbage out the window. It flew across the street and splattered along the side of the road, landing in front of someone’s driveway.

Tell me, why don’t you have as much pride for your environment as you do for the interior of your little black Ford? You made me so angry that I wished I could stop you and make you come back to clean up your garbage. All the while I was praying that the police or a sheriff would come along so I could turn you in.

I do hope you see this letter and think about the effects of your actions on our neighbors and the environment. Maybe we should all have more respect and share in the responsibility of caring for our beautiful state.

Mary Briggs


Gilman support

I am writing to express my support for Democrat Aaron Gilman in his run to represent District 12 in the Maine House of Representatives. As a union leader I’ve had the opportunity to work with Gilman on a variety of issues. His ability to see a problem through and provide constructive feedback along the way, are skills that will be a great benefit in Augusta.

As a steward, Gilman does his homework, and he’s not afraid to tackle tough issues head on. He will go the extra mile and work hard to get the best possible outcome. As an employee, he’s mindful of the need for balance between workers and employers and works hard to maintain that balance.

Gilman’s realistic approach to problem solving, and his common sense, are characteristics we need in the Maine House. That’s why I’m supporting Gilman for state representative, and I hope you’ll do the same.

Dick Rogers

West Gardiner

Divide and conquer

I don’t understand why anyone is so mystified by the GOP political action committee Maine Freedom supporting Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cynthia Dill against independent Angus King. It’s the same tactic they have used over and over again, and they use this tactic in every state.

It is called “divide and conquer.” Remember two years ago: Isn’t that why today we have a Gov. Paul LePage?

If they can get Dill to pull enough votes from King, then Republican Charlie Summers walks right into the job of our senator. Heaven forbid.

Rella L. Bezanilla


Support Pritcher in November

As my children grow up, I see what a positive effect sports have had on their lives. They’ve learned things such as determination, teamwork, cooperation and perseverance. To give that experience, many people of the community need to be involved in supporting youth athletics.

Joel Pitcher of Jefferson, a Democrat, is the vice president of the Jefferson Sports Association. This position is one of many that provide the children of Jefferson a wonderful environment to participate in sports. From coaching youth soccer and Little League baseball to being involved with Saturday afternoon fundraisers, Pitcher has been a fantastic role model for my kids.

He is a committed member of the community who is truly looking out for families in our area. I am glad to know he is running for the House of Representatives. I hope you will join me in supporting him this November so he can serve our district (Waldoboro, part of Jefferson, Bremen and Nobleboro) in Augusta.

Jim Hall


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