April 26, 2018
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Comments for: Bangor carjacking suspect tried to burglarize several vehicles before chase, police say

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  • Anonymous

    If at first you don’t succeed…In the case, he should have just quit while he was behind.

  • Anonymous

    Wow that sounds like a blast! I wish I could be a transient with nothing to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Another transient druggie/dealer up from NJ.  He just got out of prison for selling heroin.  

  • Anonymous

    This was not a video game, this was real life. How many peoples live were put in danger by this guy? The cops trying to stop him, all the other people on the roadway at the time. Very lucky no one was killed or injured. He needs to spend some quality time in a 4 x 8 cell.

  • Anonymous

    what the fizz bangor?
    why are all the “transients” showing up there?

  • Anonymous

     Betcha he frequents the Hope House.

  • My fathers girlfriend left her keys, cigs, and about 23$ worth of change in her unlocked car on State Street, came out to find her doors locked which she just brushed off then someone helped her get in and she noticed that her shyt was gone! They even took the keys! lol why they didint take the car I dont know but dont leave keys in cars anymore people :D

  • Anonymous

    I love how the news never attributes the rising crime in bangor to that garbage casino they have there. It’s well known across the country that with gambling comes drugs and crime. Just look at the facts, wherever there is a casino in this country drug use and crime is high. Just look at bangor from the year the casino opened till now and you will see the very high steady rise in drug crime and just overall crime every year since it opened. Im just stating the facts.

    • Al Brady

       I know I joke about the casino being the issue at stake but in reality this is not the case. The problem with whats happening in Bangor is what I’ve said over and over and over again and continue to not get attention for it. SO I decided to copy paste my statement once again for the betterment of the community:

      its a secret that the both the city and the newspaper don’t want to be
      known publicly. If my post gets deleted (and I do at times write jocular
      comments – this not being one of them I understand why I’m flagged) its
      because they don’t want it known.

      In 2008 I was a student at Husson University where one of my professors
      took our class on a “field trip” to meet then mayor/city manager
      Hawes (I think thats what her name was). As part of the class we had to
      come up questions in a journalistic view. One of my classmates put the
      question to the city manager/mayor why (at that time compared to now its
      more poignant) there was an increase of crime. The answer from her was:

      The city gets what is essentially “kickbacks” from the federal and
      governments, private and public programs, and other sources to
      more homeless, addicts, criminals, mentally challenged and other ‘bad
      seeds’ such as funding for city projects – like the waterfront, and
      downtown revitalization and police force enlargement among other things.

      I use the term “accept” these people by evidence of the opening of

      homeless shelters, the allowing of panhandling and homeless sleeping in
      city parks, methadone clinics, and offerings to other people who have
      disabilities or in effect allowing people to stay here and giving them
      ‘free roam’ of the city. I don’t know what the current policy is but I
      do know that they advertised it and in many other cities Bangor has sunk
      its teeth into getting people who have issues like these to come here
      for the benefits.

      I don’t know about you or anyone else but I think its time for the city
      to stop allowing people to have ‘free roam.’ Granted its not an
      overnight thing but more patrols in seedy areas such as Capehart, Outer
      Hammond Street, Pickering Square and in general other unsafe areas are
      needed. Arrest or at least detain panhandlers on stillwater avenue – I
      went there today and I counted 6 of them up and down the street. Arrest
      or at least “move along” homeless from city parks and recreational
      – theres no reason for kids – hell even adults like ourselves to be
      exposed to it. Patrol the homeless shelter and the park nearby – as much
      drug dealing, and other crimes are in that area. THere are more murders
      in Bangor on Main Street from the Main Street Tavern to Manna
      Ministries than in the entire city.

      Bangor needs to clean up its mess – and again
      I’m sorry if this gets

      deleted because bangor doesn’t want this to be known. But I am pleading

      with you to change the course. I have a hard time coming to bangor and

      seeing what it has become. And one more other thing – squash the lolipop

      guild gang before it expands. If you don’t know what I mean take a look

    • Anonymous

      You mean you are stating coincidence, not the facts. Yes, crime is up. Yes, we have a casino. The to aren’t related. Just because you don’t like the casino, doesn’t mean IT is the problem. If what you state was true, then that would correlate to all people that are breaking the law now once used to gamble there, and now choose to get into trouble. Or the  trouble makers like to live in towns that casino’s are located in. Maybe in Vegas or Atlantic City some of what you say is true, but for Bangors problem, Al Brady nails it right on the head. I know it’s not a popular answer, but it’s the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because the news should obviously print “Guy steals van, says the casino made him do it.”

  • Briney

     A transient seizes a woman’s car on Harlow Street.  Hard to believe what is happening in Bangor and other communities across the state.  Police foot patrols might help.

    • Kevin_Of_Bangor

      Bangor does have foot patrols downtown.

      • Briney

        They need more.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when stealing a car was considered really big and it was known as Grand Theft Auto?  When did it change that only a valuable car is now considered to be that?  I honestly dont get the terminology they use or the huge ammount of misdemeanors we have on the books.  Maybe, just maybe, if there was a REAL threat of losing one’s freedom for breaking the law, then maybe they wouldnt take the chance to do it.

    • Anonymous

      You raise a really good point. I would just add that any car is valuable to those dependent on it to get around. To steal a family’s beater is just as bad as to take the new car from the showroom in my opinion. It should all be considered Grand Theft Auto as far as I am concerned.

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