June 24, 2018
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Comments for: Acadia hiker rescued after falling from rock face

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  • Anonymous

    Is this news, or just a way to advertise MDI??

    • Anonymous

      …if someone falls off a cliff, it’s news. 

  • Anonymous

    Wishing this man a complete and speedy recovery!!

  • Anonymous

     “He never lost consciousness,” Wiebusch said of Hills. “He was a very
    stable patient, which meant there was no need to hurry in getting him to
    the top.”

    So who called for the very expensive LifeFlight transport to EMMC?  There is a hospital right on the island.  Surely they can cover head lacerations, bruises, cuts, and scrapes.  Y’know, I’ll even bet they have one of them there high-falutin’ X-ray machines.

    … and people wonder why health insurance premiums are so high….  (rolling my eyes…)

    • Anonymous

      Head injuries can change in the blink of an eye. Maybe it was as a precaution?

    • When I read that I thought the same thing, but like jemileesmom said, because there was a head injury, they may have done it as a “better safe than sorry” situation…. I would think they could have gone to MDI Hospital first to do preliminary care, and then do a transfer from there if need be.  But, I am not a doctor or trained medical professional, so am not in any position to question why they do what they do….

      I do wish him a full and speedy recovery though!!

    • Anonymous

      Quite obvious Life Flight is ” for profit”

      • Anonymous

         Life Flight in Maine is non-profit.


        • Anonymous

          Life Flight of Maine is absolutely NOT “for profit”. Get your facts straight before you post on these blogs.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry. Yakdude made a good point about not going to the local hospital, all I could think of were $$ signs. My bad

        • Anonymous

          Touche. It’s great that they are non profit!! They provide a great service and are true heros !!!

    • Kevin_Of_Bangor

      EMMC is a Level 2 trauma center, MDI is not. As Jemileesmom stated head injuries can change in the blink of an eye. Many people have been conscious after a serious head injury and died hours later. MDI does not have the resources that EMMC has and they did the proper thing airlifting him to EMMC.

    • Anonymous

      Try internal injuries would be the number one suspected issue along with a head injury. Not to mention shock from pain alone. If it were you, would you not want to get there as fast as humanly possible?

  • Anonymous

    Entrance Fees – Visiting Acadia National Park requires payment of an entrance fee between May 1 and October 31, no matter how you enter or where you go in the park.
    After several FALLS & “RESCUES ”  climbing should be BANNED at ACADIA.  
    When the ” Entrance Fee ” is paid, A Notice should be handed every Entrant stating IF Park Rangers see you climbing, your picture will be taken, your License plate recorded AND you will be charged a  $10,000. Fine.  Subject FINE WILL BE recorded against your credit card before you leave ACADIA.  

    • Anonymous

      So we should ban hiking, too, because people have been injured doing that activity? What about biking? Or driving?

      And just how would the rangers know which car is yours if you’re not in it?

      Then there’s the itty-bitty issue of “due process” when it comes to the crediy card fine thing (as well as the fact some people don’t have credit cards).

      • Anonymous

        All valid points.  Yet I wonder how many people have required rescue/assistance at Acadia this year.  Do they have to pay for this assistance?  Does the federal government (it is a national park)?

    • Anonymous

      That’s the most asinine statement I’ve read here in a while
      Good work.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I live 10 minutes from the park, visit it all summer long, and have NEVER had to pay an entrance fee. What Acadia are you talking about?

      • Anonymous

        There is only one ‘manned’ entrance to the park that enforces the fee payment. That doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to have paid the fee before entering the park anywhere else, it just means you haven’t. Locals won’t start doing it, until the rangers go on major ticketing sprees.

        Next. Time you go, READ the shield shaped brown sign. It says something to the effect of ‘you are now entering a fee collection area’

        • The one way loop road is the only one that requires payment. A large portion of the park is free intnetionally. 

          • Anonymous

            None of the park is intended to be free during May 1 and October 31.

            If you go to the park’s website it clearly states the following:

            “Entrance Fees – Visiting Acadia National Park requires payment of an entrance fee between May 1 and October 31, no matter how you enter or where you go in the park.” if you click Fees and Reservations.

            Also, there are signs at ALL legit points of entry to the park stating you are entering the park, and it’s a fee area.

          • Anonymous

             Here is a link to the article written about the new signs they put up in 2007, stating that the park is NOT intended to be free. :o)


      • Anonymous


        Try reading this article

      • Anonymous

        The only part of the park that charges entrance fees is the loop road covering Sand beach and Thunderhole, the rest of the park is pretty much open. You don’t have to pay to drive tithe top of Cadillac Mt for instance or to walk around Witch hole or Eagle lake; I could go on and on here.

    • They would close Acadia inside of a year. The main purpose of going is hiking and climbing. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks responders for all you do.  Sometimes a patient appears stable, but can eventually go into shock and even die.    He was probably considered a major trauma patient due to the height of the fall and the laceration to the head and probably other trauma that was not listed but found or suspected.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all who responded.  The patient was probably medivaced due the fact that a fall of that height is considered major trauma.  These patients can sometimes present themselves as stable, only to go into major shock later.  Great picture of the rescue.  Hope the patient recovers well.

  • In a post below we read: “…if someone falls off a cliff, it’s news.”

    Should it perhaps read “…if someone falls off a cliff, it’s news?”

    …if someone dies while jumping into a quarry, it’s news?

    …if someone is found under an ATV it’s news?

    …if a biker who is not wearing a helmet does himself in, it’s news?

    …if someone goes through the ice on a snowmobile it’s news?

    Ok, you got me on that last one — if it’s August.

    The humble Farmer

  • Anonymous

    Who pays for all this?  Sure hope it’s Hills!

    • It doesn’t matter, the cost is quite minimal I’m sure given you can’t put a price on “life”. In the grand scope of things with a country 13+ trillion in debt, massive fraud and waste spending, and foreign wars spending millions a day; it shouldn’t concern you who paid to airlift a patient with head injuries who fell 50 feet.

       Don’t panic, the minor financial contribution the average middle class citizen makes in taxes over a annual period wouldn’t cover much fuel so its not like you directly paid for it and will receive some form of reimbursement if the person doesn’t die, rofl.

      I highly doubt if you were to jump off a 5 story building, that you would care about the price of the life-flight helicopter, internal injuries from the force of impact as well as head injuries can go undetected until fatal; aneurysms ect.

    •  the majority of all SAR is volunteer work. If hiking and climbing is not your cup of tea, don’t do it! If it is your cup of tea, be safe and have a blast.

  • Good job by the rescuers, they’ve got a workout this year and continue to put themselves at great risk for others. Tip of the lid.

  • Kim Kortermand

    It’s nice that he was rescued.

  • Anonymous

    Old Soaker is the big rock in the middle of the cove that’s never fully covered by water, not the cove itself. They were either climbing on the cliffs on Great Head or to the SW of Sand Beach, just off the Loop Road.

  • Anonymous

    So glad he is okay… that is one heck of a fall.  

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the young man was very lucky in that fall to only have cuts and scrapes Sounds like the first responders did a good  job as well. As for rock climbing, it is not something that I would try, but then I am not safe on a ladder anymore. You are not going to stop young men from doing risky things, as it is part of being a young man. You can only hope that they will survive it and get to become an old man some day. Now how many of the readers here have done things that could have gotten them seriously injured or killed? I know that I have whenI was young man.

  • Anonymous

    As mentioned below, the ACADIA website states a fee is charged.

    Sand beach, Thunder Hole, the view from the top of Cadilac Mtn and the drive around the park are enjoyable.  Whether one wants to scale ledges and attempt to injure themselves is up to them BUT the COST is absorbed by the taxpayers.

    Apparently SEPTEMBER 11 TH, 2001 never happened, i.e. the Trade Ctrs, the PENTAGON and the 4th plane headed for the WHITE HOUSE that those brave souls took down never happened.  OR that there are thousands of TERRORISTS still living in the USA.


    A SOCIALIST GOVT, not a democracy and the hard working true American citizens will be paying for all the “free loaders “.

    IF you don’t believe it, WAKE UP & SMELL THE COFFEE !!

    • Lord Whiteman

      You talk like you fell and hit your head.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your opinion of our current President!

      However, judging from the remainder of your post:  How do you like your room at the asylum?

    • I knew that there was going to be some sort of a political rant on here! Is there ever going to be an article on here that the commentators can’t bring their political views in?

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