Comments for: Lewiston residents to police: Time to get tough on suspected criminals

Posted Aug. 15, 2012, at 6:10 a.m.

“You’ve handed out your little cards. You’ve had your little meetings. We’re sick of the friendly approach. We want to see criminals put behind bars where they belong.”

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  • Anonymous

    good for Lewiston

  • Anonymous

    The cops can arrest all the criminals they want. It’s the DA’s and judges who need to get tough.

    • Anonymous

       That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. How often on here do we see a story of someone getting a slap on the wrist only to go out and do the same thing again.

    • Anonymous

      hard to get tough when that would be blatantly against our constitutional protections against wrongful search and seizure. would you rather live in a police state? go campaign for a constitutional amendment then.

  • Anonymous

    The key word here is “suspected.” Innocent until proven guilty? Oh, my bad! This is America. Guilty until one can prove themselves otherwise by spending lots of money for a good lawyer. Welcome to America, home of the sheeple.

  • Anonymous

    How about going to a guilty til proven innocent?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t want that.

      We fought a revolution to get away from that and other lousy ideas.

      • Steve Anderson

        He was using sarcasm to draw attention to the fact that “getting tough” on crime can easily lead to violations of our civil liberties.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s face it, guilty till proven innocent is what we have now.

    • Your slope is not just slippery. You are greasing it. Be careful how you step on it.

  • Well written article. The courts fail us so often.

  • Anonymous

     Most of our judges were appointed because they were liberal; remember that in November. 

  • Anonymous

    I got excited for cutting down on theft, robbery and assault, and then saw I the photo of someone getting arrested for drug possession… oh well.

    • Anonymous

      I hear ya, but it is all related

  • What is absolutely amazing is that so many people would gladly hand over their consititutional rights for the illusion of a little security.

    The USA is a crumbling empire. 

    •  Yea, I was kind of wondering where probable cause was in all this…

    • Yes. You are the one person who noticed that about constitutional rights. All the others seem to be glassy-eyed in love with the idea of Fourth Amendment violations and blaming the courts for doing what courts are supposed to do. I suppose that eventually, one of this cheering section will be sucked up in the vacuum of law enforcement and suddenly realize that laws have less to do with enforcement than simple brutish control–all the while that the real drug dealers and murderers stroll on past the scene unscathed.

  • Anonymous

    She seems very calm.
    Perhaps she’s been in that position before?

  • Anonymous

    Kudo’s to the citizen’s for speaking up and making their voices be heard and for the Lewiston PD for taking actually doing something about it.

  • Conley Raye

    Lewiston residents to police: Time to get tough on suspected

    Aug 15, 2012 06:10 am | Mark LaFlamme
    “You’ve handed out
    your little cards. You’ve had your little meetings. We’re sick of the friendly
    approach. We want to see criminals put behind bars where they belong.”

  • Anonymous

    I was born in Lewiston and attended St. Peter’s & St. Paul gamma school. I then attended Lewiston High and played hockey four years. I know Lewiston and that’s why I moved away. The politics isn’t to clean up the town but rather go through the motion and leave it at that. Downtown Lewiston is dirty, run down, terrible conditions, police do very little and the courts do even less. What a joke! My suggestions is to move out of Lewiston downtown and leave those problems behind and go live in a safe place for a change. Our politicians don’t care but will tell you what you want to hear when elections come and then do nothing once elected. 

  • I like the new approach. However, there is that pesky observation about guns in the proximity of many people, including children. You can’t help yourselves, Iknow. You just have to have your anti-gun remark. If you had said something about a felon carrying a gun with the obvious intent to use it in his trade, that would be OK. But the remark you made makes me think that a citizens carrying a pistol for personal protection would be treated by you editorialists the same way the felon was.

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