June 21, 2018
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Monday, Aug. 13, 2012: Campaign ads, Bob Carlson and free speech

Deepest gratitude

We recently received a note in the mail that Dr. Frederick W. Heineman of St. Joseph Internal Medicine is moving on to other climes. This put my wife, Mabel, and me in a bit of a quandary.

While we all know that no one is irreplaceable, we have never before in more than 50 years received such professional medical service and advice as he has provided to us. As but a sample of his touch, two days before we received the letter, Mabel had called his office during the day to ask about medicine being prescribed by another professional and its possible interaction with her other medications. He called her back at 9:30 p.m. that night, apologizing for the hour and answered all her questions completely.

In this day when we hear of 10-minute doctor office visits with minimal chance to ask questions, Heineman fully reviews our medical history, answers all questions carefully and clearly and follows up as needed. He has never steered us wrong.

Our quandary now is how do we express our deepest gratitude to such a professional? We do not know of a particular award to recommend or offer but feel it very necessary to tell Heineman and anyone who cares to take note that we appreciate him and his effort and wish him and his family well as he moves on. Bon voyage!

Linwood Lufkin


Distorted campaign ads

I recently saw the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s negative TV advertisement against former governor Angus King. I was appalled that such a faceless D.C. organization could possibly understand what Maine needs. As small businesses in Maine will recall, King was instrumental in creating the environment that saw them through the recession of 2001 with far fewer bruises than most of their colleagues in other states.

It was King who set up the savings fund, called the rainy day fund, that was a vital lifeline for Maine businesses in trouble. If he hadn’t had the foresight to set it up, what would have happened? And who was it who lowered the general sales tax rate by more than 15 percent, making Maine more consumer friendly? King was just what Maine needed as governor over a decade ago, and he is just what Maine needs now as an independent U.S. senator.

Let’s get real. Distorted TV ads from some distant, deep-pocket Washington lobbying group have no place in Maine elections.

McGregor Gray


Sincere apology

I admire Renee Ordway’s public apology ( BDN, Aug. 14) for having repeatedly supported Bob Carlson and for writing stories of his “honor, virtue and selflessness,” while the “seemingly untouchable, powerful person” was “sexually molesting little boys in dark parking lots.”

Like many others, Ordway was exploited by Carlson. Smart criminals befriend influential people, then use them to their advantage. One cringes at the thought that Ordway had planned to offer her son to Carlson for “spiritual counseling.” Fortunately, the plan was not implemented.

I hope that Ordway’s sincere apology will help the numerous victims of Carlson and their families.

Robert M. Gossart

Salisbury Cove

Free speech?

I love politics but hate politicians because they, and the media, are the ones who have convinced many of us that we are either left or right, conservative or liberal, red or blue. When did we stop being Americans, and why is free speech OK only if I am saying what you want to hear?

One of my favorite political sayings comes from James Freeman Clarke, who said, “The difference between a politician and a statesman is: A politician thinks of the next election, and a statesman thinks of the next generation.”

Sadly I see no statesman this election and am afraid that until we all put aside egos and work toward the good of this great nation we will be stuck with elected officials who become so indebted to special interest groups and the megarich like the Koch brothers that they forget or simply ignore who they really are supposed to be representing.

It’s time for a reality check, so this November please vote for who you think will be the best for America and not because they belong to a particular party.

Steve Russell


President Johnson

Are you displeased with the choice between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney for president? Is it just another case of voting for the lesser of two evils?

Good news. You have another alternative now that Gary Johnson, former two-term governor of New Mexico, has qualified for Maine’s presidential ballot. During his governorship, Johnson turned a budget deficit into a budget surplus. If elected president, he plans to submit a balanced budget to Congress, starting as early as 2013.

Ensure your freedoms by supporting Johnson for president.

Patti Mikkelsen

New Gloucester

Wanted to hear the airplane engines

My wife and I have been vacationing summers in the Port Clyde area for 30 years and been to the Owls Head Transportation Museum on numerous other occasions, but a recent Saturday was our first opportunity to attend an air show.

We enjoyed the air show very much. Its organization and execution was done very well.

The following comments are intended to make future air shows even better. We came not only to watch the superb airmanship but to hear the sounds of airplane engines in flight — their “music,” as it were. The airmanship did not disappoint, but the inability to hear the engines over the much-too-loud blaring music was entirely another matter.

It disturbed me so much that I expressed my disappointment off-mic to the public address announcer at a lull in the program. As I spoke to him about the raucous noise of music drowning out the sounds of airplane engine “music,” other attendees within earshot expressed their agreement with what I was saying. The man with the mic said the music was the pilots’ preference and that OHTM defers to the pilots’ wishes.

Given that the pilots are unable to hear the racket I suggest that OHTM defer to the wishes of its paying customers. The blaring noise is totally unnecessary. It was so disturbing to us that we will think twice about attending another such event unless apprised that corrective measures have been taken.

Peter Kushkowski

Portland, Conn., and Owls Head

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