April 22, 2018
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Comments for: Shooting of best friend with shotgun ‘no tragic accident,’ says assistant attorney general

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  • Travis

    I think it is such a shame, two very young lives lost. I am not sure what the point of gun safety and etiquette is to this bonehead but it is there for a reason. This was about the easiest avoided “accident” I have ever heard tell of. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Guest

    Anyone pointing a gun at another person or living thing and dry-firing it is reckless, negligent, and responsible for the result.

    This fellow should get some time and later probation and never be allowed to touch a firearm again.

    • Just think!

      Dick Cheney “shot his friend” and he never saw a jail cell OR probation!And he was next in line to push the Big Red Button!

      • Anonymous

         I thought Dick Cheney was actually outside hunting when he accidently shot his friend.  I don’t remember that they were sitting in the livingroom and Dick was “dry firing” at him to scare him.  Little different scenerio I think.

        • Anonymous

          The Teapublican trolls can never resist even the most tenuous connection to a story as an excuse for delivering their rants. We already know that Obama is responsible for all the woes of this world so please shut up already!!!

          • Nice to hear you finally admit that.

        • Anonymous

          One never knows what Darth Vader was intending………….

        • Negligence is negligence , if you don’t intend to kill whats in your sight , or you dont know what you are shooting at don’t pull the trigger!

          You can’t take a bullet back!

          The common denominator is a shotgun and a freind!

          Dick Cheney is as much a criminal of negligence as this poor fellow!

      • That is a long stretch to compare the two. Someone is dead. There must be consequences for being responsible for taking a life. This was done on purpose with a bad result. Going out and telling your story of how you killed your friend has a lot more credibility after you have served a prison sentence for the crime. 

        • They “both” shot their friend, they “both” used a shotgun and they “both” where negligent!

          What part of that don’t you understand?

      • Anonymous

        The best joke I ever heard was “would you rather go bird hunting with Dick Cheney, or ride to chappakwidick with Teddy Kennedy?

        • I love bird hunting but I would rather drown, than be in the same hunting party as Cheney!

          Besides at least I could get ( One for the Road ) before I departed with a Kennedy!

      • Anonymous

        Dick Cheney has more brains in his little finger that than the entire Obama staff has collectively.

        • Yeah, to bad for his friend that  he didn’t use his little finger to pull the trigger !


      • Anonymous

        Ha!  Great point!  Plus, Cheney had been drinking and was never tested for blood alcohol!

        • Maine2Florida

          Sooooo how do you know Cheney was drinking????  Oh right, your speculating. Carry on. 

          • Why do you think he is always  Smirking?

        • They didn’t test him for blood alcohol because they couldn’t get a pulse !

          All they got was a whirring sound and a mumble, (Luke, I am your father)!!

      • Maine2Florida

        They were hunting… what guns were intended for… and noone died.  Nice try though… I bet the Obama camp could use your help!

        • I sent him a check for $5,000 yesterday!

          P.S. Guns weren’t made to shoot your friends!

          Democrats understand that!

          That’s why I sent the Money!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything you said…I don’t think this was malicious or on purpose. Unfortunate for him and sad for Seaney’s family.

  • Bob Conti

    A prosecutor in a case doesn’t testify.  An opening statement isn’t evidence.  The BDN needs to correct this headline.

  • I know Luke personally, having worked with him. He is a funny, smart, and friendly person. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what happened here was the result of two young men doing the kinds of things that young men do. I don’t say that to minimize it, as I can’t imagine the pain that Tyler’s family must be feeling, but it’s a much different situation than if Luke had acted maliciously or intended to kill his friend. Guns are all around us, and honestly, it’s surprising to me that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often. It’s a very difficult and sensitive situation, but no one will be better off by Luke being imprisoned. I wish him all the best.

    • Anonymous

      “no one will be better off by Luke being imprisoned”  so should he just walk away from taking Tyler’s life.  Tyler will never take a breath again…he doesn’t get a second chance.  I don’t think Luke should be sent away for 30 years — but like when someone messing around in a car and someone gets killed the driver if found neglegent serves several years — if it is found that Luke was neglegent than perhaps the sentence would be in line with this. Allowing him to not be held accountable for his actions will only be enabling him to think messing around with dangers weapons is o.k. and human life means nothing.

      • Anonymous

        I agree.Maybe 10 years of intensive community service,therapy and  supervision this might just turn around.but,Itll never happen.

        • Anonymous

          Too bad it wouldn’t happen…Perhaps having to speak in front of groups about the dangers of being reckless with a firearm would be a fitting reminder to him of the value of human life and how quickly it can be taken, along with also sharing his story and the deep hurt that he must feel…after all Tyler was a friend.

          • Maine2Florida

            Thats a good idea. 

          • Anonymous

            And do community service in the emergency room. If this young man goes to prison, his life will be changed for sure, most likely he would be raped, learn how to be a criminal, and never amount to anything. I am usuwally rough on criminals, but I can view this as horseplay gone very wrong. He is being punished now, every day he lives with his best friends death and the knowledge he caused it. How many of us have made mistakes in our life we wished we didn’t and could turn back the hands of time. Very sad situation for all involved.  

          • Anonymous

            “How many of us have made mistakes in our life we wished we didn’t and could turn back the hands of time.”  Probably all of us — many of us have had to face what we’ve done and accept the consequences for our actions.  He didn’t just make “a little mistake” he killed someone with a weapon that he had been familiar with and knew could take a life.  I do believe he should have consequences for that.  Many kids today are not made accept the responsiblity for their actions therefore end up as adults who expect to be allowed to continue to make “mistakes” and not have to adhere to any form of rules, laws or anyother form of structure in society.

          • Anonymous

            Justbeing, I respect your position and agree with all your arguments concerning the youth of today, and lack of responsibility. I am not sure where your quote “A little mistake” comes from, because I did not call this a little mistake, nor did I trivialize this in anyway. I did however call it a mistake, which I believe it was, as does the prosecuter albeit a very tragic one in which a life was erased. Perhaps you extrapolated that from elsewhere? I still remember Hunter Training Class in school, “Treat Every Gun As If It Is Loaded”. This case just seemed to be different the way it was portrayed in the article. As stated in my earlier post I am not soft on crime. This guy has lost his best friend, he has to live with that forever.I am not sure prison will change any of that.

      • It is my understanding even a firing pin could kill someone if they got hit just right. Never point a gun unless you are going to use it just plain stupid. Murder no but stupid yes . Like most drunk drivers never wanted to kill anyone. 

    • Maine2Florida

      If he was acting maliciously or intended to kill Tyler, they would have charged him with murder.  No one hears this story and thinks Luke intended or wanted to, or meant to kill his friend.  We all see the negligent disregard of playing with a deadly weapon.  Such a sad case.  I agree that he will not be better off in prison… but Tyler is not better off dead either.  

    • ” There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what happened here was the
      result of …..two young men doing the kinds of things that young men do.”

      This is the kind of thing young men do???????  Is this the modern day version of cowboys and indians?  Usually boys  give that game up around age 9 or 10.  I thought young men just drag raced, chased girls, got drunk  and stuff like that, apparently I’m  too old school and out of touch with today’s young men. 

      Is this the kind of stuff you do Matt?  

      Boys will be Boys!!

  • Anonymous

    Just remember, prosecutors don’t care about truth, they NEVER have and NEVER will.  Their only goal is to score, whether it’s true or not. THIS was an accident, although very tragic, Luke will have to live with this horror the rest of his life.  That in itself is a sentence.  Good luck Mr. Peterson, the evil state people will do their best to fabricate a case when in fact it was an accident.   

    • Anonymous

      Both prosecutors and defense lawyers have an agenda. True.

    • Agreed 100% with what you said .  now if you killed someone speeding you would get some time . 30 years a bit much maybe one year and probation would be fair .

    • Anonymous

      Would you feel the same way if it were your son, brother, etc. Tyler will never be given a second chance…accidents happen in vehicles too and it’s called vehicle manslaughter in this case a gun was being used in a reckless manner same difference…in both cases the person doesn’t mean to kill another but does. Doesn’t matter if it’s a gun or a car if your not respecting it and take another life then there are consequences. Perhaps he should have been made to live by some set of rules throughout his live and he wouldn’t be sitting where he is today. Dismissing his behavior as a lesson learned is foolish…to bad Tyler doesn’t get the chance to learn his lesson that way…nope his consequence for playing this game (if he was) was death.

      As far as fabricating a case…I don’t think there’s much to fabricate…he was messing around with a firearm and it resulted in the death of another person. Who, if not Luke would be responsible for this reckless act. He is a man who knew about guns and chose to use them as a toy … Why should he walk again with no repercussions forvhis actions…I’m confused. Perhaps he should have admitted his negligence and took a plea deal…maybe he would get off more lightly rather than to set there and act like he shouldn’t be held accountable.

      • Maine2Florida

        Well said.  

      • Anonymous

        Ah, the honorable thing to do – “Perhaps he [Bryant] should have admitted his negligence and took a plea deal…” But, that would require a true reading of the facts and taking responsibility for actions. Might be hard for Luke to do, considering these two young men exhibited no caution when “playing” with actual-factual firearms. Juvenile and stupid.   

    • Maine2Florida

      I think what the state is saying is that is WAS an accident… caused by negligence. You disagree? 

    • Anonymous

      Same for defense attorneys, I thought…  So what’s your point?

  • Anonymous

    Tyler was a great kid knew him personally…. this was negligent and should be treated as such… there is not a doubt in my mind that his friend doesn’t feel terrible about what happened… but as many people who shoot guns and handle weapons they all know not to point a weapon at something unless they intend to shoot it… regardless of them trying to scare each other you never ever ever point a gun at someone unless its in self defense… that being said you always should clear a weapon before handling it that is the golden rule of handling a weapon that being said he was negligent in doing so which lead to the death of his friend…. My condolences go to Tylers family and is friends throughout this trial as I know they are still hurting from the loss of such a good man.

  • Nope. out of staters dont laugh at mainers when they read stories like these

    • Anonymous

      Do you really think this only happens in Maine — get your head out of your Pine Tree and read some World News!

    • Maine2Florida

      Hahahahahaha This is definitely no laughing matter.  Whats funny is the shear ignorance that some people portray. And to justbeing… I have seen this about four times when I grew up in Maine.  I have never seen anything like it in my ten years in Florida.  

      • Anonymous

        I’ve read about many horrific happenings in Florida – perhaps we have young adults acting like 10 year olds but I’d take that over some of the stuff I’ve read in the news from Florida — what do you call the Casey Anothey case to name one — the whole family was one ball of mess.

        • In all honesty, Tyler was my cousin and best friend. I met Luke once before this happen and Tyler loved him like a brother. I don’t care if Luke didn’t mean to shoot Tyler he needs to seriously pay/learn a hard life lesson. My family and I suffer everyday knowing that his life was taken by “an accident” If my family has to suffer everyday then Luke can suffer in jail for 30 years because he can STILL BREATHE! It honestly makes me sick to read and see people defending Luke because an accident can’t bring Tyler back.

  • now he lost his best friend from his own stupidity… do people not understand that guns are dangerous weapons???? i dont get why these stories keep popping up. all involving immature YOUNG kids with guns. rip.

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