January 24, 2019
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Comments for: Valet service emerges in Portland as parking gets more expensive and harder to find

  • Hayseed.

    Night and day difference between “that” part of Maine and up here in Bangor, economically speaking.  Why is that?

    • Bangor is small town Maine, not a real city like some people think it is.

      • Al Brady

         finally someone who agrees with me!!

        • Anonymous

          totally, but I’m still leary of handing my car keys to someone I don’t know.. just erie to see you car drive away wihout you in it, or someone you know..  innovative idea, and I guess he could make it full service, offer to clean the cars, and wash/wax while you eat for a fee of course. I’d give it a shot if he did this for “Fuji” down in the cobbles. always hard to find parking down there..

    •  1) 2 hours closer to Boston, NY, Philly, Balt./DC. 
      2) And, most important, an oceanfront harbor.
      Lots of geography at the heart of any differences.

  • Al Brady

    make sure its not a panhandler!

  • Anonymous

    I will tell you one thing about parking in Portland, I went to the Old Port Tavern at 11:30 at night  for a nightcaps and one tire was pass the yellow, well would you know that by 12:45 my car had been towed. And that was fun trying to find my car the next day. I think it was in Gorham.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a why not move.  Valet parking makes a ton of sense in the Old Port, and probably the Arts District too.

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