April 26, 2018
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Comments for: Man of the horse people

The animal kingdom has been inhospitable to Mitt Romney in this election cycle. First there was the damaging story of Seamus, the Irish setter the Romneys strapped to the roof of their car on a family trip. And now it seems that, when it… Read More
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  • Anonymous

    How about some OBama recipes:  Beagles with cream cheese
    Pugs in a Blanket
    Chicken Poodle Soup

    • Steve Anderson

      Awww, cute. Another conservative trying to smear our president with the fact that he was fed dog meat as a child.

      As thought that’s even remotely equivalent to the fact that, as an adult, Mitt Romney strapped the family dog to the top of their car as they drove down the freeway on vacation.

      Seriously, are there any depths to which Obama-haters won’t sink? This is just pathetic.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        How many times do you need to edit your rely?   Calm down.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, like Dog consumption.  This has interupted my indigestion process,  man.   Sounds like a bummer to those who love and care about dogs and making things cool.   Listen, this issue tops my list of to dos.    Dude, like we gotta win this one man.    HIGH FIVE!ake Break

  • Anonymous

    It seems we’ve gone from “Look! A squirrel! to “Look! A horse!

    Can we keep our eye on the ball, please? There really are some serious things at stake this election.

    • Anonymous

      A Man Called Horse was good.

  • Anonymous

    The reality of who Mitt Romney is has been presented to us.  Just to be clear, Mitt DID severely abuse a domestic animal.  Mitt also bullied a “gay-acting” schoolmate.  Are these merely glimpses of Mitt at his worst or do they tell us more about the man than he tells us in his speeches and interviews?  I contend the former is the case.  What we do when we think nobody is paying attention speaks to true character.  That is exactly the case with these two incidents.

    Taking that and considering what he does say in interviews and how he says it allows each of us to synthesize our own impressions of the man.

    Mitt Romney is easily painted as an “amoral” leader in business.  He makes those in his close circle a lot of money.  Does this define character?  Hardly. 

    The lack of connection with the working man is a big hurdle for Mitt.  He does not seem to be able to even act the part of concerned man of the people.  This is simply because it is a role he has never played.  It is foreign to him.  He literally needs to be coached to “look” like he has the capacity to show concern for those occupying a lower station than he inherited.

    Mitt is a rich boy who never suffered or sweat his butt off in the midday sun to make enough to provide for his family.  The concept is as foreign to him as tribal dances on the African savannah.  He will never govern as a man concerned with the masses.  He is the candidate of the 1% and will also enjoy support from those who are brainwashed by the 1% message that taxation is punishment against success.  He will never push for higher wages for working people.  He will never work to broaden the opportunities us savages seek.  His world is one in which the beautiful people are the ones who make the rules and enjoy all of the spoils.   If you are a working person or even a retiree, Mitt as president will work every day to make sure that you have no mobility.  He just isn’t into us.  Never was, never will be.  Regardless of the unemployment rate or state of the economy, if we elect this man, he will hand his peers even more control and power over our lives.  For the sake of your children’s future, beware of Mitt Romney.  He is sociopathically detached from caring and will never lose sleep sending your boys into battle or selling your future to the highest bidder.  It defines who he is.  This is verified by everything we know about the man.

  • Anonymous

    So maybe I should be deducting losses for care of my animals as well? I can call them “investments” and call the feeding and vet bills losses.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They screech out of touch and elitist when it’s someone they disagree with, but if you do it to someone on their side of the aisle? Oh! You’re engaging in class warfare. Pathetic and clearly hypocritical. 

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