Rumford man gets probation for forging nearly $12,000 worth of checks

By Tony Reaves, Sun Journal
Posted July 30, 2012, at 6:24 a.m.

PARIS, Maine — A Rumford man won’t serve time after forging nearly $12,000 in checks belonging to a man who hired him for handiwork.

David J. Hodgkins, 32, was sentenced in Oxford County Superior Court on Friday to three years for the forgery, all suspended, plus three years of probation, and was ordered to pay back $7,500 in restitution. His attorney, Ron Hoffman, said Hodgkins had already paid back much of what he stole from the victim.

On July 10, Hodgkins pleaded guilty to forgery, a Class B crime, for stealing the checkbook of a man who hired him for handiwork and writing himself nine checks totaling $11,700 between May 25 and July 6, 2011.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph O’Connor earlier this month said a 75-year-old man had reported theft and cashing of checks to the Rumford Police Department in July 2011. He said he never had written the checks to Hodgkins, who was working on his roof. Rumford police interrogated Hodgkins, who confessed to the crime. He said he was sorry and wrote a long letter of apology to the victim. printed on April 29, 2017