May 25, 2018
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Comments for: Democrats, Republicans clash on issues, not electoral optimism

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  • Anonymous

    The Democrat Party, has progressed to become  the Communist Party. This is no longer the party of the Kennedy’s, who would never site class or race to garner votes.

    • Anonymous

      By the same token the Republican Party is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan.

    • WOW!

    • Anonymous

      Joe McCarthy rides again …

  • Anonymous

    Your comfort level will determine how you vote.

  • Anonymous

    The actions of the pass 4 years and remembering how the Great Recession came about and who was in charge.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster said “increased our small donor participants more than any other state Republican Party in the country”  How can any party brag about that when 3 (three) participants donated $180,000 out of $194,000? How dismal was the number of small donors BEFORE this increase? And what does this say about the party on the national level? 92% of your money statewide came from THREE (3) donors!! How does that become a bragging point about widespread participation by the “average” person?

    • Anonymous

       It is kind of hard to make a comparison when the names and amounts of Democratic donors are not named other than Sussman.

  • StillRelaxin

    Stay focused folks. It’s not about who is running or who is giving which party the most money. It’s about whether or not we want to leave the GOP/Tea Party in control of the House and Senate and thus keep giving the lunatic in the Blaine House pretty much anything he wants. That should scare the daylights out of most rational people.  I say there’s no need to suffer the humiliation of Mr. LePage’s presence any more than necessary. No, we can’t recall him but come November we can cripple this man politically just as much as his lack of intelligence and grace currently cripples him socially. Simply vote in Democratic House and Senate majorities and much of our current pain and level of national embarrassment will vanish overnight.

  • Anonymous

    Here are the differences:

    The republicans do not in any way represent people, their their masters are Big Business, period, thought some democrats do as well but not exclusively. 

    The republicans are attempting to steal this next election in a nation wide effort to restrict as many votes as possible. 

    The republicans are trying to strangle our government and public services by cutting taxes until the government is unable to function.

    The republicans have on the national level a presidential candidate who has surround himself with ex-Bush Neo-Cons and are offering nothing different than Bush just more of the same pathetic and failed polices that have brought us to this point.

    In DC, the republican congress has failed their country by not allowing anything to pass through legislation and are most likely traitors to their country and should be prosecuted for these crimes.

    The republicans have executed their own private war against women and any others who do not share their twisted values.

    The republicans still believe the Soviet Union exists.

    • Anonymous

      You left out three things:

      1)The Republicans are the ones who left the milk out last night. Jerks!  AND there’s Lucky Charms in the couch cushions. Double jerks!

      2)The Republicans have an app for evil called iBad installed on their iPads that gives them tips on how to destroy beauty and goodness on the go. If you missed kicking a kitten it’ll send you an alert.

      3)Despite being voracious tentacle monsters from Dimension X, Republicans are going to win big in November. Search your feelings Luke. 

      • Anonymous

        What planet did you say?

  • Anonymous

    Neither party cares about the voter. Only the lobbyist who patronize them sponsored by big bucks. The sad part is the liberals actually believe the democrats are for the small guy.  Remember BO went to Harvard. What kind of families can afford to go there. Oh yeah, those that shop at 7-11 and wait for the monthly stipend from Uncle Sam…The republicans make it clear they want to hold citizens accountable but in the process penalize the ones who actually do need gov’t assistance.  You get death by thousand cuts from either partys philosophy especially if you are the middle class.

  • Anonymous

    Since when does either party elect “professional politicians”  have they forgotten that this is the Maine Legislature?  hello!  Of course they are all just regular working people.  Both parties spew nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    and Charlie Webster did a better job than Lizzy Reinholt in dealing with this story.  the democrats have their head in their backside.  they need to step back from the liberal speak.  they may have raised more money but how much of it came from the Pingree Dynasty aka Donald Sussman?  What a bunch of hypocrits.  if the tables were turned and it was a republican congresswoman married to a hedgefund billionaire who also happened to own the state’s largest papers, they would all be up in arms.  It’s hard to think about being part of either party.  it is all political mumbo jumbo. 

    • Anonymous

      Charlie Webster a good spokesperson?  Hilarious.

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