Nature’s healing power: ‘Vitamin N’

Posted July 26, 2012, at 11:40 a.m.

Vitamin “N”, N=nature. Richard Louv asks, did you take your vitamin N today?

I read his article, “A Call to Nature,” in the July/August AARP bulletin last week. He advocates the health benefits of being outside in nature. A quote from Marti Erickson says “time spent in nature may be one of the best and most accessible natural stress-busters any individual or family could find.” Among other benefits listed are reduction of depression, faster healing times and less need for pain medication.

Louv puts forth a sober thought: “Boomers could be the last generation to remember a time when it was considered normal and expected for children to play in woods and fields.”

I hope you enjoy my wildlife photo offerings. If just one of them inspires you onward, to an outdoor adventure, not otherwise taken, I’d be well pleased.

Enjoy and share vitamin N.