April 27, 2018
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Comments for: We all need to share the road

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  • Anonymous

    This is a two-way street. As much as I have witnessed drivers in vehicles not paying enough attention to cyclists, I have also witnessed cyclists not paying attention to traffic. 

    I have seen cyclists peddle right down the middle of the lane holding up numerous cars, I have had them dart out in front of me, I have witnessed them completely ignore stop signs and traffic lights…

    The list goes on.

    Just remember, when you are out enjoying your recreation…there are those of us who are working, and have things to do…and when we are 8 cars back in traffic behind a couple of cyclists riding side-by-side without a care in the world…it’s really easy to achieve an impressive level of road rage.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for demonstrating exactly what the author was trying to portray, that most of the population has no idea how the laws work. You don’t like being 8 cars back behind a bike or two bikes? Tough luck, the law says you have to. 

      • Anonymous

        When I ride, I never let that kind of line build up…it’s just asking for an accident.

        • Anonymous

          Nor do I, but the point is that it’s the law. I’ve never had 8 cars lined up behind me, but if it’s a busy road and there is traffic in both directions, it can happen. I’m not going to pull onto the dirt shoulder and wipe out so a car get around me instantly. So traffic may have to delay their arrival by 30 seconds to wait for a safe place to pass.

          snakebite6x6x6 admits that they get road rage when they can’t get around a biker fast enough. THAT is the problem, not the bikers. This article nails it, and then the comments validate it. Most people are in such a “rush, rush rush, me, me, me” mindset, that anyone who may get in their way for 10 seconds should be run off the road. It’s a disappointing statement on society.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I do like the “road rage” comment…like it’s okay and, really, to be expected.

          • Anonymous

            Rage is a natural human emotion. We all experience it, but not all for the same reasons.

            Do I get road rage? Absolutely. 

            However, I have never run anybody off the road, shouted threats, or acted out in any other way due to it.

            Congratulations on being above the “rage”, you are obviously a better person than many of us are.

          • Anonymous

            That’s right, you are absolutely correct, cyclists are NEVER at fault…

            Tell that to the guy who was creamed by a car in front of my place of employment because he peddled right past a stop sign and into traffic. Thankfully he escaped with only bruises, but he had the nerve to yell at the driver about how it was her fault…

            I am also not saying cyclists need to hit the soft shoulder when there are vehicles behind them. I was merely stating that they should hug the white line. It’s called common courtesy. 

            I have no problem riding the white line when I am out biking, but then again, I am courteous.

      • Anonymous

        And the bicyclist’s real attitude shows through with this statement! The laws are for everyone but them, red light i;m a pedestrian and pedal thru, traffic bad, no problem I’ll just split the lane and ride between the vehicle or maybe I’ll be a pedestrian for a few minutes and ride on the sidewalk!

      • Anonymous

        Where in my post did I prove that I do not know how the laws work?

        I was simply stating that I have witnessed cyclists being just as ignorant of the laws that vehicle drivers can be.

        And for the record, you should look up Maine cycling laws….specifically the part where it says (in section 2063) that cyclists are:  Required to ride as far right as practicable when slower than other traffic, except:
        When unsafe to do so; (A) When overtaking and passing another bicycle or other vehicle proceeding in the same direction;(B) When preparing for or making a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway;(C) When proceeding straight in a place where right turns are permitted; and(D) When necessary to avoid hazardous conditions, including, but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, broken pavement, glass, sand, puddles, ice, surface hazards or opening doors from parallel-parked vehicles, or a lane of substandard width that makes it unsafe to continue along the right portion of the way. For purposes of this paragraph, “lane of substandard width” means a lane that is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel safely side by side in the lane.

        The roads I usually encounter cyclists (and get stuck behind) have plenty of room to “ride the white line”, yet many insist on peddling up the middle of the road.

        I do apologize that I have a different opinion than you do…I wasn’t trying to offend you.

  • Anonymous

    “Share the Road” works both ways. There are a group of men cyclists in Hampden that ride four across every where they go, I guess because there are 16 or more of them they feel there is safety in numbers, they refuse do move into two lines, almost entirely blocking one lane, on the crest of a hill you are relegated to ride behind them until you crest the hill and then take your chances in passing them. They are arrogant and in your face….so live up to your own slogan and “Share the Road”

    • Anonymous

      I Want To Ride My Bicycle
      I Want To Ride My Bike
      I Want To Ride My Bicycle
      I Want To Ride It Where I Like

  • Anonymous

    I would never ever ever ride a bike on Rt #11 down here in Wallagrass as the traffic speeds at least 10 to 15 over the limit and the trucks are going 20 plus most times… It’s high time that the troopers get out there and do something about it !!!!!

  • Alain Ouellette

    Those are all many of the good reasons why some of us choose the backwoods as our bike playground. Critters are far less dangerous than drivers.

  • Anonymous

    I commute to & from work by bicycle 40 miles each day via the same route and for the most part I meet the same people every day to say hi and/or wave.  As a matter of fact my morning and evening commutes are the best part of each day. If someone is pulling out of their driveway and I have the opportunity to stop, I extend them this courtesy so they won’t have to go around me later on.  I always hang as far to the right of the roadway as my riding skills allow. When restarting my ride at a stopped intersection I usually wait for all stopped cars to pass me before I resume riding. In return these same motorists always give me 3 or more feet when overtaking me.  Nor do they holler or honk their horns when the unexpected obstacle forces me further into the lane than usual (turkeys crossing,  stubborn groundhog on road shoulder, etc.).  Also, support and traffic law enforcement by local Maine police makes a huge difference by educating both the cyclist and motorist.  I also own four vehicles and commute only because of my love for cycling.  I have also traveled by bicycle from Bangor to New Hampshire in a single day (176 mile route) and only encountered a single inattentive driver during the entire ride (she let me roll across the hood of her car and all ended well). So, from my experience as a cyclist I still give Maine a big gold star for being one of the best states for sharing the road and making road cycling a safe and fun activity.

  • Anonymous

    I am an avid cyclist, have been riding many years, appreciate vehicles watching out for me, AND try to use some biking COMMON SENSE, regardless of any technical laws.  When I see a vehicle approaching, I’m taking a quick look in back of me to see if I need to hug the rideable part of the road to be out of the way as much as possible in case a vehicle is also coming up behind me.  When riding thru a corner I can’t see around, or cresting a hill I can’t see over, again I’m off to the right as much as possible….I’m not interested in being out in the travel lane too far and also being surprised by something I can’t see coming.   Defensive riding is a must out there.  Finally, a pet peeve of mine is when I’m in a group of riders who are spread out two or more across the travel lane when the speed limit is obviously greater than the cyclists can achieve or maintain and a vehicle is being held back behind them for no good reason….driving and riding courtesy works both ways, not only for safety reasons but also for the overall impression bikers leave on the public.  “Car back” should mean something to all riders.   We all love to ride….let’s be smart, polite, and safe about it.

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