Acadia urges carriage road bike safety

Posted July 18, 2012, at 6:19 p.m.

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine — Park rangers are urging bicyclists to use caution on the park’s series of carriage roads after a couple minor bike accidents earlier this week.

“The carriage roads are great, but they’re gravel and have sliding surfaces,” Supervisory Ranger Edward Pontbriand said Wednesday. “Some kids are probably used to zinging along on asphalt roads, but on the mountains you’ve gotta go a little slower.”

On Monday, an 11-year-old Kennebunk boy cycling with his family on a MacFarland Hill carriage road flew over the handlebars after squeezing the front brake but not the rear. Pontbriand said Rangers helped the boy stabilize a fractured right arm before sending him off to Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor.

Later Monday, a 26-year-old Malden, Mass., woman fell off her bike when it slipped out from under her on a Day Mountain carriage road. She suffered minor injuries, Pontbriand said.

Pontbriand said good carriage road bicycle safety means slowing down, wearing a helmet and always biking in a group, not alone.

“We call that preventive search-and-rescue,” he said.

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