Comments for: Divers find no clues of Ayla in search of Kennebec River

Posted July 17, 2012, at 4:05 p.m.
Last modified May 30, 2017, at 11:44 a.m.

WINSLOW | Divers and K-9 units searched the Kennebec River without success Tuesday in the effort to find clues of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds. Tuesday marked the seven-month anniversary of her disappearance from her father’s Waterville home last December. “The warden service wanted to eliminate this area as a …

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  • Arrest those 3 as material witnesses, sooner or later one f them will talk… i’m sure they’ve all already told misleading and opposite stories to police already…

    lock em’ up, one of them will talk…

    • Anonymous

       People can’t be deprived of there freedom just to force them to speak!! 

       What country do you think you live in?  And there is no such crime as being a “material witness”.  Man, get away from the TV once in a while.

      • Anonymous

        A material witness (in US law) is a person with information alleged to be material concerning a criminal proceeding. The authority to detain material witnesses dates to the First Judiciary Act of 1789, but the Bail Reform Act of 1984 most recently amended the text of the statute, and it is now codified at 18 U.S.C. § 3144. The most recent version allows material witnesses to be held to ensure the giving of their testimony in criminal proceedings or to a grand jury. Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. has used the material witness statute to detain suspects without charge for indefinite periods of time, often under the rubric of securing grand-jury testimony. This use of the statute is controversial and is currently under judicial review.

        • Anonymous

          Wikipedia (which you didn’t cite, but is your source, word for word) is hardly a reliable source to cite.

          That aside, the Ayla Reynolds case is being treated as a state case, not a federal case, so federal law doesn’t apply. Further, there are no criminal proceedings under way in the case, so there would be no cause to arrest anybody but a suspect. And you can’t arrest a suspect in an effort to force the suspect to talk; you have to have evidence that the suspect committed a crime, and you need to formally charge the suspect with a crime.

          Even then, witnesses may invoke their right to remain silent if they can show the court that their testimony may put them in legal jeopardy.

    • Anonymous

      The PD have to go by the rules.  If they could lock up these 3, I am sure they would have already.

      • Anonymous

         I agree. Hopefully the evidence (although circumstantial) will continue to mount and they will be able to make an arrest soon.

  • The 3 people in the house know something,One of you need to speak up. How can you guys sleep at night.

    • Anonymous

      they don’t care

    • Superuser23

      They done it for 7 months, what’s another 7? Take an xray and you won’t find a heart located in them

  • Guest

    Sounds like at this point what the police need to make the charges stick is a body. Otherwise the evidence collected thus far is purely circumstancial and not enough to convict.

  • Anonymous

    Is this really the first time the river was searched?  If so, what took so long??

    Never mind. Just read the caption under the photo. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Rest easy Justin (and clan) you have been given yet another reprieve.  Perhaps try searching in the Portland area — wasn’t it just days prior to the actual report of Ayla being “missing” that he was spotted in that area at the early hours of the morning.  If he did do something to this little girl maybe he thought disposing of the body in the area the mother lives in would shift the focus off him and onto her if she was ever found — just a thought where he claimed “someone” had entered the house and took her.

  • Anonymous

    lets not EVER forget about this poor child. We MUST keep a rigorous media campaign going to keep this in the face of those responsible. If I were one of the fathers neighbors, I would gladly post a billboard of some kind with that babys picture on it. (Make sure it faces the fathers house-wouldnt want the occupants of that home to miss that view-make the sign really BIG too) If the shrine was so nerve wracking to someones guilty conscience, I cant imagine what a billboard would do since they couldnt take that down.(wouldnt be on their property). Maybe even hold a weekly parade there with people holding signs and chanting Ayla’s name? Every little bit helps!

  • Anonymous

    someone in that house KNOWS what happened to that baby….shame on them for being a coward and not doing the right thing. They are making this worse for themselves the longer they try and hide it.   Note to whoever is responsible…this is NOT going away. Eventually the truth will unfold.

  • Anonymous

    Be sure your sin will find you out. Numbers 32:23


  • Anonymous

    They should check the house again.

  • Anonymous

    “There has been no case in our history that so much time, effort has been devoted [to], and that will continue. The efforts will continue until we find her,” said McCausland.

    I have lived in Maine a large portion of my life, and i believe that this has been the highest profile missing person case in that time.  I believe McCausland when he says that they have spent so many resources and so much time on this case.  I also appreciate that though the outcome has not been what any of us would like.  The pessimist side of me wonders, if this case was not constantly on Nancy Grace, JVM, and other shows, if it would recieve the attention it has.  I also would like to congratulate the organizers of the most recent walk for Ayla with getting this back in the news again.  Please keep up the good work.  Someone mentioned staging a walk/protest in front of the house where Ayla last was and i believe that would be a great idea.  I would like to see the three adults inside that house that night have to feel more pressure..I too cannot for the life of me understand how they get one wink of sleep at night, but i know there are many evil people out there.  Maine has three located in Waterville.

  • Anonymous

     My wishful thoughts on this is that Ayla is still alive.  I think that the blood found in the basement was too just throw off the police.  If Ayla had died I think one of the three would have cracked by now so I am praying real hard that she will someday show up ok

  • Anonymous

    DHHS needs to be held partly responsible for this not Ayla’s mother.
    Her mother left her in her grandparents care.
    DHHS felt the need to step in and hand her over to the bio dad.
    Had DHHS stayed out of what was clearly a civil custodial issue little Ayla would have been fine.
    If the bio dad wanted custody of his daughter he needed to file the proper paperwork and go to court.
    DHHS had zero business stepping in to this situation.

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