Comments for: How to repeal Obamacare (It’s not easy)

Posted July 16, 2012, at 5:25 a.m.
Last modified July 16, 2012, at 8:34 a.m.

Any realistic effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act is sure to get jumbled together with lots of other issues, including Medicare, taxes and defense spending.

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  • Anonymous

    Now that it’s been passed and we ‘know what’s in it’, I’ll let someone else pick the corn out of it.

    • Guest

      Mitt is the GOP’s corn this time around.

  • StillRelaxin

    “Passing” on Mitt and his conservative buddies who are also running for office in November is looking more and more like the best alternative every day. We need to vote for people who represent us here not corporations who left us to go abuse others for less money and increase their bottom line on profits. Profits which they stash away in Swiss and Cayman bank accounts to avoid paying taxes here. I can see how such practice has helped you Mr. Romney, but how has it helped America?

    • Anonymous

      I always find it amazing when people criticize (rightly or wrongly) Romney’s business experience when our current president has ZERO business experience and honestly, it is clear to see he is in over his head.

      • I D Durkin

        President Obama  =  In Sourcing  =  Jobs for AMERICANS 
        Romney  +  Republicans    =   Out Sourcing   =   Jobs for China                   

      • Guest

        Vulture capitalism is not business experience, it’s predatory legal theft. Saddling companies with debt, cannibalizing everything, and throwing the bones to the stock holders while real people suffer.

      • Irrelevant! 

        This isn’t a CEO Postion that he is running for it’s a Government Office!What about Mitts Government experiance? He runs away from the ONLY Governing success that he ever had! 


  • Anonymous

    Want to repeal Obamacare?  Put a universal healthcare plan in place for ALL Americans.

    • Guest

      Amen to that.

      People have had it with subsidizing uninsured freeloaders who use the ER as a doctors office.

      Cover everyone now!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, no subsidizing would happen then……right.

        • Guest

          It would be a fairer subsidy. Right now people with coverage are subsidizing people without coverage.

          • Anonymous

            I still do not see how it would be more fair.  My wife and I pay taxes (fair amount) and have healthcare paid for by our employers.  Right now there are countless people on Mainecare.  That coverage is paid for by taxpayers.  IF we had some magical universal healthcare, the people who make more money would certainly be subsidizing (to a huge extent) healthcare for others.  

            Couple that with Americans now being mandated to buy something (which I still find ridiculous, regardless of what the supreme court ruled), and I just don’t see a positive result.

          • Guest

            If you have health via your employer, this doesn’t affect you.

            There’s nothing magical about universal single payor coverage.

            It will however, take the insurers out of the equation. A good thing since the insurers currently rake roughly 20% off the top of each premium dollar.

          • Anonymous

            But, that would destroy those jobs, at the health insurance company. If people still had an option to go private, having a government plan would add competition to private insurers and leave the private insurance companies options.

            If people opt for the government plan, then private insurers are not offering what the people want or can afford.

            Then, power would be inherent in the people.

            Allows the people freedom of choice, and we can better respond to the demands of people in this country, rather than usurp people into despotism.

          • Guest

            What are you getting for your 20 cents on the dollar that you give to the insurance company?

            So many things are wonderful subjects for insurance.

            Healthcare is not one of them.

    • Anonymous

       No do it the American way. Give EVERY American the CHOICE of participating or not. That is the ONLY way to do it.

      • Anonymous

        Why?  I don’t have the choice of paying or not paying that portion of *my* bill that is for an uninsured person’s healthcare.

        • Anonymous

           That is what I am saying..

    • I D Durkin

      Does the Governor of Maine preserve his constitutional pledge,
      or does he not ?

      Article I.  Declaration of Rights.
      Section 2. Power inherent in people. All power is
      inherent in the people; all free governments are founded in
      their authority and instituted for their benefit; they have
      therefore an unalienable and indefeasible right to institute
      government, and to alter, reform, or totally change the same,
      when their “safety” and “happiness” require it.

      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a
      more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,
      provide for the common defense, promote the general
      Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and
      our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the
      United States of America.

      SECTION. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United
      States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the
      United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State
      shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges
      or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall
      any State deprive any person of life, “liberty“, or property, without
      due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction
      the equal protection of the laws.

      Liberty, defined :  basic right: a political, social, and economic 
      right that belongs to the citizens of  a state or to all people. 

      Give the people their federal rights to health care.

      • He is more interested in his pledge to Grover Norquist!

      • Anonymous

         You have the RIGHT to health care. You just do not have the right to STEAL from me to pay for it.

        • I D Durkin

          If you think someone is stealing something from you,  call the local police dept.
          Otherwise you don’t  get to cut the federal pie,  do  you  ?

  • Anonymous

    Before they could repeal Obamacare, the Republicans would have to wrestle health insurance out of the hands of millions of Americans, convincing them that they’d somehow be better off without access to preventive care; that going into medical bankrptcy would be a jolly experience; that seniors should cheerfully go back to dealing with that “doughnut hole” of extra expenses again; that it’s our patriotic duty to let insurance companies deny us health insurance if we have a pre-existing condition, and so on.

    I’m not saying they couldn’t carry that off, by the way. Their campaign of lies has been successful with many people, who believe all sorts of claptrap, from “death panels” to “massive penalty” (less than $100 for the scofflaws who hope to get a free ride by going without insurance).

    • Social Security had become one of the greatest success stories in American Political history, the Us Post Office had been recognized around the world for it’s excellence, yet they have convinced many in America that it’s the evil ( Boogeyman ) by  the radical Right! 

      AKA—( Socialism)

  • Anonymous

    The House (even today) could pass a resolution ‘deeming’ that the bill which ‘deemed’ the ACA to have passed the House did so in error. Without House passage, the whole law never happened.

    Might not work, but it would certainly remind people that the ACA got enacted by some pretty tricky maneuvers.

  • Anonymous

    Romney and the ex-Bush cronies that he has surrounded himself with will continue on the same path as Bush. I guess what is so stunning is the fact that they are so blindly willing to risk putting the country in the same position as Bush by pursuing the same bankrupt policies that created the mess we’re still digging out from. Romney represents the worst of capitalism and the practices that enable only those at the very top to profit at the expense of everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Even if somehow Romney manages to get into office, they’re not going to repeal it. It would be too difficult, too messy and very popular aspects of the healthcare reform have begun to kick in. This is just a talking point to get conservatives riled up. It was like how Bush used to talk about pushing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage — something to excite people, but then once in office suddenly you don’t hear of it again.

    • Anonymous

      does not matter who will be Pres.  what matters is that in this health care plan there is a Large tax on real estate sales.  what does that have to do with people’s health care/ that is just plain, sneaky.  

  • What a lineup!!!

        The Tin Man without a heart –Romney, The cowardly crying Lion, Bohener, and the Scarecrow with out a brain McConnel,

    We can’t let this happen!

    • Anonymous

      Romney would be the better choice.  Another puppet led term and our country will taxing us out of our homes.

      • We are at a thirty year low in Taxation, look it up or look in the Mirror as you maybe the “puppet” come November!

  • Anonymous

    I like my healthcare and insurance just the way it is.
    Pay for your own. And thosw ho think you won’t be
    paying for this, think again. These people make it sound
    like everything is so complicated…Obama says it so often.
    It isn’t. Congress does the funding and the TAXING. No
    funds and no TAXES.

    • Look it up Obamacare “IS” about Paying for your own! 


  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many of these people who are uninsured would be insured if Bain Capital had not outsourced their jobs? Could Romney answer that question, doubtful, he was to busy watching the olympic games.

    • Anonymous

      Keep on bashing.  it totally accomplishes zilch.

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