June 17, 2018
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012: Ann Curry, functional government and good Samaritans

Change in Brewer

In October 2012 Chief R. Gary Parent will be retiring after 28 years with the Brewer Fire Department, the last 2 years as chief.

The Fire Department will be under the direction of City Manager Steve Bost and Police Chief Perry Antone as public safety director when the current chief retires.

This will be the first time in its 143-year history that the Brewer Fire Department will not have a fire chief.

In the late 1960s and 1970s and to this date, the public safety directors have been tested in many departments across the state with little or no success, most recently in Old Town.

You are trained to be a fire chief or a police chief, not both.

Good luck Chief Antone on your new appointment.

Paul E. Tower


The termination of Ann Curry

On Thursday, June 21, 2012, we missed Ann Curry’s last on-air minutes because we were traveling. We were shocked to learn that NBC had fired the “Today Show” co-anchor due, they say, to NBC losing market share for their morning show.

We have watched the “Today Show” for many years and were always amazed by Curry’s handling of special assignments, many where she put her life in jeopardy. She waited years with grace and dignity to become the show’s co-anchor. She was the sweetest, most dedicated, sincere, girl-next-door employee NBC could have had.

We can’t imagine her loss will improve the network’s morning ratings. We know it won’t in this household. The network’s uncalled-for action has us very upset, so from now on we’ll be watching “Good Morning America.” We wonder if others will too.

Jake and Maxine Dunnell

St. David

Government that works

David Farmer’s OpEd “Taking Notice of Government That Works” is a view that we do not hear expressed often enough. We are fortunate in Maine to have so many good people dedicated to working in state and local government. Even though in many cases they could earn much more working in the private sector or in another state, they truly serve Maine people in many ways. I have always been impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the employees of our state parks, state library, state police, warden service and marine patrol as well as those who serve on the local level in our towns and counties. They take the time to try to solve problems, educate and facilitate the needs of those they deal with on the job. We are especially lucky we have so many people who are willing to volunteer to assist as EMTs, firefighters and recreation leaders in our local communities so that we can all enjoy Maine, the way life should be.

Even though times are tough for many of us and every branch of government is facing financial challenges, the best of the Maine character is shown every day through efforts to have government that works. When we all work together we can accomplish a lot and this happens with little notice all over the state every day. At a time when the polls say people do not trust government, let us remember to be thankful for all the people who do make government work.

Patricia Clark


Happy independence!

One year ago, as I read the front page of the Bangor Daily News, I cried. Having just given birth to my son, Eamon, the day before, the article burst my bubble of sharing a beautiful experience with the world. It was a dream, as reporter Sharon Kiley Mack said, but I don’t see how you could have known why that was worth her quoting.

I’ve pondered that article for a year, and many people had comments I wanted to respond to. I wanted you to know that I had specifically stated I did not want the church issue mentioned, and I had wanted more talk about home birthing. I wanted you to appreciate that we have that freedom in Maine, that opportunity to celebrate life instead of seeing it as a medical procedure. Giving birth is a miracle, one this injured body claimed and found extremely empowering.

As to being a single mother, sometimes there are things we simply must accept as not meant to be. I dream of sharing a beautiful partnership as I raise my family to live sufficiently, efficiently, creatively, resourcefully, happily and well. I support freedom to choose that which is best for individual and collective joyful living.

Anna Mather

East Machias

Kindness of neighbors

I want to express my tremendous gratitude to my Searsport neighbors who helped me find my lost puppy. Truffle, my 8-pound yorkiepoo, was startled by thunder and ran away on Monday, July 2. He was lost for two nights and a day.

Neighbors spread the word, Dick Desmarais put out an alert on Radio Searsport and my son and his friends put up posters all over town. The response from everyone was amazing. People all over town called in sightings. People I had never met came out to search for him. It seemed that everyone in Searsport was looking for Truffle.

After his second night alone in the woods, a sighting was called in that led to me find him hiding in the bushes at the end of Blackberry Lane, soaking wet, matted with burrs, hungry, shivering and terrified. The tiny dog has survived two nights alone in the woods, but he was OK.

I am so grateful to all the drivers who slammed on their brakes every time he darted across Route 1, the people who called when they spotted him running through their neighborhoods, the many folks who came out to search for him, the police chief and his officers who followed up on so many leads and the good Samaritans who saw him run down Blackberry Lane and kept track of him until I could get there.

Thank you, Searsport. Without the help of many good neighbors, we would never have been able to bring Truffle home.

Meredith Ares


Recovery of Purple Heart medal

Congratulations to Maritime International of Bangor. My brother and I, Korean War Veterans stationed at Dow Air Force Base in 1953, would like to thank Paul Zebiak for his thoughtfulness concerning the recovery of the Purple Heart medal for the family of the recipient.

Herbert Karter


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