Waterville police handle multiple fireworks complaints over holiday

Posted July 05, 2012, at 12:32 p.m.

WATERVILLE, Maine — The Fourth of July was certainly a busy one for Waterville police, as they handled 27 fireworks complaints on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey.

Consumer fireworks are illegal in Waterville, and two people were summoned — one Tuesday and one Wednesday — for using the devices.

“One subject was holding two Roman candles and shooting them up in the air, the other had fireworks shooting off from his porch,” said Rumsey.

Jake Dumas, 26, had been shooting fireworks from his porch on Tuesday night while Harley Feyler, 30, was holding onto the Roman candle and shooting the fireworks, Rumsey said.

“Twenty-seven calls for service on that one particular reason in that 24-hour period is a lot,” he said.

In both cases where summons were issued, officers were able to observe the men using the fireworks, according to Rumsey.

Fines range between $200 and $400 for the first fireworks offense, and between $300 and $600 after that.

“It’s important for folks to know in Waterville the ordinance is passed prohibiting any use of them whatsoever,” Rumsey said.