May 25, 2018
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Comments for: Portlanders raise funds to send medical supplies to South Sudan

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  • Anonymous

    we can hardly help our own citizens and many people go without health care or “medical supplies” that are sometimes desperately needed.

    Charity starts at home, time to stop sending money and supplies overseas, fix our own state and country first.

    • Anonymous

      You really have tunnel vision. If you had any clue about how deplorable the conditions are there,then you might grow a heart.Even the worst care here doesn’t compare to the poor people there. Children die of simple diarrhea. You need to spend sometime where you haven’t obviously been pampered.

      • Anonymous

        I have a heart and i have been to under developed countries. My heart breaks for all the people suffering in the world, but the USA is no longer the cash cow it once was. We have homeless, and no just lazy good for nothing folks, but families displaced by losing a job, teens with no choice but to leave home to escape abuse and the list continues. Kids in america die of simple diarea. Its time for us to care for our own.

      • Anonymous

        well then you go write a check and send it, in fact sell your house, all of your assets and send the proceeds to these “poor” places.

        I for one would like to see america thrive before some other third world wasteland.

        • Anonymous

          Wow.  just wow.

          It’s not an American problem, it’s an international problem.  It’s not about sending money, it’s about protecting human rights.   Bashir remains in power and his Janjaweed attacks continue on innocent and defenseless people.  

          If I imagine my worst day or week ever, it will NEVER compare to what these people  endured just to stay alive.  

          These folks are true survivors and they want to help those at home  who haven’t been as fortunate.  Remember that by fortunate, I mean that they managed to live.  They won’t ask you personally for a donation and you won’t see a tax increase to fund it.  Why take away from something positive that they are doing?  

          Also, if a child died from simple diarrhea in the US – it would be largely due to caregiver neglect.  We have hospitals that are obligated to provide treatment regardless of ability to pay, as long as sick children are brought there to receive it.  

          • Anonymous

            “it’s about protecting human rights”

            let them stand up for themselves. 
            and if there are children starving there, here’s a thought: Stop having children you can’t feed!

            they bring many of these problems upon themselves.

          • Anonymous

            They were doing fine in the villages until the govt sent people with machetes to hack them to death, set fire to the villages, poison the wells and then gun down any people who survived.  These were happy, self-sufficient people who grew their own food, raised their own animals and their children attended school.  It seems that  you don’t know about the people or climate.  

            So, lets see if I can simplify this for you:  the US govt wants your land (assuming you own any…).  You don’t want to sell it and they don’t want to pay you for it anyway, so they decide to send in a team to take it.  The US govt then sends 200 people to your house with automatic weapons, machetes, and flame throwers…how would you stop that from happening, exactly?  How would you protect your family?  You couldn’t.  

            Suppose you get hit by a drunken uninsured driver and become paralyzed.  You can’t drive, you can’t work, and therefore you can’t pay your bills.  Would it be ok to say “you shouldn’t have become paralyzed” instead of helping you obtain food?  

            Why make negative statements about people who are trying to do  something good?  

          • Anonymous

            “Let them stand up for themselves.” Pretty hard to do when the Moslem government has all the weapons and are engaged in an active policy of genocide against them for no better reason than the fact that they are Christians. Furthermore, they did not bring mass-murder upon themselves. The Islamic government is visiting this horror upon them as a matter of standard policy.

  • Anonymous

    Need to send them some guns, tanks, bombs so they can defend themselves against the Islamic onslaught.  The Muslims have been killing them like rats in a barrel for years and the World looks the other way…..

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