May 26, 2018
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Wednesday, June 27: Wind power’s problems, support for candidates

Negative numbers

In reply to Emily Cain’s editorial, June 19, she stated that Maine has moved backwards and shrunk, due to the BEA News Release last week. In that report, it showed Maine with a negative 0.4. There were five other states with negative such numbers and 15 states with a one or less.

Also, deregulation has not caused insurance rates to increase, they have been increasing since I can remember. One cannot purchase out-of-state coverage until 2014.

Tammy Rose


Support Archie Verow

I was happy to see Archie Verow on the primary ballot last week because I know he would be a strong voice for Brewer in Augusta. I am sure of this because Archie has a long track record that shows his dedication to Brewer. Before running for office, Archie served Brewer as mayor, city clerk and city councilor. People that show this type of care for their community are exactly the type of person we should elect to represent Brewer in the Maine House of Representatives.

Archie is not running for political gain, or to support a single partisan viewpoint. Instead he is running because he wants to help find common-sense solutions to improve life in Brewer. I urge everyone voting in Brewer this November to support Archie Verow.

Paul Davis


Support for Rep. Stevens

In the Wednesday, June 20, letters to the editor, I was shocked to read the misrepresentation of Rep. Sara Stevens’ service to District 17. It’s obvious to me that the writer is ill-informed about Rep. Stevens. On more than one occasion I have seen Rep. Stevens answering email questions from residents of District 17 and sending out information cards for the benefit of the good people in her district. I have had the honor and privilege to serve with Rep. Stevens for the last four years, served with her on the Judiciary Committee and watched her take on the herculean task of accepting assignment to the Budget Committee.

Rep. Stevens has served with distinction and honor, she has given innumerable hours above and beyond most legislators to ensure that not only her district benefits from her commitment but that our state as a whole benefits. For Ms. Price to say Rep. Stevens doesn’t represent her district is ludicrous and unfounded. Elections shouldn’t be about character assassination rather they should be about a moral contract between those who wish to lead and those who consent to being led.

Rep. Stevens takes that moral contract very seriously and not a day goes by while serving her constituents that she forgets that.

If I were a resident of District 17 I wouldn’t hesitate to re-elect Rep. Stevens to another term. It would be difficult to find someone who would work any harder than she does when it comes to the betterment of her district and our state.

Rep. Wayne T. Mitchell

Indian Island

Moratorium on wind turbines

In the 1970s, the state of Maine took a stand against sight pollution and toward pristine beauty by banning roadside billboards. Recently, the state precipitously entered into legislation designed to create a worse situation by expediting wind turbine licenses.

Wind power in Maine is bad public policy because: it destroys the natural scenic beauty of an area; it has a negative impact on the health and safety of people and wildlife; it destroys our consistent economic selling point for new business and it reduces property values and reduces by 90 percent the salability of homes, camps and business in the area.

As the entire state of Maine has already been mapped for wind power production by the U.S. Department of Energy National Renewal Energy Laboratory showing that the resource potential for the entire interior of Maine is poor to marginal, we feel that wind towers do not have the potential for producing power and certainly not on the Passadumkeag Mountain.

This state needs to declare a moratorium on wind power projects including the Passadumkeag Mountain wind project. It needs to review existing wind turbine sites for a true assessment of property values, visual impacts, wildlife and soil impacts, noise and other economic factors. Then the state will have real facts to determine good public policy relating to wind power projects.

This state through Gov. Paul LePage must halt this assault on Maine by immediately declaring a moratorium on wind turbines until a more thorough review of the effects can be conducted.

Susan F. Bulay

Old Town

A dedicated man

It was a disheartening experience one early winter morning at the sight of our American flag laying down on the wet and soggy ground. Unfortunately it was later discovered that a truck had backed into it during the night. It got taken away but never got replaced.

It seemed sad observing the void during those several months where our flag once stood with only the lower section of the pole remaining.

Our flag reflects the tribute and acknowledgement of those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country.

This May, Arthur Brazeau, who originally erected the flag for us, purchased a new pole and the flag, replacing the other with still a better flag set. Arthur is a Troop Greeter and Vietnam veteran who is very dedicated to our country. He doesn’t reside here anymore, but was kind enough to do this for us.

Now to proudly view our flag waving once again is truly inspiring to us here at Bangor Housing.

Carolyn D. Coleman


Thanking senators

Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins should be commended for standing up for clean air and our kids’ health when they voted against a measure that would have prevented the Environmental Protection Agency’s mercury pollution protections from enactment. Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe unsuccessfully tried to institute the obscure Congressional Review Act to kill the proposed EPA rule. Snowe and Collins were two of five Republicans who crossed party lines to oppose the CRA. Now this lifesaving rule will take effect!

The Mercury and Air Toxics Standard will cut emissions of mercury and prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths, nearly 5,000 heart attacks, 130,000 asthma attacks, and 5,700 hospital and emergency room visits nationwide each year, according to the EPA.

Coal-fired power plants are the largest single source of mercury in the United States. With the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard in place, Maine children, families and communities will be enjoying air free from dangerous air pollution.

Thank you Sens. Snowe and Collins for sticking up for the health of all American families.

Siri Beckman


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