May 21, 2018
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Friday, June 15, 2012: Climate change, east-west highway

Anti-Christian sentiment

What’s with all this anti-Christian sentiment being propagated by the gay community in Maine? First they attack Michael Heath for being “un-Christian” referring to him as a “gay-hater,” then they attack all Christians because they believe God meant what he said, specifying (repeatedly), that a marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. For any community that prides itself on “tolerance,” it seems pretty duplicitous to be on the attack mode against anyone who has an opposite opinion. Accusing everyone who disagrees with them of being “in favor of discrimination” is an effective tool which works with some, but misses the point. Intolerance and discrimination have nothing to do with this issue. It’s about obedience: something we all fall short of.

The gay community wants what it can’t have … they want their behavior to be accepted from a social, cultural and Christian standpoint. This childlike whining about being “victimized,” while attempting to drag others into a shouting match, only serves to cloud the issue altogether: although it’s probably by design.

I guess speaking the truth in love isn’t always as easy as it should be. Especially when the one(s) you’re talking to don’t want to hear it.

David Del Camp


Climate change

As I read Alan Boone’s op-ed, BDN, May 25, a couple of thoughts occurred to me. First, as he explained why he believed climate change was a hoax, I was curious how many oil and coal companies put money behind these “sciences”? If I follow the money, I can usually find the motives.

Secondly, Alan quoted the former Canadian Minister of the Environment, Christine Stewart, as saying “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony … climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” Then he says, “That’s all you need to know.” This is a bad thing? In my view, if we switched to alternative energies thus ending ground and water contamination, stopped polluting the air, ended mountaintop removal and the raping of boreal forests for tar sands oil, while also bringing about justice and equality to the world, then found out climate change was a hoax, would that not be a win-win situation?

There are some motives other than monetary.

Tom Newman

Southwest Harbor

The so-called east-west highway

As Mainers, why would we choose to spend the prodigious sum of two billion plus dollars on a highway that is unneeded? Why would we choose to tear up a swath through the north country, for more than 200 miles across Maine?

The worst part of such a scheme is that we already have a fine east-west highway, in place and operating. This is the current rail line that crosses Maine from Vanceboro, through Mattawamkeag, Brownville, Greenville and Jackman. This rail line crosses into Quebec Province, near Lac Megantic, then heads on west to Montreal. It has been in operation for more than 80 years.

By utilizing this highway, it could carry just as much or more container traffic at a much cheaper cost in energy than by building a new one. Rail transportation is much more cost efficient than truck traffic.

All that would be required to make this work is to construct a short spur rail line from Eastport north to intersect the current east-west rail line near Vanceboro. It would also most likely require some modernization of the east-west rail line. But even these costs would be far cheaper than constructing a massive new highway.

Let’s use what we have and not needlessly rip up our north country. Moving large volumes of freight by rail is always more efficient that by truck. It works for most of the rest of the US. Why not Maine as well?

Stephen Clark


Civil discourse

Life used to be quiet here in the “hollow middle,” but several months ago the “idea” of the east-west highway arose. Since then life has become stressful over the when, where and why of it all.

That stress level increased with the June 1 Bangor Daily News editorial “ Highway to Civility, Please.” I take issue with the last three sentences: “But stop the hostility” — most people I know are frustrated, not hostile. “Have the conversation” — that’s just it, there is no conversation. To my knowledge every time Mr. Vigue has been asked to participate in an open discussion, he has refused. “At the very least wait for all the information” — this statement could also apply to the BDN editorial staff who rushed to prejudge others before all the information was in.

Folks from Calais to Coburn Gore are soul searching, researching and forming their “ideas” for or against the highway. You should send your reporters out to the grass-roots, interview these individuals, and share their stories with your readers. These articles may then be used as the basis for the “civil” discourse which really needs to take place.

Judith Hummel


Civility, please!

In response to the opinion (BDN 5/31/12 on East-west highway to civility. Please?).

The opinion states that people are shouting about a potential highway and that they are forgetting something: It’s not happening yet. That’s exactly the point, if people don’t make their voices heard before it is happening, it will be too late!

Residents constantly hear Mr. Vigue’s perspective. Why is he pushing his vision so hard, traveling everywhere trying to sell something that he doesn’t know is feasible?

The opinion stated: “Why hasn’t he revealed the exact route publicly? Because some homeowners have been afraid of harassment and asked him not to discuss it, Vigue said. Plus, the road has not been designed.” If that’s the case, how is it any homeowners have been able to ask that it not be discussed, are a few that are being given information on a road that hasn’t supposedly been designed yet?

The opinion states “stop the hostility.” I don’t think opponents advocate hostility. I can see how there may be a sense of hostility considering people are being put under duress by not being given information as to exactly where this highway will be.

The opinion states “have the conversation.” That is what opponents would love to do if only Vigue would have a conversation with those that have a different vision and values rather than accusing them of giving false information and bullying.

Opponents must and will continue to fight the good fight as I am sure Vigue will continue to try and sell his vision.

Carol Gorecki

Orneville Township

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