Bear survives being hit by car in Otis

By Dylan Martin, Special to the BDN
Posted June 13, 2012, at 1:14 p.m.

OTIS, Maine — A bear made it out alive after it was struck by a slow-traveling vehicle in Otis late Monday night, police said, but the impact was enough to leave a little behind.

“There was a little fur left on the car,” Deputy Luke R. Gross of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department said.

After responding to the call of Shonna Roy, 57, of Mariaville, the deputy said he couldn’t find the bear anywhere in the immediate area, indicating that it probably survived the crash. Gross added that Roy’s vehicle just turned onto Pyle Road and began accelerating before the bear was hit.

Gross said he was surprised by the bear call because he hasn’t responded to one in a while.

“This is the first bear crash I’ve covered in a decade,” Gross said.

The deputy said he had noticed an abundance of wildlife that day including six porcupine, two deer, a raccoon and a fox. Gross said he attributed the abundance to the recent rainy weather. printed on April 23, 2017