May 20, 2018
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Tuesday, June 12: Wind’s benefits, a nation of more than Christians

Patient care

Excellent article on the high level of turmoil and dysfunction at Acadia Hospital. Many people knew for a long time that the situation was very bad; however, Acadia kept it quiet so the general public never knew what was going on there.

The damage done to employees working there was mentioned — what about all the damage done to the patients? For many years, patients at Acadia were being diagnosed and treated by employees that were obviously extremely stressed. I know some Acadia employees that left because they knew patients weren’t getting accurately diagnosed or being appropriately treated due to the stressed mental state of the staff.

It is logical to presume that Acadia staff couldn’t have been accurately diagnosing and treating patients. Employees were stressed, angry and frustrated due to the bad work environment at Acadia. Many men, women and children who were patients most likely suffered damage by Acadia employees who were not mentally healthy themselves.

If you are or have been a patient at Acadia (or if you know someone who was or is a patient), it’s important to get a copy of your records and review your diagnosis and treatment. It’s a fact that there has been a very high level of turmoil and dysfunction at Acadia for several years, therefore, there’s a logical possibility that a diagnosis and treatment was wrong. Be proactive in your treatment and review your records.

Karen Adams


Who is Stop the Corridor?

The people of “Stop the Corridor” come from all walks of life. We are teachers, farmers, artists, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, laborers, nurses, business owners, woods workers, surveyors, doctors, musicians, speech therapists, carpenters, university faculty, retired citizens and students. We live in Maine. We contribute to the local economy, we pay taxes, and are engaged members of our communities.

We know what is best for our towns and citizens. We want to protect our way of life and the environment that we live in — it is our most valuable resource. We are not people from the “outside” imported to stop progress in central Maine. We support sustainable growth that is good for families, the environment and business. Please help us “Stop the Corridor.”

Louise Ringle


Reichard reaction

As a former U.S. naval officer, I wonder if MSAD 22’s decision to shelve Lawrence Reichard is the lesson we want to be teaching in our schools. Do we want young Americans to be learning that the way to get ahead is to keep your head down, your mouth shut, and your feet in step? Will that lesson generate the kinds of citizens necessary to keep this country and its democracy strong, healthy, thriving, productive and competitive? Is that the attitude which created the United States of America 200 ago?

My military service was during the Vietnam era. As a newly minted Navy ensign, I took offense at the anti-war protests going on across the nation. One early morning, standing bridge watch at sea, I expressed my opinion of the protesters to the ship’s commanding officer. He exhaled a lungful of cigar smoke, and growled, “Son, that’s why we’re here, so that they can be there.” Then, he looked me hard in the eye, and added, “As soon as you’re off watch, get a copy of the

Constitution, and learn it.”

I suggest MSAD 22 needs to do the same. And part of doing it surely includes teaching by example that the Constitution is not simply a dusty, moldy, aging document confined to the history classroom, but a living promise which demands for its very life, constant, conscious, enthusiastic application by all of us in every aspect of our lives.

Francis Sinclaire


Column kudos

In reading the columns by Michael Aube, “Our future depends on today’s investments” and Matthew Gagnon, “The (veto) pen is mightier than the sword,” both present cogent arguments regarding Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of various bills that would require the state to incur more debt.

Aube argues that bonds are investments. Without this seed money, we will not provide the stimulation needed for economic development and jobs for Maine people. I agree.

Gagnon argues that historically, voters have too easily approved bonds without considering the long-term impact of incurring too much debt. I also agree. Gagnon states that the governor is doing the right thing by saying no. I am conservative by nature, so there is definitely an appeal to this argument. Since too much debt is the problem, government should stop spending. But as a friend of mine always says to me, everything in life is timing. As Gov. LePage correctly states, government can’t create jobs, but it can create an atmosphere that fosters economic growth. While lowering taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulation are ways to stimulate the economy, this is not the time to reduce debt by completely forgoing investment in the future. Unfortunately, these times call for more.

Peter Mackintosh


Christian nation

At the recent Memorial Day celebration in front of the Vietnam Memorial we heard the official clergyman in his invocation ask us to obey God and “trust in the Lord.”

Now, the expression “Lord” can only refer to Jesus Christ and therefore represents an affront not only to secular humanists and freethinkers, but also the faith of a host of citizens who pursue religions other than Christianity.

Please join me in challenging those who continue to insist that we are a “Christian nation” and ignore the fact that a quarter of our population (more than 80 million) are nontheists or members of other religions. A religious leader speaking at such an important national holiday must recognize our nation’s diversity and encompass everyone in his commentary. It is the sensitive and right thing to do to be just and fair to all Americans.

Richard E. Faust


Wind or coal?

Wind energy will never be an end-all solution for our power needs. It will provide a renewable and less environmentally invasive source of energy.

The company I work for builds the components for our wind towers in the USA. They ship the components by rail, ship or truck in the USA.

Roads, rebar, cement and construction of the turbines are provided by Americans. Even the maintenance and upkeep of the turbines employ Americans. Wind provides thousands of American jobs and millions of megawatts of energy in America.

Without alternative energy, we will build more nuclear and coal power plants. We will continue to pollute the water and air. We will continue to be slaves to the oil industry. We will continue to send our money overseas to foreign countries to buy our oil.

I for one would rather have a wind turbine in my backyard than a coal plant in my county.

Jerry Abbott


BIA costs

I am just curious, just who has to pay for all the fighter jets, staff, utilizing and wasting one of our most important safety assets, delayed and interrupted flight, and everything associated with the French woman who handed the flight attendant the threatening letter that ended in the flight being diverted to the Bangor airport?

Being deported is not enough! I wonder what would have happened if it were an American citizen and this occurred in France?

Sharon Stratton


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