March 17, 2018
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Friday, June 8, 2012: Candidate endorsements

Augusta education

As a teacher at Old Town High School, I am deeply committed to providing a high-quality education for every student in our town and our state. I also realize the critical role that elected officials in Augusta play in helping our students succeed.

That is why I was pleased to learn that the Maine Education Association has endorsed Emily Cain for State Senate. The MEA represents over 20,000 educators in Maine and advocates on behalf of public schools and the communities they serve.

Emily has been a leader on education issues in Augusta and she will continue to be a strong advocate for public schools when she is elected to the State Senate.

When Gov. Paul LePage proposed sending taxpayer dollars to private, religious schools, Emily Cain helped lead the charge against this bad idea. When it comes to fully funding our schools and making sure our schools have the tools they need to be successful, Emily Cain has been a true champion for students, for teachers, and for our communities.

I will be voting for Emily Cain. And if you care about public education in Maine, I suggest you support her too.

Paul Smith


Cushing support

I write in support of Andre Cushing, candidate for State Senate, District 33. As a state representative, Cushing distinguished himself as a hardworking moderate. In 2010 his legislative peers elected Cushing to a House leadership position. He used this position to help advance key legislation, including:

LD 1613, which strengthens the relationship between landowners and land users thereby helping to preserve traditional public access to Maine’s private lands.

LD 1833 — This law change accommodates increased student enrollment in the electrical trades by increasing the number of aspiring electricians allowed to work under a licensed electrician. At least in this area, the construction industry needs more electricians.

LD 1900, which now allows law enforcement officers to accept contributions from the public to support their family during a catastrophic illness or other hardship.

Personally, I had the honor of working with Cushing on the Blue Ribbon Commission

for Affordable Housing. This commission conducted its work during the time when the Maine State Housing Authority was under a great deal of scrutiny. Co-chairman Cushing led the commission through the evaluation and recommendation process in a nonpartisan and professional manner — a job well done in difficult circumstances.

Importantly, Cushing is a businessman — just what we need in Augusta! I urge everyone to vote on Tuesday, June 12.

Randall Poulton


Dill endorsement

The most refreshing voice in Maine politics today is Sen. Cynthia Dill. I trust Democrats will endorse her as their candidate for the U.S. Senate. As with retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe, I believe Sen. Dill will represent all Mainers, and do so with wisdom and integrity.

I’ve listened to Dill on the radio, read her commentary in newspapers, followed her votes in the Maine Senate. Capable and articulate, Cynthia Dill is a true progressive who will work for the good of our state and nation. Her priorities are jobs, health care, the environment and social justice.

If elected, Sen. Dill won’t be just another politician for the 1 percent or a shill for corporate lobbyists. In the tradition of Sens. Ed Muskie, Bill Cohen and Margaret Chase Smith, Sen. Dill will continue to distinguish herself as a leader, a listener, a person with strong values and a vision for what America can and should be. A teacher, wife, mother, civil rights lawyer, founder of Friends of the Maine Woods, writer, community volunteer … and yes, Cynthia Dill is a politician. She is the kind of politician you can trust, respect and admire.

I urge you to learn more about her.

Steve Cartwright


Support Andre Cushing

Voters, please consider voting for Andre Cushing of Hampden, who is running for the State Senate seat vacated by Debra Plowman. Andre is the conservative we need in the Senate to bring some common sense back to the State House.

Andre has eight years experience as state representative for District 39 and now wants to be our senator for the area that includes Hampden, Glenburn, Kenduskeag and Newport. He also has years of experience in the community involvement in the Hampden and Hermon area. Andre is a Realtor and home builder, married for many years and has three children. He attended John Bapst High School and the University of Maine.

Andre has the common sense and knowledge to improve the economy and bring more businesses to our small towns in this area. I have known Andre for 30-plus years and have found him to be an honest, trustworthy, Christian conservative man whom we can count on to tell us the truth, and represent us honestly in the State Senate. Andre is the kind of person that we as parents always hope our children will turn out to be. Please vote for Andre in the June primary so he can continue to represent us in Augusta.

Visit his website at:, email him at or call him at 358-9447 for more information.

Connie Craven


Dunlap support

I am supporting Democrat Matt Dunlap for US Senate in next week’s primary.

I agree with Matt on so many of his positions — here are my top six: (1) that we need to focus on energy efficiency as a way to save money as well as fossil fuels; (2) every aspect of the health care delivery system needs to reshaped to meet the needs of the modern patient; (3) need to raise income limits on Social Security; (4) policymakers cannot be handcuffed by pledges [to not increase taxes] and neither should the republic; (5) that giving school vouchers erodes resources for the public schools; and (6) balancing the federal budget is a priority — stop the Bush-era tax cuts as well as subsidizing big oil gas and agribusiness.

Pam Person


Place your X

Primary voting day is June 12, less than a week away. I would like to introduce R. Blaine Richardson, the Republican candidate who will best represent Mainers in Congressional District 2.

Blaine is a 30-year Navy veteran (retired captain) and he is a strong backer of our United States Constitution. He will not waver on his pro-life stand, nor will he give any credence to Obamacare, stimulus packages, or anything else that will cause taxpayers to be undermined, as we have been by the votes of Mike Michaud, and would be by the other Republican candidate in this primary — after all, the former is a staunch Obama supporter, not a true Blue Dog Democrat and the latter is an Olympia clone, having previously worked for her.

Maximize your vote and place your X in the box beside R. Blaine Richardson for United States Congress.

Sharon I. Rideout


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