June 24, 2018
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Comments for: ‘Pro-choice’ position hits record low, according to poll

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  • Anonymous

    This is welcome news. It is so important for our country to respect the unborn and to continue to offer resources to help and respect all woman who are pregnant no matter what the circumstance.   There are so many places a woman can turn to for help when she is pregnant.  Let’s get the message out  to let all woman know that there are people who care about them and their child.  Help and assistance is possible and available.  They are not alone.

    • Tom Harvell

      Yet the national debate has also shifted to take away resources from that same woman after the child is born.

      The goal for both sides of this issue should be less abortions in this nation. The easiest way to achieve that is comprehensive, early sex education. Give people the education to make informed decisions to not have un- planned pregnancies.

       However, many of the same groups who are the most vehemently pushing for the total outlaw of abortion are also pushing for the suppression of sexual education and are even beginning to push against birth control. Many of these same groups also are pushing to underfund the programs that help these women once that same child is born.

      Why not give a woman the tools (birth control and education) to not end up in this situation?

      Why fight so hard for an unborn fetus and then be willing to tell a child to suffer because his mother is irresponsible and not able to feed them enough?

      • Anonymous

         The goal should be no abortion.  The goal should be to help both the child and the mother.   As a woman, many, many of my friends have had abortions – because of failed birth control.  Abortion was their ultimate back up.  Years later, many of these woman are now suffering from depression and other marital problems.  They had plenty of sex  education – I am in the medical field – they knew what they were doing.  The reality is – birth control fails.  Then what do these women do – they seek abortions.   

        There are resources in place and many, many people who would help a mother feed her child.  A child suffers from not being born.  Our society and the world suffers from not having that child there.  What about that child’s future accomplishments?

        Abortion is a grave evil.  It puts other priorities above those of a human life.

        • So first, correlation causation fail. There are also plenty of depressed people in failing marriages who have never had an abortion.

          Second take a look at the national debate. There is an organized push against helping those women and a call for “personal responsibility.” It is a large part of the current GOP talking points and everything the “Tea Party” stands for. They are also some of the most staunch anti-abortion activists. It is hypocritical.

          Sometimes birth control fails which is another reason it is hypocritical for a political party to be both ant-abortion and anti-well fair for single poor mothers. 
          Also, more education would help women understand the real risks of using birth control. 99.99% is still one in one thousand but the pill couple or IUD with a condom, or diaphragm  becomes 99.999% one in 10,000. Meaning less abortions and less children on well fair.

          Third, your also not putting forth anything helpful in your comment. Should we just outlaw it tomorrow and everything will work it self out fine? Those same women wont just end up using illegal means?

          • Anonymous

             As far as I have heard, no one has mentioned that they would like birth control out lawed.  I have heard that people do not want to pay for other people’s birth control.  I have heard that some Catholic Institutions have filed lawsuits not to pay for other people’s birth control.  I have heard that other institutions, besides Catholic ones, have also filed.  I have not heard anyone say they would like it out lawed.  Now that I think of it, I don’t personally want to pay for my neighbor’s birth control either.

            Someone once told me, I don’t know if it is true, that the Catholic Church is one of the biggest charities in the world.  They are against the birth control that you brought up.  It seems to me that throughout the history of the world that they have been one of the biggest supporters of the poor.  Not too long ago I was driving with my young son through town.  He saw a large truck with people around it and said, “What’s that?”.  The truck was labeled, “Catholic Charities of Maine Food Bank”.  There are also are the soup kitchens in the state and crisis pregnancy centers – manned by people of all faiths who go above and beyond to help the poor and people in crisis pregnancies. 

            Not once have I heard or read that these organizations want birth control out lawed – just that they don’t want to pay for it.  As I said, I agree with them.  I don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control or abortion.  I will do whatever I can to help anyone in need.  

          • Under some forms of  “person hood laws” even the monthly pill that many women take  could be considered illegal. 

            They also don’t want anyone taught about birth control or any form of honest sexual education in public schools. 
            Why is it a smarter choice for a society to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the cost of raising a single child when we could minimize the number of unwanted children by helping people pay for birth control? 

          •  Birth control is available free now, at Planned Parenthood.

          • Yes, and how many people are pushing very hard to completely defund Planned Parenthood?  Take a look at what just happened in Texas. 

          • Anonymous

                 To be honest, I have not looked into what has been called “person hood laws”.  However, if there is a form of birth control that destroys an egg and a sperm once they have united, then perhaps it should be discuss more in the public arena.   At the moment of conception a journey has already begun.  A journey of a life.  A precious life – wanted or unwanted – planned or unplanned.   All the DNA it will ever have is there – separate and unique from its mother and father. 
                 The smarter choice………is another choice not listed above.  Help all people to realize the sexual act belongs in marriage.  Help support marriages and help support families.  This isn’t a black and white issue that can be equated down to what costs more. 
                 I get the impression that children from comments that children are not being treated or considered with the dignity that they deserve.  It is coming down to the almighty dollar.  Yes, children do cost money to raise.  However, we must look at their contributions to our society and world.  Most people give so much back to the world.   Think about what they offer.  In the monetary realm, most people do work, most people do contribute to our society and world.  Children and all people have a great potential to the good and should be appreciated – not considered an inconvenient consequence of a union between a man and a woman. 

          • So here is what happens. Somewhere between 5 and 8 fertilized eggs fail to implant. Therefore by the logic of the begging of your statement the vast majority of couples commits murder of a possible human being (Yes murder. If you truly believe life starts the moment a sperm enters an egg then that couple is knowingly putting people at risk) before they become pregnant. 

          • Anonymous

             One becomes pregnant when the sperm enters the egg.  The fertilized egg is a human being.  I don’t know the definition of murder.  It might involve knowing what you are doing.  It might not either.  So you have raised a good point.  Thank you for doing so.   I would say if I did such a thing today, yes, I would be murdering my child.   If someone else would do the same thing – being  unaware of the affects of the pill.  It might not be called murder.  It might be called something else. 

          • It’s not the pill… The pill may or may not have an effect on that the science is still out. That is just what happens in the course of a vast majority of normal natural pregnancy… So by your definition the vast majority of natural mothers and fathers commit murder in the course of trying to have a child???

          • Anonymous

             You made me google search it!!  It seems the jury is in from reliable medical sites.  The first line of defense is to prevent ovulation.  In the cases where ovulation did occur, the second line of defense is to make the uterus inhospitable to the fertilized egg.  Planned Parenthood site was more vague and included the word, “may”. 

            I have never said that natural fathers and mothers commit murder in the course of trying to have a child.  In fact, I have had three miscarriages and it is not easy.   In fact, for many couples these are not easy decisions and may be heart wrenching. 

            I did not say anyone was murdering a child.  I said if I willing took a pill that I knew would end the life of a newly fertilized child of mine that would be akin to murder.  I did NOT say that for anyone else.   I did not say that if a child is lost by natural means, that would be murder.  It obviously would not be. 

            Now that I have researched it, I am thinking that many woman out there taking the pill does not realize the potential affect of this. 

          • Also, the Churches philanthropic activity has nothing to do with this issue. Because they do good work does not excuse their irresponsible views on birth control. 

          • Anonymous

                 The view that you state is irresponsible on birth control is not irresponsible but contrary to that  it is very responsible and beautiful.   Sexual relations belong in a marriage not out side of a marriage.  The sexual act unites the man and woman.  If a couple is not called to have a child at any particular time, instead of artificial birth control a couple should seek relations during the natural infertile time of a woman’s cycle.  The dignity of the man and woman must be respected at all times.  
                   The churches in this country are not against educating children in the area of sexuality.   Many churches believe it is the parents’ obligation and duty to educate their children in this  area.  It is not the duty of the state via the public school system.  Churches of all denominations help their members with this incredibly loving responsibility that they have towards their children.

    • Anonymous

      Will you raise you own taxes to help pay for them? If all the pro lifers were forced to pay more taxes to help take care of unwanted babies, then the amount of pro lifers would be zero. You care more about fetus then you do actual babies.

      • Anonymous

         Untrue,  I care deeply for life – all life – wanted or unwanted.  Just because someone is unwanted does that make them less valuable than a wanted child?   No, I would not mind paying more taxes to help out others.  In fact, I generously give of my time and money – beyond what I pay in taxes to help such individuals.

  • Anonymous

    If the labels were changed to reflect reality on these positions, “pro-life” would say instead, “anti-choice.”  Many who identify themselves as pro-lifers consider the important word “life” only to refer to life of a human fetus, not to people in dire need, and certainly not to the non-human lives on this planet, animal and plant, that are continually threatened by our anti-environmental excesses and denial of profoundly dangerous realities such as climate change.  As someone once said of President Reagan’s cabinet member Ed Meese, “Mr. Meese believes that the right to life stops at birth.”  Such may be true for many of these people, and they certainly may not take the planet into consideration when voicing their views.

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