June 24, 2018
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Comments for: Feeling moody? Now what?

It was not a surprise when Moody’s Investors Service lowered Maine’s rating outlook on some bonds recently. The problems the credit rating agency listed are familiar: The state is limited in its ability to meet unexpected shortfalls and its weak demographic profile may slow revenue growth in the… Read More
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  • Anonymous

    One of Moody’s suggestions was for state officials to provide a clearly articulated plan.”

    LePage has a plan he is going to sign Maine up for freecreditreport.com

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the commercial that gave Paulie the idea to sign up!!!

    • Anonymous

      “LePage has a plan he is going to sign Maine up for freecreditreport.com”.   I bet the Liberals plan is run crying to Nobama asking to be bailed out with more Federal Dollars.  Liberals refuse to do what the Maine working people have been saying the last 25 years and that is cutting spending down to affordable levels.  At least Newark , New Jersey’s Ultra-Liberal Mayor Cory Booker is starting to find out what a sham the Obama Administration and Democrats agenda has been for this country.

      • Anonymous

        Where  is this Nobama place  you are talking about. Is that what idiots call freecreditreport.com?

        • Anonymous

          At least LePage doesn’t use gimmicks, false accounting figures and ended up losing 200+ million dollars like Baldacci did a few years ago.  At least he doesn’t also blow 50+ million dollars on a failed DHHS computer system either.

      • Anonymous

        You can catch a flight to Newark from Portland, it’s a WONDERFUL city you’ll love it!

        • Anonymous

          No thanks.  2 Ultra-Liberal Welfare Havens that are costing taxpayers millions.  With 2 clueless buffoons at the helm Mike Brennan and Cory Booker.  Though at least Booker is coming to his senses on what NOBAMA is doing to the American Working Citizen.  The only reason Brennan is “mayah” of Portland so he can run Portland further into the ground. Also he can use it to as experience to run for Governor.  He is nothing more than a Liberal Social Program hack who has always lived off of Taxpayers money.  Mainers also know he was a major reason why we are in the mess we are in today.  Both are losers just like their heros Obama-Biden-Pelosi and Reid.

  • Moody’s and the S&P are just mouthpieces of big banking industries.

    Why else would they give Maine a downgraded rating when it announces that they don’t want to sell worthless bonds for worthless “Federal” Reserve debt-notes? Then the state says they’ll probably buy bonds for the summer construction/repairs going on in the state, and then the rating increases?

    It’s just a scare tactic. I don’t care what Moody’s and S&P or any other big money mouthpiece says. They’re just angry that people are waking up to this fiat-dollar scam, and scaring anyone with dire consequences to the point of conformity.

    Doesn’t matter how many “dollars” are printed, it’s still just printed up out of thin air, and then used to “buy” state/federal bonds. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. The “Federal” Reserve prints money out of thin air, and the government prints bonds out of thin air. There is NOTHING backing it up. I would be surprised if the US government had any precious metals at all in reserve anymore, since even most big banks (including the Federal Reserve) have unequivocally stated that they no longer use/keep gold in reserve.

    So, what happens when our 15+ trillion dollar debt gets called in, and we have nothing to back it up with? Sudden collapse, and it isn’t going to take much for this house of cards to get blown down by the big-bad-inflation-wolf.

    • Anonymous

      ALL money is fiat. Even gold’s value isn’t intrinsic, but only reflects demand for it.

      • Which is exactly why gold IS money, and even Alan Greenspan said that too. It is a commodity and a form of currency, but is not abundant. It isn’t poisonous, and it doesn’t oxidize under normal conditions. (As far as I know, only sulfur corrodes it). Hence why it is a “precious” metal.

        It’s used in jewelry, electronics, fine foods and drinks, medical applications, spacecraft and related equipment, art, clothing, and just about anything else you can think of.

        Want to know something funny? 2,000 years ago, a toga, pair of sandals, belt, and maybe one good meal was worth about one troy ounce of gold. Today, you can buy a nice suit, dress shoes, belt, and maybe one good meal with that same amount of gold. How’s that for inflation?

        The Byzantines (aka, “Holy Roman Empire”) lasted for nearly 800 years after the collapse of Rome (who collapsed under the weight of debt by printing massive amounts of bronze coins), purely on a gold-based money system.

        Why do we keep re-inventing the wheel? Keep it simple. Gold.

  • Anonymous

    Simply a reflection of our rudderless leadership. This includes LePage, Baldacci and the legislature.

    Bickering about petty things, no strategic plan

  • Anonymous

    Currently, the cost of health care is rising at a much higher rate than inflation. Even if we were to implement your beloved single payer, at a certain point we can not afford to pay for every new treatment and technology that comes along if we want to have any semblance of an economy. If you dont have insurance you should check out “Penny Health” for information on how to get one.

  • Anonymous

    So Moody’s lowers the outlook on government bonds from the State of Maine.  The BDN insists Maine should go out and authorize more bonds, borrow more money.  Yeah, that’s  a good idea…

  • What?

  • Guest

    Is it conceivable that the BDN, or any other media outlet, could stop hard-wiring words into the public braintrust.  I want to feel quite free to say, “I feel quite gay,” and have that mean “happy.”  Likewise, “moody,”  which I sure as heck am now.

  • Anonymous

    Who is that supposed to be in the cartoon?

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