June 23, 2018
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Thursday, May 17, 2012: Voting rights, Cynthia Dill and UM graduation woes

Tax representation

The Boston Tea Party, a model for the current conservative movement, was based on demands for “no taxation without representation.” As the backing of the original Tea Party by wealthy merchants has been obscured by history, and the funding of its current namesake by wealthy ideologues is ignored by partisans, the irony of current conservative efforts to enforce taxation without representation is also overlooked. For what else can you call the conservative effort to stop American taxpayers from voting for their elected representatives by enforcing unnecessary, inconvenient and punitive requirements for voting?

Shouldn’t every adult American taxpayer automatically be registered to vote? State taxation agencies verify the identities of taxpayers, and in this automated era could certainly coordinate the authentication of residency and taxpayer status with local authorities. In states where voter registration has been automatically coordinated with motor vehicle licensing, voting records have been made more accurate while significantly reducing election costs.

Not only is it ironic that Republicans don’t honor the principle of “no taxation without representation,” it is disappointing that Democrats don’t support efforts to modernize the voter registration system in this way. Why aren’t Democrats demanding that voters be registered automatically and securely by government agencies which have the ability to do so?

Roger Carpentter


Dill endorsement

In light of Obama’s recent public statement supporting marriage equality, now is high time for Maine to showcase its forward-thinking, progressive values. The candidate perfect for the job is Democratic State Sen. Cynthia Dill, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Dill is a strong proponent of equal rights for all. She voted for the law making Maine the first state in the region to legalize marriage equality, and she continues to support the LGBT community in Maine. On May 9 Dill issued a statement regarding marriage equality, stating that she is “proud to stand with our president and with the thousands of our Maine sons, daughters, friends, neighbors and colleagues in committed marriages who can now look forward to fulfilling their right to equal protection under the law.”

I support Cynthia Dill because, among other progressive positions, she believes in economic justice, equal rights, responsible foreign policy and increased environmental protection. Maine needs a strong woman ready to reach across party lines, fight for the middle class and represent Maine’s independent and progressive voice. For information, visit www.cynthiadill.com.

Fiona Boyd


Graduation disappointment

May 5, 2012, was to be a special day for my daughter and the family. She graduated from UMaine and several relatives traveled from out of town and out of state.

Imagine the disappointment we all felt as we arrived at the Alfond an hour early to be told it was full and we had to go to the “overflow”.

Imagine the feelings we all had as the video feed we were seeing timed out and was not restarted. None of us who were in the overflow area got to see their loved ones receive their diploma.

Shame on UMaine for not being prepared for this.

Philip Henderson


Drug questions

After reading a recent article about a person being arrested and being in possession of a quarter-pound of crack cocaine and hundreds of oxycodone pills which led to another arrest, his supplier, a person from New York bringing hundreds more oxycodone pills in to Bangor, I was surprised to see both subjects had been released on bail possibly in the same day.

Is it time that our bail system be upgraded so that persons trafficking or in possession of these large quantities of drugs and monies can at least be held until a court hearing? Especially a supplier from another state who might not be so easily found when court time comes around?

We are seeing the obituaries of our young people in the papers daily with the statements “died unexpectedly at home,” and there are quotes by the authorities stating that there are numbers of our people that are dying from overdoses of these types of drugs. Just some questions I ask; maybe they are not reasonable.

Darrold Dorr


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