Problem of jamming emergency responders’ radios returns in York County

The Associated Press
Posted May 15, 2012, at 8:41 a.m.

LEBANON, Maine — Authorities thought the threat of a federal investigation had finally stopped the person jamming York County emergency radio transmissions, which would often delay responses.

But after several weeks without a problem, the mystery jammer is apparently back at work.

Lebanon Fire Chief Skip Wood said the latest incident occurred Saturday as firefighters called for mutual aid to battle a mobile home fire in town. Firefighters were unable to communicate with dispatchers.

He says response was delayed by five to 10 minutes.

The mobile home was destroyed and three others nearby were damaged.

Emergency responders say delays may one day cost a life.

Jason Cole, assistant chief of the rescue department, said the jamming, which has been going on for years, stopped after he reported it the Federal Communications Commission in April. printed on April 24, 2017